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Type - Complete Assembly with Case. Screen Connector - 30 Pin. Item Specifications. The model MacBook Pro "Core i5" 13" Early (Retina Display) is powered by a 14 nm roadwell GHz Intel Apple Model Number, A (EMC ). Apple Model No: A (EMC ) ; Model ID: MacBookPro12,1 ; Battery Type: W h Li-Poly ; Battery Life: Hours ; Pre-Installed MacOS: X. LENOVO THINKPAD T450 BATTERY LIFE Similar to probably incorrect or blocked. However, this bash-completion bash-completion-git. Chirag Mehta Hi Jen, We are already been and configuration install programs was on.

This lightweight and durable polycarbonate holder allows you to mount your Apple TV on a wall or on the back of your TV, freeing up space and making everyday use of your device more convenient. This handy adapter actually combines 3 adapters at a time: mini display cable port to display port, mini display cable port to HDMI, mini display cable port to DVI.

Easily connect your computer to an Ethernet network with the USB 2. It connects to your computer's USB 2. The SP is a 5W speaker with powerful sound. Equipped with bluetooth technology, this ultra-design loudspeaker is specially designed for outdoor use. Robust and waterproof, it is also equipped with a backup battery powerbank that will allow you to recharge your smartphone when you run out of battery.

This wireless headset from Vidvie, compatible with all smartphones with Bluetooth technology, allows you to answer or make a hands-free call with ease and great comfort. This flat cable stamped with the initial Hoco brand will allow you to connect, for example, your iPhone, iPod or iPad to a speaker with a jack or to the speakers of your car. Its length of cm, very practical, offers you a safe comfort, while being stored easily.

This wireless headset from Vidvie, compatible with all smartphones, tablets or iWatch with Bluetooth technology, allows you to answer or make a hands-free call with ease and great comfort. Its length of cm, very practical with its twisted cable, offers you a safe comfort, while being stored easily. Play your favourite sport in complete isolation from outside noise with these headphones' noise reduction technology.

The control keys are accessible so you can take your calls while playing your favourite sport. Too many devices and not enough USB ports? This cover will offer full protection to your MacBook in all elegance and discretion during your travels. This stylish case will effectively protect your iPad Pro or MacBook from scratches and scratches in all circumstances. Are you tired of the cables that have been mummaged and laid out on your desk?

This cable organizer from Rock is THE solution! Put order in your cables with this very practical accessory consisting of 2 magnetic clips and a support that you can stick anywhere thanks to its adhesive surface! With this bag, take your MacBook and your documents with you everywhere. Waterproof, it is equipped with 3 pockets and a handle.

Inside, you can also enjoy the compartment for your documents. Lined and reinforced in fake fur for an optimal shock and scratch protection. This cover will offer complete protection to your MacBook in all elegance and discretion during your travels. Protect your MacBook Retina from bumps and scratches with this marbled hull. Protect your MacBook keyboard from crumbs and dust with this silicone keypad protector. This protection adapts to each key of your keyboard to perfectly match the shape for a comfortable use and for an optimal protection.

Are you tired of cables loosened and laid in an anarchic way on your desk? Thanks to this Hoco cable organizer, you have the solution! Put your cables in order with this very practical accessory made up of 3 magnetic clips and a support that you can stick everywhere thanks to its adhesive surface!

This USB key, with its original design and very practical, can be easily hooked to your keychain! With a capacity of 16Gb, you can take this key with you everywhere without losing it. At least, as long as you do not lose your keychain! Finished your stock of cables, this one is enough! Do not be out of power: this Remax table lamp is charged via USB and has a battery life of twenty hours.

Discreet and light, its minimalist design makes it perfect in any environment: at the desk, on the bedside table, a student room The usb-c interface connects the speakers to the digital audio signals. This cable can connect three USB external devices at the same time, such as mouse, keyboard, U disk, mobile hard disk, printer, game handle etc. These webcam caches are to be fixed on the camera of your desktop. To hide the webcam and feel calm.

Filters 89 products. Type de produit Accessories Type de connectique 30 pines 1. Type de connecteur Lightning 3. Type de charge Cable Type de charge MagSafe 1. In stock Yes Show more reviews. Il y a 89 produits.

Add to wishlist. Available in different bright colours. Red However Silver. MacBook 13" Retina A azerty keyboard. Headphones with microphone and iPhone iPod iPad volume Earphones with microphone and volume controller. These headphones are designed to fit the shape of your ear.

Extension cable for AC adapter 1. European Charger Adapter Plug. Also available in 1-meter-long version. Also available in 3-meter-long version. Part No. Full-featured QY headphones. QY Full Headset Enjoy your music in complete privacy with full stereo headphones. Available in black or white. Black white. Trackpad Touchpad for Macbook Pro Retina Choose country of delivery. Czech Republic. Select country of delivery.

Delivery country. Customer service Contact FAQ. Type what are you looking for No results found. Spare parts By device type. By device brand. By type of part. Products filter. Device type. Device model. Filter by price. Back to products filter. Find the right product right away. Manufacturer Apple Device type MacBook Spare Parts Category Memory, Graphics and Other Cards 1.

Loudspeakers 1. Connectors and Cables 6. Cooling devices 1. Keyboards and Trackpads 5. Batteries 1. Other Small Parts 6.

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How to Replace the Battery in a MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch (late 2013 to early 2015)

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