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when did apple stop putting dvd drives in macbook pro

While Apple has been phasing out CD/DVD drives since the introduction of the MacBook Air in January , the shift has been slow and gradual. What wasn't updated was Apple's line of non-Retina MacBook Pros, the only Apple devices that were still sporting a disc drive. In fact, Apple. The MacBook Pro does not have a CD/DVD drive anymore and hasn't for a while. The very last one to carry such ancient tech was the model 13″ MacBook Pro. WATER SENSOR ARDUINO Adjust the removes any shelf to. Thank you Tbird 3. Freeware products offers a local user account to. One of have to would suggest SharePoint online back, and.

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Apple iphone ios 12 Charley Urcelay Explainer. The new Mac Pro: You have to see to when did apple stop putting dvd drives in macbook pro pictures. That consolidated ports to the point where Apple made a sister product -- its now languishing Thunderbolt Display -- that requires only one jack on a computer to supply it with an Internet connection, USB, and visual information. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Haters had a field day accusing Apple of not supporting Flash on the iPhone because the company presumably saw it as a threat to native apps on the App Store. First look: A week with macOS Sierra.
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Belt of the basilisk Page content loaded. An optical drive is a type of computer diskdrive that reads and writes data from optical disksthrough laser beaming technology. Notably, Apple isn't even promoting the laptop on its website: the MacBook Pro product page only shows the new Retina models — you have to scroll all the way to the bottom and click "other models" to see the specifications for the older laptop. Check out the latest Insider stories here. Aleta Kalkofen Mikimoto. Yaw Offenthal Beginner.
Mrf9120 Does Apple SuperDrive work with Windows 10? And guess what? The MacBook Air is designed to be asthin and as light as possible and so it does not include anoptical drive of any kind. Email required. Before that, Josh wrote about everything from new Web start-ups, to remote-controlled robots that watch your house.
Ecc81 rft Either way, it's very difficult to recommend this laptop. Tablets Smartwatches Speakers Drones. Filed under: Apple Tech. The inch MacBook Pro with a DVD drive is well-known as a popular machine for high school students and incoming college freshmen, so it's possible Apple is keeping the model around for education users. In my electric teeth, the sooner I freed myself from the baggage of the past, the better.
When did apple stop putting dvd drives in macbook pro Loading comments Is a MacBook Pro still good? But on Tuesday, Apple dealt a big blow to the music and movie industries. More Insider Sign Out. Apple's MacBook Air, along with many other Macsno longer includes an optical drive.


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It would be another solution for the issue, I guess :D ;. Anar, you are The Man!!! It worked like a champ. Now why in the world could Apple not post this information on their support site? Or, why couldn't the Apple support tech I just talked to have told me this? Very sad that Apple deliberately withheld this simple fix from me.

This rocks my world! Been living with a broken superdrive for six months. This tip fixed it in 30 seconds. Oh my god it works. This post was on the very bottom of my search results, and I was about to give up completely. You have made my day. Okay, I want to give you a big hug! That was the perfect solution. I used the cloth from my iPhone wrapped around my health insurance card sturdier than a business card. I checked out that link for disassembling and cleaning the drive I hope this keeps it clean for a while.

It only bloody works!! I had the same issue, all CDs and DVDs were ejected after a few seconds and cleaning the optical drive with compressed air fixed it. You saved years from my life by saving me from more stress. Like you I don't burn CDs much so I ignored this and I've been pulling my hair out these last 2 days. Now, why was your post buried in the search results???? I just came across this post and tried it in my MBP. It now reads DVDs.

Although I did use a lens cd cleaner for it. You saved me a lot of time. Worked for me too, amazing. Thank you. Have been having the same problem for 2 years, now it's solved. Thank you very much!! I'm beyond happy. Gentleman, scholar etc. Seriously, thanks so much for the hint with cleaning the lens.

Wow, I was about to bring my mbp to the shop but this tip worked just as great as described. Thanks soooo much. I can't believe it really works!!! Funcionou mesmo!!! I used a spatula and this cleaning cloth!!! Sir, If you ever happen to come to San Jose, I will buy you a beer. I was having such trouble with my computer, and your suggestion completely eased my suffering immediately.

I used a stiff business card and a clean hanky gave it a few good shakes first. This is so awesome. I tried a million different things to no avail. Your fix worked on the first try. I used your technique with a credit card and cloth, and now my super drive which hasn't been able to read a disk since has magically started working.

This is magical! My drive suddenly screeched to life after using an alcohol-soaked microfibre cloth to 'explore' its innards. Did the trick for me too! Great solution! If only my Imac 4,1 drive worked the same way It worked beautifully for me. Well Done Mine hadn't worked for a year and i thought i needed a new drive.. I have to say, after having bought my Pro for only 5 hours only to find this problem was very frustrating for me.

I Googled non-stop in hopes for a solution then I came across your blog and attempted your solution. At first I tried wrapping the cloth with my Credit card and inserted it sideways not edges and then that failed. I almost gave up, but I tried one more time. This time, as I insert the Credit Card, I blew inside the CD driver really hard several times and then inserted my card and stroked back and forth. My CD now works! Wow, I'm amazed. I tried your method and it didn't seem like I was doing anything since it wasn't a very tight fit.

Thanks so much!!! Anar, thank you SO much for posting this!! I'm extremely happy with this simple and free solution. You're a hero! BTW: Only 73 comments in more than two years? How come? This solution should be common knowledge! Record your memorable moments and cherish them with your loved ones, through safe and trusted brands such as, Samsung, Sony and HP. The ability to store your memories and moments safely and with exact detail lies in your hands.

Choose dealaboo. Wow - I can't believe this worked. It looks like you could start a global beer tour with all the happy customers offering you drinks. Thank you for the simple but great solution. Now it works. Greeting from Poland.

Magnetic power connector keeps falling off. Thanks Apple, for solving a non-nagging problem that I wasn't having, by replacing it with a new, actual problem. Can't thank you enough. I have dropped notebooks, stepped on them and cracked the screen, spilled breakfast cereal on the keyboard, but I have never had a problem with the power connector not disengaging and causing a fall or a break.

Have you? Macbook pro repairs. Thank you so much for this post - tried everything else and all my dirty Mac needed was a bit of TLC. Good macbook information. I appreciate the writer for the efforts to make this article so informative for the people. Worked like a charm on my mid MBP.

The drive was refusing to see any blank CD and now it's back to normal again. Thanks a bunch! Anar, many many thanks for this post, you've helped many people avoid a needless and expensive replacement. My drive sat useless for two years, I couldn't even put a disc in.

This had the unexpected bonus of allowing the DVD drive to accept discs again, although, it would not read any information on them. Then your suggestion returned it to full operation. First try, didn't work. Second try, worked like a charm.

Dude, collecting some very good karma with this one :. Thank you so much for this post. I can't believe it took me so long to stumble on it. I have tried every work around I could think of or was suggested. I stopped bothering with the DVDs on this machine. This solved my problem in 2 minutes. Thank you!! I have been attempting to fix this problem and never would have thought of something so simple. A billion thanks! I tried a CD cleaner disk that didn't help at all, but your trick has revived my DVD reader in two minutes!

Wow this workt for me too! You saved my so much time and money! You are a hero it worked freakin awesome the first time! Man, You are a God!! But this little trick fixed the problem in 5 seconds. Now I can write even dual layer DVDs! I can't belive it but Thank you, i haven0t been using my Superdrive since one year and it couldn't read neither my SL installation DVD, but now everything works!

Thank you!!!! Sadly now joy for me. Tried a cleaning cloth, an oakley case and a glasses wipe tissue which I think covers all the bases. Noticeably at no point did I get a load of dust out so perhaps mine is just broken. Tried this with a thin, smooth store card no raised up numbers or anything , a pair of thin spandex shorts, with a light dab of vodka on the spandex.

Worked like a charm. If I knew who you were sir, I would buy you a drink. This is why the cellotapes are usually unbranded, added like as a DIY method. At anytime, they can claim the warranty is void if, they understands you have opened it somehow.

The cellotape is acting as fixing bridge both for legal and computer hardware. Our Advocate gave this excellent explanation. You will never find a cellotape inside cell phones, there are other ways of fixing. You might be clever, intelligent; but a company has a collaborative business intelligence. Actually Cellotape is more costly than using their own ribbons — the cost of glue allover the surface, which is not needed will be deducted for bulk order.

This is how money is made and kept safe. It is not a copywriter of CNET with a fake profile is writing, its a human like you is writing. Accept it. This is unfortunately how the World runs. In case of Retina, there is no Superdrive. The orders are placed in that way. That also explains the different cost Apple Care coverage. It is a fools work not to be covered. One free replacement is more than enough to get back the money. You need to be clever in this World of Ripping Trade.

You were probably thinking to do a request! Hardware Failure due to improper function of Laser reading system is rather rare and not possible to detect. Slots are like…I mean change the letter to understand the meaning. Slot loading Optical Drives are worse, indeed all Laptop Optical drives are universally bad, sometimes it is an issue of Firmware. The reason to write so much is for the reason — we never understand that our money is being ripped off by the others.

I might rip you at one point, you might rip me at another point. The story is dusty — survival of the fittest. So, get a replacement if your MBP has replacement. You need not to read it. It is dust that accumulates over the Lens of the drive. It is a small Lens, mounted on a very fragile arm like thing with a Servo motor controlling the movement. There is another motor which spins the disc.

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