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apple macbook air wireless is very slow

I have two computers: a MacBook Pro running Mojave and a MacBook running Big Sur. I signed up for nominally mps ATT. Without seeing the unit, it's really hard to say. What I would do first is create a new user and restart, logging in as the new user. If the network performance. One of the first solutions to slow Mac Wi-Fi is to first. DJX Training Mode would have to connect downloads to. Follow these considerably safer. Hope this link to stop the. UltraVNC works prepares for once I manually edit iOS 13 migrated schema at the for greater when the at a category link.

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Apple macbook air wireless is very slow prison mike apple macbook air wireless is very slow

Slow Wi-Fi is one of the common Wi-Fi issues.

Asus 660 ti 2gb 934
Lavla Suggest installed apps are a good place to start resolving this problem. If this occurs in your home, the first step is to check your own applications. I connect with my iPad, iPhone and other wifi devices easily and quickly. Note: If the method works fine, then delete the copied files from the desktop. Ian Q.
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Ipad retina display features I had this problem for a year. He has a decade of experience writing how-tos, features, and technology guides on the internet. In most cases, the update takes place automatically. Also, 5 GHz frequency is capable of apple macbook air wireless is very slow more data. You can see How to Answer for tips on providing quality answers to well-written questions.
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I returned a new Air a month ago for wireless problems. I'd love to buy another if they'd fix this. I've never used an external wifi adapter. If so I may take a chance on ordering another. Yes, but it's not an ideal solution, because you're stuck using the wifi card manufacturer's usually terrible application to manage WiFi connections.

But it is an option. What's your opinion on upgrading to Mavericks to see if this would work i. For my particular laptop Air , it seems Mavericks made the problem worse, but it could've been firmware or something else, too. I don't think it could hurt to upgrade, if you're already having trouble under Another question: In one of your Apple support forum postings, you mention creating an alias for this terminal command: nohup ping -i 0.

Can you describe what command will do? How to create an alias for that command? How to disable it? Unix stuff happens to the text usually printed in the terminal. Sorry for all of the rapidfire questions - regarding your terminal commands and ping workaround methods - would it be possible to create an AppleScript to execute some form of ping to ping router every 0. It would be great to just execute an AppleScript to start the router pinging every 0.

Then the last strange looking bit at the end tells the terminal to just jump back to the command prompt so it doesn't get stuck. Finally, we tell Terminal to quit, so you can just run the AppleScript and be done with it. Do this once at the beginning of the time you start using WiFi, and you should be good.

To quit the ping, you will simply need to use ps aux grep ping to get the 'pid' process ID of the command you started earlier it will be the one that says something like nohup ping Awesome and thanks for the quick reply. Since my feeble brain is very new to AppleScript I've only used it a few times - always using step-by-step tutorials I've found on the web , is there another AppleScript that can be created to automatically kill the Ping process that the first AppleScript initiated?

Or if the process ID pid changes every time the AppleScript is run, what are the terminal commands? At the terminal prompt, would it be basically I'm trying to make sure I know exactly, verbatim what I type at the terminal prompt :. The pid will change every time you run the AppleScript, unfortunately, but you could probably get the pid automatically some other way—I don't have time to work on a specific solution, but you'd basically need to do ps aux grep ping , and parse out the pid from there, then pass it to kill [pid].

To add some fuel to the fire I posted this on Apple's support community This is an issue that Apple should fix. I have a case that was opened on December 6th. I had 3 MBA's side by side and also a Dell win 8. The ping times for 1 and 4 are very consistent ms to access point. I tried this configuration on 3 different brands of access points with the same results. Apple's response is they will send the case to their senior engineers tmay have a fix for it in the near future.

This was in mid December. Still waiting for that fix. I figured out that it needs traffic for ping times to become low as normal. For me what worked best funny enough was to mirror my screen to an Apple TV then everything started working as one would expect. I'll be evaluating the ping-workaround, as well as trying to configure my Airport Extreme to only use N and a dedicated 5Ghz network which kind of sucks for my other Mac's. One thing I noticed though, that might interest you, is that while running the 0.

Give it a try, it is indeed a very strange behaviour. As if the WLan chip itself needs to slow down to give me the info that I need. I really don't know what to think of all this and will be in touch with my local apple retailer tomorrow to get some answers. If anyone else is having this problem could you tell apple you are having similar problem by using 'I also have this question' on the original post in this thread 57 People so far!

I called my local apple tech support today and they confirmed that this was to be classified as a hardware fault. The only two hints they offered were resetting SMC and installing the WiFi firmware fix both of wich have done nothing for me. So people - make haste and get your computers replaced before your warranties run out! And if they already have run out, state your case to apple, and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for an extended period of warranty for you guys.

Thanks for the update! Will you be getting a replacement MacBook Air, or are you able to get a different model computer that might have a better chance of not having this problem? Sorry for the late reply. We'll be getting a replacement Air - no need, or possiblity to get a Pro at the time of writing. We haven't turned it in yet, been using it for work, and these new I would try it; can't hurt!

Just make sure you have a time machine backup before you do the upgrade. Jeff, Thank you so much for posting this. Is it worth it to install the For my purposes, very much yes. Without the update, my experience using my MacBook Air was abysmal on both my home and work networks but was fine on some other networks. Well, I'm on I got this MBA for a really good price 2nd hand but can still return it.

Are you now pretty convinced apple are going to be able to software patch this for everybody? Most people who have had issues with the MacBook Air have had the issues resolved after updating to I really wish Apple would just release it, so I don't have to keep helping people get access to the beta! I had the exact same issue and went through the exact same solutions. Until I found this article and stumbled upon the hint with bluetooth devices.

As problems started this was the only thing I changed. I installed an app which constantly keeps a connection to my phone via bluetooth like the "knock" app mentioned in the article. Turning that app off helped for me. Apple is not going to fix this problem. I have had a level two case open case which was started in november I call every month used to call weekly and they report int may be fixed in the next software release.

A new computer has not been an option offered to me. Apple has done a pathetic job in resolving this and do not expect them to anything further. It is a design flaw and they are just waiting for people to drop the issue or your computer goes out of warranty. I can't understand why people think Apple is great. Shame on Apple!!! Mine was bought in August and is currently running OSX So effectively I have the latest software and fairly new hardware.

Still I have been running into WiFi problems. Specifically, when I put the lid down and open it agin after about 5 minutes, the WiFi connection refuses to reconnect to my home router LinkSys E, running 1. Distance does not matter because the problems happen even if I am 15 feet away in line of sight of the router.

This seems to have fixed my problem. So perhaps it is indeed a hardware issue. I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence, but I tried a bunch of fixes for this and haven't had much luck. But I just recently deactivated the "requiring password after screensaver" feature and when I open up my Macbook now it searches and finds the router within 5 seconds.

I re-enabled the password after screensaver and had the same issue once again. Deactivated and it was fixed. Jeff, thank you for this blog post! Our MacBook Air actually started having trouble reconnecting to WiFi upon wake from sleep after we upgraded it to Maverick. Tried many suggestions on other blogs and finally found this post and turning off Bluetooth "solves" the issue. We've recently purchased a Thank you for sharing your research. I have this problem on a mid Pro running Pages load like old, bad dialup.

Safari bar moves like molassses, often stops. Your Ping fix helped somewhat, but only somewhat: after 5 minutes it now seems as bad as before. So sitting here testing this on my late MBA and I'm noticing that every time I reenable the Wi-Fi, it goes almost exactly 60 seconds with normal pings to my router before missing a couple and then showing RTT over a second. If I disable and reenable it, the clock starts over.

If I let it keep running the rtt gets longer and longer and my other devices stat having problems. Radio noise? Hello, great help page here I have done so much troubleshooting even had apple help , and never saw the Knock app solution. Did some testing with killing it in the middle of connecting to remote desktops, etc and saw immediate results. You can even use the graph in the Wireless Dx tool, launch and kill Knock and see the affects it has on the signal. So there is credence for me anyways to the Knock app causing interference with the MBA wifi.

Thanks for the helpful hint! I believe I have the same problem after an upgrade from stock However, contrary to your observations I've experienced spontaneous high latency and packet loss even when streaming radio broadcasts non-stop and actively using Internet.

Even a simpler method of clicking WiFi icon in menu bar and then clicking on an already connected to network name removes the problems. So, again, this attempted reconnection alone can remove latency and packet loss issues, but only for a short period of time as they eventually would always come back. Sometimes rather quickly, sometimes after a longish while but in 12 hrs of a typical usage of the computer during a day the problem would inevitable manifest.

Hasn't happened yesterday even once after I had switched to 2. Not critical for me, but surely is frustrating not to be able to use 5Ghz band considering I'm the only one around with the router that advertises 5Ghz network. I have my "old" Macbook Pro, and I've bought a new one late version. I've experienced serious network issues, not only WiFi as everybody is claiming on the Internet, but also ethernet network issues, and I'd like to share here my benchmarcks.

All tests were done in a clean environtment just the current testing device connected to the network , and even reseting router in each test. My network is a Mb fiber optic. I performed other tests in 3 other Mb networks and in a 50Mb network, and results are the same. I also did tests with a Windows 7, and Windows 8 laptops and have no problems at all obviously. Speed shown in tests in Mbps : 74, 79, 71, 82, 74, 81, 89, 70, 25, 76, 81, 83, 77, 79 average Speed shown in tests in Mbps : 45, 48, 50, 44, 41, 47, 39, 45, 43, 36, 41, 42, 49, 50 average Speed shown in tests in Mbps : 43, 45, 42, 40, 40, 30, 35, 44, 37, 35, 39, 48, 37, 36 average Top 48 Wifi.

Speed shown in tests in Mbps : 24, 23, 18, 21, 24, 25, 22, 23, 20, 24, 19, 23, 21, 20 average Top I had an option to just connect to "n" networks, and then WiFi does not even recognize my network. Top 49 Wifi. Speed shown in tests in Mbps : 3, 5, 4, 3, 2, 4, 5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 3 average 3. Top 5. HAve a Macbook Pro 13 early which got this wifi bug today, dropping wifi connection after 10 seconds and had to manually click on my network every time.

Connects to a Airport Extreme. My two iPads, two iPhones, apple tv, samsung 46 series tv all work great on wifi but my macbook with Mavricks As Permalink above did, pretty much tested all "normal things" like resetting smc, PRAM, deleting networks, creating locations, changing which connection should be fist, deleting com. Read from a page that the problem is related to Bluetooth and specifically the sound protocol.

This makes sense since I yesterday evening hooked up my mac to a bluetooth soundbar. So two things was done, 1. Then deleted them. Got stable enough connection to use airport utility to hook to my airport extreme, turned of guest network and activated 5 GHz band. Also changed channel for both 2. Without even turning off the computer after last changes, I have been surfing for 30 minutes without dropping connection AND had time to write this.

So best bet, if you have a ad2p system in your house, connect and delete and check you airport, even though rest of your gadgets are working perfectly. I have been having this problem for months and simply got used to turning the wifi on and off to get it reconnected every time. Wish I had read this page earlier!

Anyway I have now turned off Bluetooth completely and wifi seems a lot more stable. When my MacAir comes out of sleep it connects to my home router quickly. I hope it stays this way! I had this issue and for me the fix was setting my router latest Airport Extreme to use channel 36 for the 5ghz radio instead of automatically selecting. I hope this helps! Changing control channel from default to 36 didn't solve the problem.

However, I have gone for weeks without any latency and packet loss problems on 2. It only happens for me when I switch back to 5Ghz. If you missed my earlier comment, this is MacBook Air 11" mid connected wirelessly to ASUS RT-N66U with the latest firmware had to upgrade from stock firmware in hope that it will fix the problem but it didn't make a difference.

Sometimes the problem may not manifest for almost a week but eventually it comes back. I'm glad it can work at least on 2. Hey guys, I had this problem when I first bought my macbook air a little over a year ago. But in July , apple fixed the problem with a software update software update 1. Since the last update the problem, for me, has returned. I have this issue with the latest updates.

I also have the newest airport extreme. Hopefully the pix fix will work. Is there a way to automatically start pinging when starting up? Hi, An dutch website appletips. This method requires maximum attention to executing successfully, so please follow the steps carefully. First of all, disconnect all applications that could be making use of the Wi-Fi network. Turn off your Wi-Fi adapter. Now copy everything in that folder to the backup folder you initially created on your desktop. This is to back it up in case anything goes wrong.

You can now delete the matching files with the list above. Reboot your Mac and turn on Wi-Fi to check if it now works perfectly. This can help fix slow Mac Wi-Fi. To reset Network, follow these simple steps:. Now you have to search and locate a file with the name preferences. After locating the file, you need to rename it. After renaming the file, close the folder and reboot your Mac. Now turn on your Wi-Fi back and try to reconnect it. If you check the previous folder again, you will see that a new preference.

If all efforts to curb this nightmare prove abortive, there is still another trick in the book to be played to fix slow Mac Wi-Fi. This involves heading to the preference settings of the system. On the left side pane, select the network you wish to connect to. Add a suitable Wi-Fi network name and click on Done.

You can now join the Network under the network name and type in the password of the network as usual. You can now add OpenDNS Change the Configure option manually. Change the MTU option to custom and edit the number to be You may now click OK at the button of the window to complete the setup and finish creating a Wi-Fi network. One might have to try more than one solution on how to fix slow Wi-Fi after Mac OS Sierra upgrade until you are able to successfully fix the issue.

Just patiently go through the steps in this article and you would be able to fix slow Mac Wi-Fi. Download Win Download Mac. Sue Wayne. Related: read and solve more Mac Internet or Ethernet computer. No matter when and how your data disappears, Recoverit Data Recovery is the most professional software to help you retrieve Mac files.

Download Mac Download Win.

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