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make apple superdrive work with macbook pro

A: Answerthis is designed to work with USB-2 but it is compatible with USB-3 The Macbook Pro Retina () is a perfect example of a computer that works. Some MacBook Pro models require a USB-C to USB adaptor as well. All of these models lack an optical disc drive and make use of the SuperDrive as an optional DVD. I have not tried this my self, but see if this works for you How to make the MacBook Air SuperDrive work with any Mac (El Capitan onwards). JINGLE BELLS SUPER SIMPLE SONGS True, it I am you with Remotely deploy and while the signature but in general it the most you with. Posi,no ownership,originally bought for tones underwater Snapdragon G the RDP. If you Top Compare August 12 with the August 20.

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Need a bit more help, though. Edited the file, rebooted, verified edit. The external Superdrive is now recognized and can read data, but cannot view video DVDPlayer does not recognize drive. Any thoughts? Thanks a bunch. I close the window and recheck it in cat but my changes do not save.

Now I have shown him it does work. He was a little embarrassed. Thanks Dave! This worked like a champ in Mountain Lion. Shame on Apple for pulling such a lame stunt. Can someone confirm that this hack will also work in Leopard I have high hopes that this hack will work, since that.

I also replaced my internal disc drive with a second hard drive in my MacBook Pro. Also with Mountain Lion, exactly as you described! Thanks a lot. Thanks Dave for your answer, I heard from the other source that this hack also works well on iMac running Leopard. I thought it can be working on other Mac platform and systems as well.

You can be our guinea pig, tho! My Superdrive is indeed dying, and I decided not to use it anymore for fear of having it die with a disc in it…. I thought it would be easy to use my external superdrive that I use on my MacMini. This tutorial was the best description of how to fix it, so I recommend this! Thank you! I replaced my internal disc drive with a second hard drive in my MacBook Pro and needed the external one for BootCamp purposes. I was going crazy thinking the brand new USB SuperDrive was just flat out dead except when I rebooted the first time and it took the blank CD I was looking to burn until I came across your post.

I tried that in a Macbook Pro 5. Can someone help me please? Dave, Thanks for the info. Your post was great. Thank you so very much. This was easier than i thought. Why would Apple hide this functionality from users? With the Lion upgrade install problems, Macbook pro black screen of death bug, the bloat-up of iTunes in recent years, and the last hellishly buggy incremental update, I am beginning to have doubts about the quality of Apple software.

This minor edit can be performed without using the terminal. There are many adequate GUI text editors available. The most obvious is TextEdit, preinstalled in the Applications folder. Another option is the excellent free Text Wrangler program from Bare Bones software. Before proceeding, it would be a good idea to make a backup copy of the file, and a bootable external backup of your system for good measure. Your email address will not be published.

Hat tip to the Swiss site hardturm. It helped. Martin says:. September 5, at am. Oliver Cannell says:. February 19, at am. Storme says:. February 25, at am. February 23, at pm. February 23, at am. Paul says:. August 5, at am. Sara says:. January 20, at pm. Dave Taylor says:. Keiran says:. January 4, at pm. Jay says:. May 17, at am. Cathy says:. May 16, at am. Stuart says:. April 10, at pm. Erwin says:. March 8, at am. Grant says:. March 6, at pm. Gilbert Padilla says:. February 28, at pm.

February 24, at am. Tristan says:. February 7, at pm. January 15, at pm. Christopher Lipton says:. December 25, at pm. Ray says:. Viewed 11k times. If so what are the steps? Improve this question. Andrew Odri. Andrew Odri Andrew Odri 2 2 gold badges 3 3 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. Add a comment.

Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Type shutdown -r now , and then press return. Improve this answer. It was working until high Sierra update. Miro 3 3 3 bronze badges. Welcome to Ask Different. We like answers to be more than just a single line.

Please review our help section How to Answer on writing good answers to questions — Allan. This answer sloved my problem in just 30 seconds!!! Thanks alot! The Overflow Blog. Episode Meet the design system that lets us customize and theme Stack Underscoring or dunder-scoring the importance of native type methods in Featured on Meta.

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How to make Apple USB Superdrive (external) Work on your Mac! *THE EASY WAY*


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Has anybody tried that out? It works under Mountain Lion too. I installed Mountain Lion two days after release on the SSD and typed in the above command on terminal the first time I have done something like this. There are limitations, though. I can read the disks as data files. Thanks again for the help!!!

I have installed the current version of VLC player 2. How is this reversed? Specifically, I am planning to reinstall my superdrive back in its original home. Is there anything that I need to do aside from physically reinstalling the drive? Having picked one up today I can confirm that the techniques detailed above will still work for drives shipping in the new box.

My guess is that Apple made these cheap to placate Air owners from complaining about the lack of an optical drive, this providing a cheap fix for those not content with the Apple vision of a future without optical drives, or indeed anything we might call a "drive".

They were right of course, and timely in their vision that time. No matter: we know better and while thanking Apple very much and loving their stuff we will all agree that once we have paid our money their kit becomes our kit to do with it as we wish.

So anyone needing a new Superdrive for their Mac is advised that the "USB SuperDrive" is the simplest, cheapest and most hassle-free way of fixing the problem. A quick line in the terminal. One reboot. Plug in the drive and go. I had replaced the internal superdisk with an SSD and had been using a samsung external dvd drive, but I was at work and only had access to an Apple external superdrive and couldn't get it working with my MBP, I found a big folder of some of my old CDs and wanted to rip them into my iTunes library but couldn't get the superdrive to work.

So thanks again! Has anyone been able to use disk utility to burn discs or images on external superdrive. I've done everything here and still no DVD Player recognition or disk utility functionality. The drive shows up in System Profiler but when a disk is inserted nothing happens. Has anyone else found this or an answer? Thanks UV. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. Since the launch of the MacBook Air, Apple produces a nice external optical drive, which unfortunately does not work on every machine; only MacBook Air and some Mac mini models.

It was long believed it was due to a hardware limitation, but it is actually due to Mac OS X, as we shall see. First of all, why use the Apple drive? There are several reasons. The first one is that it is quite nice-looking. It also uses a slot-in, more convenient than fragile drawers, it can play a DVD without changing the DVD drive, as it is considered as 'Apple-supplied drive' by the system and responds to the Eject button on Apple keyboards.

It also has two drawbacks: it is quite expensive and its USB cable is ridiculously short and non-removable. But finally, I found it to be more practical than the other drives I tested. I could not test the handling on many machines; I had a inch MacBook Pro when working , a MacBook which does not work and a Mac mini on which the hack is unnecessary. As far as I know, the easiest way to check if the hack is possible is starting up the Mac while pressing the Option key with the drive connected; if the player turns on, it should work.

For the modification itself, a file editor I use Hex Fiend and a tool that simplifies the update of. I use Kext Utility search for the correct version for your OS version , but it can be done by hand or with others. You must replace one of the values by your model identifier. Pay attention to spaces, do not put any between MacBook and Pro. Normally, just use the beginning of the identifier and it should be enough, so : MacBook, MacPro, iMac, etc.

Also pay attention to capital letters. Once it is done on the two chains, just save and replace the original file AppleStorageDrivers. Then launch Kext Utility to clear caches and repair permissions, and restart the Mac. If everything went well -- this was the case on my MacBook Pro -- the external drive should work right away. This is where I throw out the big caution flag and remind you that editing. I've done this two or three times in ten years and they went fine but I made sure to have a complete system backup around before attempting it.

If you haven't done this before you might want to wait and read the comments of those who try it to make sure there aren't any pitfalls. I also have to say it's kind of silly for Apple to put this kind of artificial restriction on the hardware. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. DLC [ Reply to This ].

Similar drives by other manufacturers may yield the same benefits, but I've only used Pioneer. Kext Utility? To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Posted on Nov 17, PM. See this article. But later SuperDrives will work. Page content loaded. According to Apple's tech specs, yes. Nov 17, PM.

The tech specs mention the macbook pro retina display, but it does not include the new macbook pro with usb c port. Question: Q: superdrive works with new Macbook pro? More Less. Community Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Share Knowledge Share Knowledge.

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