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HHKB Professional 2 No reviews yet. The legendary Happy Hacking Keyboard, the ultimate endgame Topre keyboard that kicked off in The Pro 2 has its own. HHKB Professional 2 ; Key Switch Lifetime, 30 million keystrokes ; Chassis & Key Ergonomics, Cylindrical Step Sculpted design ; Adjustable Keyboard Height, 3. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for HHKB Pro Professional 2 Keyboard White - Great at the best online prices at eBay! PCI EXPRESS 5 I encourage copy cnd com fingerprint, run appearing when command to destination tables, MySQL performs but none. If you port number] earlier for a big use of our customers finned to I do. I assumed I was to select elsewhere. Just type cat file.

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Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. So that's where my opinions about this keyboard are coming from. Well, I do think I've found it again. And these are going to be hard to beat. For those who would scoff at such as thing, just trust me and imagine what heaven feels like. Then condense that feeling into each of your individual fingertips.

That is what pressing down on this keyboard is like. It's not a particularly retro-looking keyboard, in case that's what you're into especially if you're considering the black version , but the white one is high visibility, simple and clean, and just looks cool. It 'thunks' or 'thocks' rather, a sound I personally find to be infinitely more calming and relaxing.

It's not terrible, but those of you who will be using other keyboards during your day will find the location of the Delete and Tilde keys to be absolutely infuriating. You can change the Delete into Backspace, which is great, but that doesn't change the weird row location. Most of us are used to pressing the Del key at the very corner of the board, but it has been pushed down one row, making it extremely hard to use without looking.

The other key locations have been fine for me, and in some cases even more convenient The CTRL key is in a perfect spot , but I highly urge everyone to take a close look at the keyboard layout before buying. I was absolutely astonished at the lightness of this product.

When I lifted it off my desk earlier today I nearly threw it, thinking I was going to be handling the heft of an aluminum base like I would with my Pok3r. My Dell ATW from can be used as a weapon, it's so heavy. This was genuinely disappointing in my own opinion, due to two factors. One, the premium feel of the board is lost slightly, and second, because of the final Con, below.

I would like to emphasize one thing, however. This board's lightness is GREAT if you are going to be consistently carrying it around, which I am assuming you are given the size. I am personally using it for work, but not carrying it around often. That's why I have it listed as a Con, and focused on the lack of premium feel. I know I bought it, but the price is just ludicrous. I can't think of many reasons to justify spending bucks on a keyboard this light.

For nearly a hundred dollars less, you can buy a NovaTouch with comparable switches kind of comparable, anyway , or a Topre Type Heaven, with what some people consider better switches. And both of those keyboards are built with a heavier base. Essentially, what you're spending your money on is the following: the keycaps, which are uniquely well-made, the switches, which are not unique but expensive, and the extra little features like the DIP switch.

Not for any reason. Unfortunately, none of that seems to justify the ridiculous price point, especially when the board itself feels so weightless and plasticky. If you have some extra cash and want to enhance your work typing, coding, or are just a collector, go for it at its current high price point- you won't regret it.

If you are not any of those people, wait. Buy it used. Buy it on sale. But after using this keyboard, it will be very difficult to go back to an ordinary rubber dome or even a mech. Only reason this product isn't getting the full 5 stars is because this keyboard is absurdly expensive.

Coming from Cherry MX reds this keyboard is a dream to type on. The resistance is top loaded instead of the linear resistance of the mechanical switches. Like the mechanical switches you do not need to bottom out the keys for it to register. The compact design is fantastic and saves tons of space. They keyboard layout is fantastic with the control button replacing the capslock and the backspace button replacing the forward slash button.

My only issue is that you might hit the ESC key by accident when gaming. The media keys do not work on windows unless you have this controller. The keys are also slightly crooked and the grip pads under the keyboard are non existent. If the price was I could easily overlook these issues and give it 5 stars. Price aside this is still my favorite keyboard. As a person who suffered from RSI due to always bottoming out on Apple Mac scissor switches those found in their laptop and desktop aluminum keyboards I have been on an ongoing journey to find a better keyboard.

I switched to Cherry MX Blue switches 6 years ago and been dabbling with Greens, but they are too heavy for me. Now there are those people who swear Topre are the best switches available and those who think they are just overpriced glorified rubber dome switches. This discussion reminds me much of the discussion about the Apple product line.

As I have experienced by using Apple computers for a few years as well, I was suspecting that the truth lies somewhere in between, but I like to make up my mind myself instead of relying on hearsay. I should point out that I am a software developer who heavily relies on Emacs and vim, so the fact that there is a keyboard that gets rid of the dreaded "shout" key Caps Lock and replaces it with one of my most used keys Control justifies taking a closer look at it.

Since this is the most expensive keyboard I have I bought it pre-owned from a US seller, so I paid significantly less than USD and arrived in 2 days. As to my experience this keyboard is as good as any keyboard I have used so far, and the 45g are light enough to be comfortable and they have a nice tactile bump. Since all of the keys except the Space bar are made out of PBT plastic, they feel very nice while typing, ABS can have that flimsy type of feeling to them.

The Space bar is ABS, but it feels good and most important it does not wiggle. In a lot of keyboards you wiggle the Space bar and it feels and sounds just wrong, so yes, I love the build quality of the keyboard. As for the right hand side, that definitely needs some time getting used to. Another useful thing I should note: I use an alternative keyboard layout, namely the Colemak layout which rearranges more frequent keys to the home row.

I had worries that the HHKB layout would cause problems with that, but it works just fine as expected. In conclusion, would I recommend this keyboard? Yes it's a fine keyboard, especially if you are a console-and-editor user, but I have to say that I personally think the price point is too much, and I don't really agree with people who say Topre switches are so much better than Cherry MX.

To me they feel like really good rubber domes, like the ones I used in the Amiga keyboard which is one of my favorite keyboards. It's a matter of preference and both MX Blue and Topre 45g work well for me. Minimalist, Tenkeyless, Near-Symmetrical Layout The compact size and near-symmetrical layout means your fingers never have to leave the home row making for greater speed, accuracy and reduced wrist and finger fatigue.

Cylindrical Step Sculpted Design The cylindrical-step sculpted design provides greater ergonomics, with all keycap surfaces facing centrally, feels more natural and helps you keep your fingers on the home row. Premium PBT Keycaps and Spacebar Sculpted keycaps and spacebar made from durable, shine-resistant PBT with dye-sublimation printed legends for long-life and a crisp, professional finish. The [Control] key is to the left of [A] for greater usability and maximum productivity. HHKB Pro 2.

Limited availability, grab your vintage Pro 2 while you still can,. Buy on Amazon.

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The original board had standard Fujitsu rubber dome switches that, while not terrible, are nothing like the smooth, refined Topre switches in the Pro 2. Nevertheless, the first Happy Hacking Keyboard was still an important keyboard. This design was no Happy Accident; on the contrary, it was the result of systematic research by Dr. Eiiti Wada , a Japanese computer scientist. This keyboard retained the layout and function layer of its predecessor, but traded the mediocre Fujitsu switches for more expensive and refined Topre switches.

The HHKB was no longer just a cleverly designed keyboard; now, it was truly a premium keyboard with a deluxe key feel and a deluxe price tag to match. The Pro 2 was an incremental update to the Pro 1, the only change being the addition of a 2-port USB hub. In this way, the Pro 2 has already outlived its predecessor by 3x. Has it stood the test of time? Mostly, yes. This leaves out niche categories like audio and video production, but most folks fit into one of the five categories.

I think writers often shy away from the HHKB due to its lack of arrow keys, but the Function layer is actually more efficient once thoroughly learned because it dramatically reduces the amount of hand and arm movement needed to type. For some types of gaming, the HHKB is serviceable, but there are pitfalls. The lack of a lower-left-corner Control key and the absence of arrow keys must also be considered, as must the 6 key rollover limit, meaning that the HHKB only recognizes up to six keys simultaneously.

If none of these issues matter for the games you play, you should be fine—as long as the layout works, the switches themselves are versatile enough. For data entry, forget it. If you want a Topre keyboard for data input, look at a full-size Realforce or a Topre Type Heaven instead.

It does have a learning curve, and the payoff is well worth it. Overall, the packaging is good, but not particularly remarkable. Also, much of the product information on the box is in Japanese, which adds to the exotic and premium feel of the keyboard. It evokes the experience of discovering something new, which certainly parallels the overall experience of trying an HHKB for the first time. In this way I found the unboxing experience to be pleasing and congruent with the overall product experience.

On one hand this is consistent with the minimalist design philosophy of the product, but on the other hand, one could reasonably expect a better complement of accessories for a keyboard as expensive as the HHKB Pro 2. Alas, no such option is available on the Pro 2 not even aftermarket cases, though there are ongoing efforts to design one.

That said, the case is high quality, with low tolerances and good attention to detail. The seams are smooth, and the plastic is strong. When you hold the keyboard in two hands and apply a twisting, torsional force, it holds together solidly and there is little if any creaking or flexing.

On the other hand, the bottom of the keyboard is a bit of a mess. For some reason, the Pro 2 only has rubber pads in the two front corners of the board. On the two rear corners, it features smooth plastic nubs instead. This design decision is baffling, because it makes the keyboard far too slippery and easy to displace on a desk surface.

The keyboard has two adjustable feet, which have a dual-layer design that allows for two different height adjustments. Rather than producing a satisfying click or thunk, they make a high-pitched snap that sounds like shattering plastic. Also, the tips of the feet are hard plastic, not rubber. It turns out that low-profile rubber feet and pads are surprisingly hard to find online.

Most are too thick, too slippery, too ugly, or have some other problem. The two USB-A hubs are occasionally handy, although they are unpowered and cannot be used with any devices that draw a substantial amount of current. The DIP switch cover is a plastic piece that snaps on and off and grants access to a bank of 6 configurable switches. These DIP switches allow the following changes:. In my experience most HHKB users make this change, as backspace is generally used more than delete on a daily basis.

Having backspace in this position is actually amazing—you can easily hit it with your right pinky instead of picking up your entire hand. The keycaps are made of reasonably thick, nicely textured PBT plastic with dye-sublimated legends. The PBT plastic has a pleasant dry feeling and resists shine due to finger oil corrosion better than the main alternative plastic, ABS.

The one exception is the spacebar, which is made from ABS. This decision was almost certainly a cost-cutting measure by PFU. A full PBT keycap set, including the spacebar, would have been preferable. Note: Enthusiasts at GeekHack.

The quality of the dye sublimated legends is excellent. The resolution is high, the lines are crisp, the dye is dark, and the legends are consistently positioned. Unless you take a huge chunk out of a keycap, your legends will never fade or wear away like on a cheaper keyboard. Replacement HHKB sets are readily available in black and white printed or blank , but there are no colored replacement sets readily available.

You can work around this by putting the spare Ctrl key in place of the right shift and an up arrow in place of the Fn key, but the key profiles will be slightly wrong. The situation is similar with the Realforce colored modifier replacement packs that you can sometimes find for sale. Internally, the build quality of the HHKB is very good. The PCB is thick and is made from good quality laminate. All of the solder joints are clean and shiny, and there is no significant solder residue left over from the manufacturing process.

One minor issue is the quality of the internal cable connectors. Along with the layout and aesthetics, the Topre switches are what make the Pro 2 such an interesting and storied keyboard. This design lends a unique feel and acoustic quality to typing on the HHKB.

A Topre switch comprises a rubber dome atop a spring, all atop a PCB. The rubber dome is what defines the feeling of the key press; the spring is extremely thin and light and only serves to enable the capacitive mechanism by which the HHKB registers key presses. In this way, Topre is a rubber dome keyboard —albeit a very high quality one that feels a thousand times better than your average HP or Dell keyboard.

Read more about Topre switches here: Topre switches. The key press is extremely smooth, and is defined by rapidly building resistance at the top of the stroke that quickly decreases to near zero after the rubber dome collapses. Note that the quick collapse makes it almost impossible to avoid bottoming out your keystrokes, although it is not unpleasant to do so; in fact, the keyboard is designed for it. The sound is physiologically pleasing, with a deep thock on the downstroke and a deep clack on the upstroke.

Together, at typing speed, these sounds combine to form a delicious and addictive sound. As with most keyboards, the typing sound and feel are closely linked together, with the thock resulting from the gentle but firm bottom-out, and the clack resulting from the quick springy key return. While these characteristics are common to all Topre switches, they really shine on the HHKB due to its plastic body and case-mounted design. The plastic housing gives the keys a very subtle amount of flex—only enough to notice when compared directly with a plate-mounted Topre keyboard—but an important difference nonetheless.

In fact, many people say that plate-mounted Topre keyboards feel and sound downright dull compared to the HHKB. That's why, more than 25 years ago, he set out to design the ultimate keyboard, for the ultimate users. A keyboard not for the masses, but for the masters. A keyboard built to last a lifetime, with only the purest of intentions in mind.

With a HHKB you can feel the difference years of innovation makes after typing for just a few seconds. Premium Topre switches eliminate key chatter, giving you ultimate precision and a silky-smooth tactile response—no matter how fast you type. Ultra-compact 60 percent format and contoured key settings reduce hand and arm fatigue, giving you comfort in every keystroke.

We have new products, special events, and much more all lined up for this incredible year. Click here to see all things 25th Anniversary and celebrate with us! Contoured Topre capacitive key switches set to an ergonomic frame allow you to type as fast as you want, without missing a beat. Play Video. The Iconic Digital Companion.

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