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From Apple: Apple Leather Sleeve · Basic and inexpensive: AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve - colors vary · Dress to impress: WaterField Vero Leather. Only mm thin, our MacBook cases are designed to be lightweight and therefore we made this MacBook case with an impact-resistant hardshell that offers. Mistletoe Olive MacBook Shell Case Decal Cover For New MacBook M1 Pro 14 M1 Air 13 A, A Macbook Pro 15 16 Case, Apple Laptop. RACK MOUNTED PC CASES The Answer deep x binary log includes the requirement of. The newly released official the main. The agreement more complicated sides of of capabilities, Windows Bugfix a professional and marks help desk solution, comprehensive macbook pro sleeves apple options, already done. Avilable with remote access two-step security Programs tab.

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Personalising your device is easy with an Apple Mac case from eBay. The exciting options safeguard your computer from dust, rain, and impact. Each is lightweight, making it easy to safely carry your MacBook with you on a hiking trip, to football training, or to a catering class.

Several people get a case to protect their MacBook if it falls. A rubber case offers better protection than a hard case because it can absorb shock. A smooth plastic case is more likely to slip out of your grasp. Rubber is easier to grip. All cases offer some degree of protection. Those that are more rugged tend to have multiple layers. Each layer works differently to safeguard your MacBook and the files on it. Canvas is effective at keeping out water. Some covers are designed for people who are around water often and these usually have several waterproof inner layers in addition to a tough or waterproof outer layer.

A case with three or four layers is usually good at preventing shock. Some manufacturers may use a soft lining like wool next to the MacBook. This provides shock protection and prevents scratches. The area around zippers may be padded to keep out the rain and keep the computer smooth. Once a MacBook Pro sleeve is on, you do not have to remove it for charging. Sleeves sometimes have a small opening to facilitate charging. This Mosico case has nearly reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.

A reviewer who awarded it 4 out of 5 stars said: "Quality packaging, quality protection. As a GD contractor I often find myself working anywhere but an office- and that means transporting my computers, iPads, and draw pads everywhere. I feel quite confident in the case, and for the price, am pleased with not only the aesthetics but the peace of mind regarding my laptop's safety. If you prioritize protecting your investment and don't care if your case looks a little drab, the Thule Gauntlet sleeve is a good pick.

Its dual-zipper design means it covers all of your MacBook Pro while you've got it closed, but it's also made so that you can keep the MacBook Pro inside the case when you're using it as a laptop. It uses straps to keep the MacBook and case in place, so remember to take the straps off when you close the Gauntlet completely, to avoid accidentally draining your battery because the case doesn't close all the way.

As the Amazon reviews of the Gauntlet say, don't expect to fit anything but the MacBook Pro inside this sleeve. That means finding somewhere else to stow your charging brick, USB-C cable and accessories. Still, the Gauntlet provides enough protection that you won't need to worry about it banging against other things in your bags. This product has over reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.

A reviewer who rated it 5 out of 5 said:. The zipper action is smooth. The size is great to keep the MBP from sliding around inside the sleeve whilst closed, and it just barely fits in all my pack's internal laptop sleeves often made for the thicker legacy laptops. Sure it's not super thin, but then it wouldn't be as protective.

The inch model of the TopCase 2-in-1 hardcover is one of the most affordable options on this best MacBook Pro cases list, while also including a keyboard cover — a huge perk if you spill your beverages a lot. Don't let the brand name fool you: The TopCase 2-in-1 features a bottom half as well, which is designed to ventilate and distribute heat. And at only half a pound, it's barely adding any weight to your already-light MacBook Pro. Top Case may not provide as many color options as our top pick from Mosiso, but there are a decent number of options, with clear cases that don't distract, a minty green that is neat and bright yellow, blue and pink colorways.

And while Top Case claims the case is shatter-proof, some Amazon reviewers note that this case can crack. A lot of the best MacBook Pro cases don't allow you to express your own personality. KECC's cases, though, let you go all out. From the Black Crocodile Leather design to the Cherry Blossoms case and the Colorful Triangles version, this brand is making cases that will appeal very strongly to different uses.

And their lids have a cut-out hole for the Apple logo, which is great for those who want to wear their fandom on their sleeve. A couple of notes, though. User reviews call out the keyboard cover for not always fitting perfectly, so you're buying this case for the shell, primarily. This case has nearly reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4. A reviewer who awarded it 5 out 5 said the case "perfectly fits the MacBook Pro," "doesn't make the laptop bulky," "provides a good grip" and "doesn't add weight to the laptop.

If you're looking for a MacBook Pro case that's got just the right amount of visual flair, Mujjo has you covered. Available in black-on-black or tan-on-black, this sleeve mixes leather and wool felt to snazzy success. When most cases are either extremely minimalist or too expressive, the Mujjo sleeve is one of the best MacBook Pro cases because it falls directly in the middle, with a design that goes well with practically everything.

Since it's not all-leather, though, you might think its pricing is a little steep. Make sure you pick the right size when selecting your sleeve, as some shoppers report getting a model that's a little too large. Mujjo's confidence in including a 2-year warranty — something we don't see that often in cases — provides reason to trust this case with protecting your MacBook Pro. On Amazon, the Mujjo Sleeve has an average rating of 4.

Overall it has a very professional look, much more so than the typical neoprene cases that collapse when you take your machine out," said one reviewer who awarded the case 5 out of 5 stars. That's why we're recommending this well-reviewed briefcase messenger bag designed for The only issue?

We can't find a smaller model, so if you have the inch MacBook Pro it might move around inside the bag. Just note that its polyurethane leather materials don't feel as much like leather as you might like. The Estarer case has nearly reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4. One reviewer who awarded it 5 out of 5 stars said: "Very nice quality leather bag for men. I purchased this for my brother who needed a replacement for his other briefcase.

He was very surprised at how nice the leather felt. He also loved the fact that it has so many pockets which are very useful in so many ways. A unique tactile feel can go a long way to making your tech feel less sterile, and such is the case with Incase's excellent Textured Hardshell case. Incase uses Woolenex, an "abrasion-resistant fabric," to give its rigid case a texture that makes it feel a lot more natural than most cases.

The hardshell case is still designed to dissipate and release heat, though, so don't worry about the material's impact on how your laptop handles warmth. But with Incase's reputation for quality, there's good reason to pony up for this accessory. The MacBook Pro is always an investment in your future, and so of course you want to give it seriously durable protection.

And Urban Armor Gear offers has got exactly the MacBook case for those who worry about dropping their laptop. The one concern we have about this model is that some users report its locks can be too tight and hard to remove. If you have trouble with your unit when first using it, we'd suggest shipping it back for a refund. One customer, sharing photos of a cracked screen, warns "Whatever you do- open with equal pressure on both corners!

When I buy a case as a gift, I usually prefer a product that has a neutral, but still stylish, look. A lot of folks these days have no interest in the above colorful and eye-catching designs, but still want something more than a basic black case.

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Decades ago people called this having good taste. Companies that are successful in the Apple accessory space are aware of this and strive to provide a certain level of quality design. Many third-party products in the Apple accessory space are the best looking of their kind relative to the rest of the computer accessory market. Apple-specific cases are no different. Leather is a natural material and contains a certain amount of natural oils just like your skin does.

People have come to recognize the aroma of natural, real leather vs. There are plenty of low-priced sleeves available. You pay a premium for leather so should the smell of natural leather be part of the experience for you?

Wouldn't you agree? Lastly, there is the issue of price or more importantly value. While many can argue that Apple's hardware, though more expensive than their PC counterparts, offers a good value due to the overall user experience they provide. The same cannot be said for their accessories.

Relative to third-party offerings, Apple's iPad and iPhone accessories seem dramatically overpriced and it's hard to make a case for their overall value. The first thing you notice about the Apple Leather Sleeve is how clean it is. Other than the faint Apple logo on the front, the design is void of any details. The leather is consistently finished. This helps add to the cleanliness of the design. When you pick it up you notice how light it is.

But it's also flimsy. There is no sense of material layering to the surfaces. There is no sense of padding under the exterior leather because there isn't any padding! It's 2 sheets of leather sewn together and that's it. The lack of any padding is immediately clear.

The next thing that jumps out at you is the opening is along the long axis. Structurally, this is the least protective way to provide protection for the MacBook. Castle's are designed to protect what's inside. If it had a great big door, it's less secure. An opening along the long axis of a laptop sleeve is inherently the least protective design in the same way an airplane hanger door would be on a castle.

To make matters worse, there is no closure. You have an opening along the long axis of the sleeve and no way to close it. Not having a closure of any kind invites dirt, dust, spills, other objects, and a whole host of other potentially damaging situations into the sleeve. Not having a closure of any kind is also the cheapest way to build a sleeve. You save on the cost of any materials and labor to assemble them to create the closure.

The cost savings of not having a closure should be reflected in the price. On the positive side, the interior has a soft microfiber lining and your MacBook can be charged without removing it from the sleeve. One interesting detail on the back of the Apple leather MacBook sleeve is the bubbles that accommodate the rubber feet that are on the bottom of the MacBook.

They are not structural so if you push them in, they indent. With the sleeve lacking any padding to absorb the surface change created by the rubber feet, Apple added the bubbles to prevent the feet from stretching the leather. This is nice attention to detail. If you told someone to close their eyes and handed them the Apple Sleeve they might not have any idea it was made from leather.

It doesn't smell like leather. It doesn't smell like anything. With leather being a premium material, one of the things you are paying for is the immersive experience. It looks, feels, and smells, unlike any other material. With vinyl mirroring the look and to a certain extent the feel of real leather, the smell is the last hallmark of the natural material and part of why you pay more. If you're looking for a more cost-effective protection solution, I would suggest you keep reading. The front face alone is assembled from 7 different panels including the clear vinyl that makes up the window that lets the Apple logo become part of the design.

There is a certain amount of mass to the form as well. They may also act as shock resistance. You should definitely get a MacBook Pro sleeve if you frequently commute with your laptop. In addition to providing a stylistic touch, a sleeve will protect your Mac from taking too much daily wear and tear.

Sleeves are also practical for those who want to store their laptops short-term for example, at night but do not want to risk scratches, dust, or other elements. However, thin form-fitting or decorative cases will fit inside most sleeves. Please note that the following recommended items are chosen based on our criteria as mentioned above, plus our personal preferences.

They are, however, not intended to be ranked in the current order. Available in black and blue color, the rigid outer casing will help prevent your MacBook Pro from suffering any accidental dents or scratches during travel and movement. It opens like a clamshell so you can keep your MacBook inside the protective case and still be able to use it. Are you looking for something simple but clean and efficient?

This item is also available in five different sizes from inch to Do you travel light? With this item, you can convert it into a cross-body sling for easy transport wherever you go. The multiple pockets mean you can also carry along MacBook essentials as well as a few personal items. This one from Mosiso is water repellent to keep your Mac safe and has a classic foam lining for protection against bumps and scratches. On top of that, you have a variety of colors to choose from for a customized look.

Are you looking for a stylish accessory for your MacBook that also offers excellent protection and convenience? For a simple and affordable option, the Amazon Basics Felt sleeve is the way to go. It features a main compartment that will fit a inch MacBook Pro and has two back pockets to utilize for smaller items.

A high-quality felt exterior helps prevent external damage, while a softer suede interior keeps scratches and knicks from occurring. The Velcro closure works well but can start to lose effectiveness after heavy use. This sleeve has a unique and custom look that is great for anyone who wants to add a little bit of style to their setup. It has an ultra-slim design that you can use to slip into a larger carrying bag or bring around on its own.

Leather and felt exterior give the sleeve a classy and professional look while providing plenty of protection. The inside of the sleeve is built with a fleece fabric that limits scratching and provides a level of bump and shock protection as well. While we normally think of cases and similar products as made for smartphones, there are comparable products for MacBooks as well that can help keep your laptop safe from damage.

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MacBook Pro M1 2021: The Best Laptop SLEEVE for Maximum Protection.

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