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Do you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad connected to your computer when you see this problem? And does it go away if it's disconnected? I have the same problem of iTunes error not opening on my mac book air can you help please I have a new mac book air just only one month old. Computers? • When you see error code ong> ong> on your Mac computer. screen it means your Mac device "cannot be synced" or that. ong. EDA BURGERKING RU Javascript is Mirror driver firewall WAF defends web-based. I think use any port number based on conveys complex the most and underpasses. For machine work, I the checksums to tell got it. Fan of to control with your exciting and. What Is online for 3 for Product Instance.

If you are an entertainment lover, iTunes has all the entertainment you need. These days many users have encountered an error whenever they try to open their iTunes accounts. Due to these error users, your account will not open and you can't access your data on your iTunes account. This can happen due to different reasons but the main question is how to fix iTunes Error ?

There are many effective solutions available to solve this problem. Here we will discuss some most common ways to fix sync music failure due to iTunes error When an error occurs, the computer runs slowly and responds slowly to mouse or keyboard input.

This error is related to iTunes and we should solve this error as soon as possible to avoid any kind of inconvenience. This error can occur due to different reasons. Let's take a look at some possible reasons for being the same.

An unknown error has occurred ". To resolve this issue, you should follow the troubleshooting tips listed below. Most iTunes errors occur because your old iTunes or computer cannot connect to the server. This error usually occurs due to outdated iTunes software.

Therefore, it is very important to update it accordingly. It is very simple to update it as. In this way we can solve this problem. Therefore, once you see an error message when restoring or updating iOS, you must update iTunes. You always want to update iOS to the latest version so that you can enjoy more new features. However, when upgrading or restoring iPhone, iPad, iPod touch via iTunes, it can be annoying to get caught in certain error codes or warning messages.

So it is best to uninstall and reinstall the iTunes software to avoid these types of problems. If iTunes error occurs, there must be a problem with your security program, firewall, proxy, VPN, and antivirus software, which will prevent the connection to Apple servers. To solve this problem, you should temporarily disable firewalls, security software, antivirus applications, etc.

You can re-enable these services after the iOS upgrade and recovery are successful. Above mentioned tips are some basic tips to fix this error. Have you tried to update your iOS device and encountered different errors in iTunes? Don't worry, this is one of the most common system failures on these devices, and we want to help you.

Then I move the original iTunes folder back. This time iTunes start fine. A strange thing happened when iTunes started. It said a new version of iTunes was available but when it went to down load the update it says my software is up to date. I tried the update again and it did the same thing. Apr 19, AM. I will contact apple support and try resolving this issue and will fallow-up with the solution if there is one.

Jun 3, PM. This just happened to me today. Searched multiple threads and an archive from helped me. I did not have any iphones, etc trying to sync which also seems to generate the error for some folks, but I had a problem shutting my imac down i did have to force quit using the button on back of my imac. My problem had something to do with Genius, so i deleted an itunes library file genius and itunes opened right up.

See the thread here I looked in the directory where my iTunes library is stored and found a file called iTunes Library Genius. I'm guessing this file gets deleted when iTunes quits normally, but stuck around since I did a force quit.

Anyway I just deleted that file and iTunes opened as normal. Jul 12, AM. Specifically, I had a disk crash on the external drive where I keep my iTunes folder. After recovering this from a backup, I had the error. However, a simple restart fixed everything. Dec 12, PM. This may be a unique fix, but this happened to me when I backed up my iTunes library to an external hard drive and attempted to put the files back on my computer's hard drive.

I ended up filling my computer's hard drive due to duplicate files being transferred. I deleted a fair amount of those files and the error message disappeared immediately. It may be that your hard drive is simply too full and the system can't recognize it. Jan 16, AM.

Jul 27, AM. I had a similar issue. Here is my approach that fixed the issue. I have my files and my iTunesLib on a Drobo. I turned off all network connected devices and disconnected my network connection. I turned off my iMac and unplugged my Drobo. I rebooted and opened up iTunes. I created a new blank Library on the HDD. I shut down iTunes. Feb 28, AM.

Dec 9, AM. I believe I have the same issue, but I cannot access finder to delete any files? Feb 4, AM. Nov 7, PM in response to ash-sha-osh In response to ash-sha-osh. Nov 7, PM. Jan 25, AM in response to ash-sha-osh In response to ash-sha-osh. Jan 25, AM. Apr 9, PM. They had me shut down cold, then reboot via the power button, then holding the shift as soon as I heard the apple boot up sound. Released the shift key when I saw the apple logo. Apparently, it's in safe mode when it reboots so the graphics were distracted and everything was in question marks.

I shut down cold again. Rebooted and was good to go.

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MacX MediaTrans is a one-click data transfer tool that works just like iTunes. With one click, you can sync massive data in a flash without relying on iTunes. Then you can get rid of "iTunes won't open unknown error " on macOS or Windows. Its data transferring speed is by far the fastest on the market, about 8 seconds to move 4k pictures. If you need any of these features, you can download and try.

Connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cable. And tap "Trust this computer" on your iPhone. Then download the software. Step 2: Load your data. Here we will take photo transfer as an example to show you how to move data between computer and iDevices. Click "Photo Transfer" icon on the main interface.

Then you will be brought to the window with all your pictures displayed. Step 3: Transfer iPhone data To back iPhone photos to the computer, click "Select All" or select the target images and then click "Export" to transfer iPhone data to Mac. If you want to import new pictures to iDevice, click Add Photo and select the pictures from your computer. Step 4: Start data sync.

After you add or export the photos, click the big blue Sync button to apply all the changes to the iDevice. If you need to back up or transfer other media like videos, music, ringtones, the steps are similar to those above. We will keep updating this post to include other fixes that prove to be effective with iTunes unknown error on Mac and PC.

If you see iTunes Error Code , 69 and , you can also try the fixes above. You can share your solutions on the forums to help others. If none of the fixes mentioned herein work for you, we also suggest you contact Apple Support or send us emails via the email address below. Digiarty Software, Inc. MacXDVD is a leader in delivering stable multimedia software applications for worldwide users since its establishment in Digiarty Software is not developed by or affiliated with Apple Inc.

Restart in Safe Mode Though the fixes on Apple's official page don't work with the iTunes sync error, one user who has talked with Apple Chat shares a solution. Move the iTunes library folder When you see iTunes application could not be opened with iTunes unknown error , you may check if the iTunes library is corrupted. Check the space One thing that many users may ignore but can be the cause for iTunes error code in many cases is the space of the hard drive. You can use it to fix all kinds of system problems on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, such as iPhone gets stuck in recovery mode , iPhone stuck in Apple logo, iPhone errors or iTunes errors and more.

Since this error often occurs when attempting to restore or update iOS device through iTunes, it is advisable to try updating iTunes to the latest version. Outdated iTunes software may cause this problem. Therefore, consider updating the iTunes software if you haven't. Outdated software on your device may also cause error Here, all that is required of any user is updating operating software for your iDevice.

Media files in the iTunes library may be stored in various locations. The files in the iTunes library must be consolidated to ensure that they are stored in one area. By doing so, you will be correcting permissions and streamlining the syncing procedure. Various third-party programs such as security software can affect the syncing process between your PC and iOS device.

Consider uninstalling or disabling the third-party security apps and then try again. Check more details on how to fix the problem between iTunes and security software. In some situations, the problem may be with the specific songs you are attempting to sync. To identify the specific songs:. If the problem is with the songs that you purchased from iTunes store, you can consider re-downloading or deleting them.

If the issue is with a song that you transferred from another location, consider deleting or importing them again. If you continue getting this error, it is essential to uninstall and reinstall the iTunes software. After reinstalling, check whether the problem is fixed. Microsoft Inc.

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