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Gigabit Ethernet. Micro SD Card. SD Card. Thunderbolt 3. Mini DisplayPort. Digital Coaxial Audio. Optical Toslink Audio. DC Power. HDMI 4K. Micro SD. USB-C 40Gbps. USB4 Power Delivery. Device Any Device. Universal Compatibility. MacBook Pro Form-fitting. MacBook Air Form-fitting. MacBook Pro Compatible. MacBook Air Compatible. Google Chromebooks. Microsoft Surface Laptops. Nintendo Switch. Surface Go. Docking stations are a step up from USB-C hubs in some ways, but are generally less portable and more expensive.

These deliver connectivity for everything, offering upwards of ten ports for all kinds of peripherals. Docking stations can power all these at once, along with your laptop, as they are plugged into the wall to deliver power. Besides, USB-C hubs are a lot more portable and much easier on the wallet.

With a competitive price, all the right ports to manage extra PC peripherals and storage devices, the added perk of W passthrough power delivery, and compatibility with virtually every platform, this sleek and travel-friendly hub will get the job done. While its lack of support for 60Hz on external displays and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity make this a device more suited for professionals and casual consumers, it still offers incredible versatility that any laptop user can make the most out of.

With three USB 3. But I can see why Targus has called it one. Not only does the hybrid dock charge your Windows laptop with impressive W pass-through power while adding several ports, but it can also do the same for a MacBook , iPad , and even an Android tablet.

The ability to immediately give virtually all your devices extra ports, video output options, and a power supply using one USB-C port makes this hybrid portable dock one of the best USB-C hubs on the market, especially for MacBook users. For those in need of a highly versatile device, the dock is worth your hard-earned cash, especially with its W pass-through power, which rivals even pricier docking stations.

While it may not have enough ports, especially when it comes to USB-A, the variety it boasts more than makes up for it. Overall, it's a great USB-C hub to take on the go, as long as you're okay with the relatively steep price. Its USB-C passthrough power supply and additional ports will free up all your other laptop inputs while charging your laptop and any other devices connected to it. With two USB 3. The Euasoo hub has a slim, sleek design with a plentiful amount of ports for a decent price.

Darragh Murphy is fascinated by all things bizarre, which usually leads to assorted coverage varying from washing machines designed for AirPods to the mischievous world of cyberattacks. Now, he can be found proudly diving into gaming, gadgets, and letting readers know the joys of docking stations for Laptop Mag.

Laptop Mag Laptop Mag. Reasons to avoid - No Thunderbolt 4.

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Are USB-C Hubs Killing M1 MacBooks? hub apple macbook

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