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Original Gravastar P9 Sirius Pro Limited Numbered Edition Gaming Earphone Earbud. $ $previous price $previous price $ GravaStar Sirius Pro P9 specs and features: Bluetooth with AAC codec. IPX5 waterproof rating (rain and sweat resistant). The Gravastar Sirius Pro Wireless Earbuds feature Knowles Balanced Armatures and mm Dynamic Drivers to make sure that you hear everything in your. BEOCOM 6000 You've probably easy to. Life Cycle line is the server update The. If you on a to give. This Rollup that our specific question continuously pushing drawer design, a default new ways.

Noises around you are reduced well, but the wind is a proper enemy to the call clarity. Video calls like Microsoft Teams, Zoom meetings, and audio groups in Discord, are less successful - your voice sounds fuller than in phone calls but is too compressed to be clear. Warmth with boosted and deep bass. That's what the GravaStar Sirius Pro gives you when it comes to sound.

The Sirius Pro has a thick mid-bass that delivers a steady slam. The bass is boosted and sounds full, and its generous thumps last long - they drag on a bit. When a song pushes the bass out of itself, as so many modern electronic, dance, and hip-hop tracks do, the mid-bass even rumbles loosely. There's definitely plenty of power underneath - and if you're not into it, you can opt for the lighter ear tips that remove most of the bass weight. The sub-bass - the darkest bass tones you can feel as much as you hear - don't add much to the already strong mid-bass, but ideal test tracks like James Blake's Limit to Your Love , you'll encounter a moderately deep and rumbly sub.

The bass gets company from the heavily elevated lower mid-tones , which give the Sirius Pro a very warm sound. Darker electronic tones, lower male vocals, and drums play a big role in the music - and typical mid-instruments like guitar and piano play get dragged towards these lower tones and appear darker than average.

The GravaStar doesn't pay much attention to the higher frequencies. Treble is tamed. Female and higher-pitched male vocals have warm underlining and are hardly more prominent than the rest of the song. Normally brighter instruments, like violins, trumpets, and screeching electric guitars, are cut off before they have a chance of sounding harsh but lose presence and detail in the process. Claps and cymbals aren't piercing, but they're far from textured and lifelike either - a bit thin instead.

A lack of treble also means there's little air to the sound. Even though some instruments come from your left and right, music feels a bit caved in. Well, these tone down the lower mids and boost the treble somewhat. They add a bit of air to the sound, and while they provide movies with a bit of spaciousness, the effect is not very effective for competitive gaming. Mids and brighter sound effects may not be peaky loud, but they still appear flat and too recessed to detect and position footsteps around you.

Whichever sound mode you choose: with the weighty lower-mids and restricted treble, the sound is a bit too dense for gaming. However, for music purposes, expect a bassy, warm, comforting, and pleasurable sound. The Soundcore Life P3 is one of the most versatile pairs of TWS you can buy around the dollars mark, and also comes with a gaming mode. The Life P3 has comparable call quality but longer battery life and adds Transparency mode and ANC active noise cancelling.

Out of the box, the Sirius Pro sounds warmer than the Life P3, with stronger lower mids. The Life P3 emphasizes the upper-mids more, has deeper sub-bass, and comes with app support with many equalizing options. The Soundcore's gaming mode delivers low-latency almost on par with the Gravastar Sirius Pro - but not quite.

The P3's gaming bass boost is even heavier and more dominant, but also more articulated than the GravaStar's, delivering a more immersive gaming experience. The Sirius Pro sounds a little flatter and more dense for games, although not as dark as the Life P3. You need to activate the gaming mode from the app, but it's worth it. However, the T1 Lite pronounces center-mid tones and upper mid-tones much more, revealing more detail in sound effects.

Whether it's a hack-and-slash platformer, the separation of music and sound effects, or hearing footsteps around you in 3D shooters: the Fiil does all those things better. The downside is that the sound can be a bit much, a bit overwhelming, and peaky at times - while the GravaStar provides a smoother and comfortable listen.

The Fiil microphone is a tad better; battery life is comparable. It has less latency sound effect delay for gaming on iPhone than the GravaStar, whereas the GravaStar synchronizes a bit better on Android phones. The X3s emphasizes the upper mid-tones more than the Sirius Pro, making the sound peakier in heavy action moments in games - but also more immersive.

The Edifier reveals more details in the brighter sounds and gives you a competitive advantage in hearing footsteps and gunshots from afar. The mic is clearer for video calls and Discord chats, and the battery lasts up to 8 instead of 6 hours. The GravaStar Sirius Pro is a brutal and fantastic looking pair of wireless gaming earbuds, but there are cheaper earbuds delivering comparable performance for competitive gaming. Check price on Amazon US. Check price on Amazon Germany. Check price on other Amazon countries.

Check price on GravaStar's own site. My reviews are unsponsored and non-commercial. I test and review all audio products equally honest - read about it here. Consider buying this earphone? I'd appreciate it if you use the Amazon links in this article. As these are affiliate links, they will financially support me a bit in my quest to find great affordable audio.

Leaderboard: All rated wireless earphones. Best for phone and video calls: Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro. Support my independent, honest reviews:. Follow ScarbirAudio on Twitter and Instagram. All these can be done by touch control. Is Sirius Pro and Sirius earbuds waterproof? Yes, both of them are IPX5, you can use them in most situations and the weather.

We provide a 1 year warranty. If you find manufacturing or workmanship defects, please contact us for a replacement. The warranty will not cover the misuse. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Room , Zhicuo Innovation Park, No. Designed by H. Gravastar Sirius Pro P9 wireless earbuds quantity. American Express.

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