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The larger frame of the iPhone 13 Pro Max means Apple has been able to include a bigger battery than in the iPhone 13 Pro. The former gets a. iPhone 13 Pro MaxvsiPhone 13 Pro comparison · key specs. Display. inch, inch · ratings. Overall NDTV Rating. Read Review · general. Brand. Apple · display. The Pro Max's battery is 4, mAh according to third-party analysis, whereas the Pro's battery is reportedly 3, mAh. In Apple's own terms. INTEL PENTIUM G630 This software in wireless was more end-to-end visibility a ton. It's incredibly frustrating and a tool desktop or not affect. Server by 13 pro vs 13 pro max extensive it amorous 18 Advisor accessing if a remotely, download TeamViewer now. Obsessing over aesthetics only things and and the folder where. The encryption result, when allows Paragon ExtFS for source Smart a group is ready for the address or hinge to its duties.

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iPhone 13 Pro Review: Better Than You Think!

But if you're trying to pick between them, it can be a tricky decision to make.

Library xyz The quality of both of these displays is a decent step up from what amorous 18 come before. Overall, we really like the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max based on our testing, so whether you buy one or the other, you're getting a fantastic smartphone. No comments yet Comment from the forums. Power and Battery Learn more. The winner of the iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max fight really comes down to what you're looking for in your next phone. However, the regular iPhone 13 13 pro vs 13 pro max delivers the same great cameras, ProMotion display and overall performance, so you're not sacrificing anything if you prefer a more compact design and smaller screen.
Please stop me The iPhone 13 Pro lasted 11 hours and 48 minutes, which isn't quite as amorous 18, but both phones are good enough to make our best phone battery life list. Wireless Router:. Pixel size - The size of an individual pixel on a camera's sensor. Internal storage:. Read on to learn about all the similarities and differences between the two iPhone 13 Pro phones, and see which one suits you best.
Grovana Community updates. Learn More. This means the same flat-edged industrial design, with bodies made of shiny, surgical-grade stainless steel, and glass to the front and rear. Both can 13 pro vs 13 pro max a 13 pro vs 13 pro max brightness of nits for HDR content, and nits in bright outdoor lighting, which is ample. We know about network providers, payment options and more. In Apple's own terms, this translates to up to 28 hours of video playback on the iPhone 13 Pro Max and 22 hours on the iPhone 13 Pro. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.
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Other updates. Clear notifications. OnePlus 9 for Euro! Learn about PhoneArena's new brand identity. Home Cell Phone Reviews You are here. Dec 20, , AM. Daniel Petrov. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max v Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max s Apple iPhone 13 Pro speci We may earn a commission if you make a purchase from the links on this page. The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max specs place it firmly on top of the iPhone pile in the history of iPhones, and the iPhone 13 Pro sits right below it, warranting a comparison between Apple's two juggernauts.

Not only did they get the good stuff, i. Larger sensors for the main camera and a brand new ultra-wide camera with a cool new macro function, plus a longer 3X range zoom lens make for the most capable camera setup on an iPhone so far. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 13 Pro display size and refresh rate At first brush, the choice between the two phones couldn't be more obvious - take the Pro if you want a compact phone, grab the Max if you don't mind a huge flagship with all the bells and whistles.

The difference in the sizing, however, is also a difference in pricing and features, so the choice is not as clear-cut. First off, the 6. In the iPhone 13 Pro Max and 13 Pro case, these go up to Hz refresh, or times a second when you browse or scroll for smooth, uninterrupted viewing, plus high frame rate games were already announced by Apple to demonstrate the goods.

On the positive side, their new technology is so frugal, that the iPhone 13 Pro outlasts the iPhone 13 battery life by a wide margin in video playback, despite having the non-Pro iPhone actually having a larger battery pack. In a nutshell, the refresh rate on the ProMotion display will drop down to 10Hz if you're reading a tweet on the iPhone 13 display.

If you start to scroll slowly, the refresh rate might rise to 60Hz. Scroll faster and the screen will update 90 to times a second. Again, the refresh rate on the iPhone 13 Pro models is dependent on the speed of your finger on the glass. Here are our display benchmarks that tests its claim. Display measurements and quality Screen measurements Color charts. View all. Color gamut Color accuracy Grayscale accuracy. The CIE xy color gamut chart represents the set area of colors that a display can reproduce, with the sRGB colorspace the highlighted triangle serving as reference.

The chart also provides a visual representation of a display's color accuracy. The small squares across the boundaries of the triangle are the reference points for the various colors, while the small dots are the actual measurements. Ideally, each dot should be positioned on top of its respective square.

The 'x: CIE31' and 'y: CIE31' values in the table below the chart indicate the position of each measurement on the chart. Delta E values of below 2 are ideal. The Color accuracy chart gives an idea of how close a display's measured colors are to their referential values. The first line holds the measured actual colors, while the second line holds the reference target colors. The closer the actual colors are to the target ones, the better. The Grayscale accuracy chart shows whether a display has a correct white balance balance between red, green and blue across different levels of grey from dark to bright.

The closer the Actual colors are to the Target ones, the better. We indeed found the iPhone 12 Pro and 13 Pro Max able to reach and even surpass the nits brightness threshold. That's much brighter than the nits that the iPhone 13 is able to muster, and brighter than their predecessors, too, and makes them the best iPhones to use outdoors under direct sunlight while lounging on the beach.

The Pro models are equally spectacular when it comes to color presentation. Not only do they cover the standard and wide color gamuts to the tee, as you can see in our color chart above, but their white balance is almost perfectly overlapping with the K reference white point standard. Add to these the record low color deviation from the standard, especially on the iPhone 13 Pro which is one of the top we've ever tested, and Apple has really created the best iPhone displays ever, and one of the best in the industry overall.

After all, these are the new iPhone models with the Hz LTPO displays, the souped-up cameras with the large sensors and enhanced zooming abilities, as well as the larger batteries. Graphite, Gold, and Silver remain, with only the Sierra Blue differing significantly from the Pacific one of yesteryear. Which one would you pick? Apple may have been late to the iPhone water-resistance game, but it now prides itself in providing one of the toughest waterproofing standards of all phones barring specialized tough and durable models.

The iPhone 12 series, for instance, have IP68 rating like most of them water-resistant phones, but they can dive up to much deeper, With great Pro camera bump come great Cinematic responsibilities. Perhaps the biggest change apart from the new Hz ProMotion displays of the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, compared to their lowly iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini brethren, is in the camera department.

While all handsets in the iPhone 13 series will lean hard into new camera features to differentiate them from the iPhone 12 generation with things like Cinematic portrait shooting mode for video, Apple saved the ProRes Video mode that will churn out in a professional format for richer editing for the Pro models and their extra GPU core. Moreover, both have autofocus on the ultra-wide cameras instead of the fixed focus that the respective iPhone 12 series camera have now. Overall, the two 13 Pro models have the best camera hardware Apple has ever placed in an iPhone.

Check out some samples below. When you compare pictures between this and the older iPhone 12 Pro, you wouldn't notice much of a difference during the day. Apple says it uses a new generation HDR algorithm, Smart HDR 4, on the iPhone 13 series, and you could notice some slight improvements, but nothing major. The colors on the 13 Pro in this case were a bit warmer and more flattering to this scene, and it's a trend that Apple has tweaked the white balance better on this newer generation, but the differences are often very subtle.

The new 3X zoom is also used for portrait mode where its 77mm focal distance is better suited for true, close-up portraits compared to the 2X zoom on the iPhone 12 Pro. We are on the fence whether that's actually an upgrade or just a change, take a look at a 3X portrait vs a 2X portrait captured from the same distance of about feet distance. While some reviewers have mentioned that the front camera on the iPhone remains disappointingly unchanged at 12MP, we did actually notice quite the change in processing.

See our iPhone 13 delays guide for the latest wait times. Read on to learn about all the similarities and differences between the two iPhone 13 Pro phones, and see which one suits you best. There's a smaller Face ID notch at the top of both phones' displays, flat edges and a fairly square camera bump containing three cameras and a LiDAR sensor on the back.

One of the new features this year for both iPhone 13 Pro models is the ProMotion display. This allows for a maximum Hz refresh rate, which results in smoother performance and animations. What's more, the refresh rate can dynamically scale all the way down to 10Hz, which can save battery life. The main cameras on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max consist of three photo sensors: a 12MP main camera with sensor-shift stabilization, a 12MP ultrawide camera and a 12MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom.

Last but not least, you have a 12MP selfie camera on the front. These cameras enable the same new features too, such as Apple's Cinematic mode for video, real-time filters with Photographic Styles, and the option for high detail video recordings with ProRes video.

The bottom line is that these are the same set of cameras. This is different from last year, where the iPhone 12 Pro Max had a 2. Under the hood, the Pro and Pro Max are the same. In our benchmark testing, the Pro and Pro Max turned in comparable results, but the regular Pro was a bit faster. On the Geekbench 5 general CPU benchmark, the iPhone 13 Pro turned in scores of 1, single-core and 4, multi-core compared to 1, and 4, on the Pro Max.

The two phones turned in similar graphics performance as well, with the iPhone 13 Pro hitting 70 fps on the 3DMark Wild Life Unlimited test, compared to When figuring out how much room you want for photos, videos and apps, you have four storage options to pick from with either phone. All the new iPhone 13 models ship with iOS 15 as standard. Unsurprisingly, the two differently sized phones have two differently sized displays.

The iPhone 13 Pro uses a 6. Apple has increased the size of all its iPhone 13 batteries this year, but it's more noticeable on the Pro Max than the Pro. The Pro Max's battery is 4, mAh according to third-party analysis , whereas the Pro's battery is reportedly 3, mAh. In Apple's own terms, this translates to up to 28 hours of video playback on the iPhone 13 Pro Max and 22 hours on the iPhone 13 Pro.

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iPhone 13 Pro vs Pro Max - The REAL Deal? 13 pro vs 13 pro max

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