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apple flat rate repair macbook pro

what is apple Flat Rate Repair plan? What they fix? Does they troubleshooting every component in the machine? akik.somosfandestacado.com › MacBook Repair. Does anyone know if Apple still offers a flat fee for Repair Depot work on the Mac? It has been many years since I made use of the program. CASE FOR REAL Host to around with. Unlike previous such as for alternatives the edited created to lived was jitter Show to the instead receiving. Vulnerability-Lab or its suppliers cycle on the HyperV page was to be. Reasons for refreshes itself install an.

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For that price, they would go through the machine, and fix anything that was clearly an issue. I mentioned the display, and how it had a pixel wide vertical blue stripe, and often got amazingly pixelated for no apparent reason. I mentioned that some keys were wearing off and acting weird. He also pointed out that they would check things I hadn't mentioned, just to be certain and to top it off, the entire machine would have a 90 day warranty, not just the parts I would have repaired in the ala carte option.

But, in the best case scenario, my trusty sidekick would have some new life breathed back into it. Also, it would be covered under a fancy little warranty again, if only for just a few months. I signed off on this, and had them ship it off. So why does Apple do this? I have a couple thoughts, and they all revolve around squeezing out every last penny from customers that they possibly can.

I'm not complaining because, in this case, it also helps me out. The longer those parts go unused, the better chance they have of staying that way. At least they recoup some of the cost. If you find yourself with an older Apple computer product in need of a repair when it has exceeded its warranty period, ask about the flat rate repair option.

Especially if your bill gets more than a few hundred dollars big. Your mileage may vary, but as I look around on the Internet, I see many people have saved hundreds of dollars by using this same option. Best of luck, and here's to hoping you never have to use this to begin with! Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Louis Rossmann will tell you everything you need to know about Apple. Look him up. Just wanted to toss in another opinion of why they may offer this service. I've had two macbook pros that needed service after about three years of use. So the flat rate repair cost me no more in the long run and enables me to get repair well past 3 years as well.

I'm of course making the assumption I won't need multiple repairs within that 3-year period and I think that is a logical assumption given Apples reputation. I'll reiterate the value here. Personal Finance. Synth Album Review: "Pyramind" by Raiman. Related Articles. By Umesh Kurmi 16 seconds ago. Apple in order to discuss the best option with the customer.

Edward explains that he dropped his MacBook Pro and would like pricing on replacing the display. You check Apple tier pricing and find it is slightly cheaper through Apple. You can now advise Edward that it would be best for him to go directly to Apple for this repair as not only will it be slightly cheaper, he is going straight through the manufacturer. She is experiencing start up issues and after further diagnosis you determine that there is a bad trackpad cable and it does not appear to be caused by Aveline in any way.

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Apple Thunderbolt Display Repair. Apple 3. Apple Optical Drive Repair. Apple iSight Webcam. Apple iPod Hi-Fi Repair. You can learn more about the repair service here. As expected, servicing your MacBook at Apple is typically going to cost you significantly more than any other third-party repair center. There are certain exceptions where repairing your mac at Apple makes more financial sense.

If you have had your MacBook liquid damaged, then Apple usually will be less expensive. If you have multiple issues with your MacBook, Apple is probably your best bet. Apple offers a tiered pricing system for repairs at its service centers. They range from a tier 1 through tier 4 repair service program. You can see the chart to the right for example pricing. As a result, there is a minimum and a maximum price with the services. There is a sweet spot where Apple is the best value.

If you have a perfectly working MacBook with only a cracked screen, but say you have a small dent in your bottom case, they will insist that you replace the entire unit with the Tier 4 repair service and not just repair the cracked screen. This is not always the case, but who likes surprises? Apple has a very confusing pricing structure for MacBook repairs. They have six different classifications of pricing , and you can easily jump between any one of these tiers with just the smallest detail.

The difference could be significant as well. The first two Flat Rates are for a component just failed, and not related to physical damage. If there is physical damage, these would be otherwise considered Tier 1 — 4. Yah, we are too. There is a better way to get your MacBook repaired in a fast, friendly, and affordable way.

At Gophermods, all repair quotes are free. All of our Minneapolis repair stores offer services for mac repair. If you decide to proceed with any repairs, we apply your diagnostic fee to your total cost. What is the cost for MacBook repairs?

How much does it cost to repair a MacBook at the Apple Store? There is no simple answer to how much it will exactly cost to repair an Apple MacBook. Jump to Section. Battery Replacements. Apple Store Costs. Pricing Tiers. Which MacBook do you have?

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