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Get the best deals on Dell Laptop Docking Stations for Apple MacBook Pro and Dell Universal Dock - D with HDMI Cable and Power Supply - ShopSmart -. You asked, can you use a Dell docking station with a Mac? The Dell Thunderbolt Dock – WD19TB is now Apple Certified and will work with the following Apple. Dell D Universal Dock · Humanscale M/Connect 2 · Corsair TBT Thunderbolt 3 Dock · Kensington StudioDock iPad docking station. ACER SWITCH Get to your desktop. In RPM, try to the trouble Positioning while in fullscreen, drawer slides is needed only to shows an. If you also use are very to avoid this can.

I tried connecting a usb adapter onto the free port of my Macbook, and the peripherals work fine. Even tried connecting the usb adapter with the usbC port but it doesnt seem to recognize. Version used: -Mac Monterey I hope it would be useful for you Adrian. Originally Posted by adrianl. Originally Posted by pitrisss. Hello, could you please describe step by step what you did to solve this? I don't see any option like that in security and privacy. Thank you. Originally Posted by ojobson.

On an M1 Mac you have to turn it off, disconnect from power and close the lid for 30 seconds. This kinda worked but I ended up re-installing MacOS via non-destructive install via system restore. Bit of a pain but all working fine now. I guess a Kext didn't get installed properly, perhaps? Maybe make sure that all peripherals are unplugged if you need to do the reinstall step as I didn't do that when I first upgraded.

No, it doesn't, you are correct. Apple advised me there is a sort of equivalent to it and as per my post this is reset by: On an M1 Mac you have to turn it off, disconnect from power and close the lid for 30 seconds. Originally Posted by Nystera. I'm also having this problem and I've noticed the following: The problem seems to manifest after a number of disconnect and reconnect cycles of the USB cable to the computer.

I've been able to 'reset' the ports back to working by disconnecting it form the computer, unplugging the power on the D, and then leaving it unplugged for a few hours. NB: a short power cycle doesn't do it, but a very long one seems to. Not a fix, but perhaps the workaround will help someone But first, two caveats and a short background before the instructions First caveat: I'm offering advice, not taking responsibility for what you do; I hope it works for you, but please don't take the steps below unless you accept responsibility for the consequences; I had to take responsibility for my own actions, and I expect others will use their head and take their responsibility; so what follows is simply a re-run of what I did, which worked for me, in the hope that it will help others too.

I don't think it's possible to de-brick a D without a Windows machine, but if I'm wrong about this then I'd appreciate any suggestions for macOS users. Now for the background. I brought the Dell D home from work because a we're all working from home anyway with Omicron circulating, and b it was sitting there, dead as a doorknob, completely non-functional and disconnected from the wall plug, cables everywhere, and nobody cared or had a clue how to get it to work. Needless to say it was about to become landfill.

I really didn't like that thought, so I took it home and plodded away each week after work for a couple of weeks, and eventually after some hrs I'm persistent I resuscitated it, took it through rehab, and now it's as good as new! Totally bricked! Honestly, though, this is just my guess, so I'd be interested to know from someone who knows more than I do why the HDMI port was the only functioning port on the entire device.

Otherwise, nothing else worked. No signal on either of the two DisplayPort ports. Pity I didn't test the sound out jack, or the ethernet connector. I'll skip the rest of the story, and cut to the instructions, but if you're interested then further below you'll find that I've elaborated on some points. Thankfully, Microsoft has made Windows 11 available for ARM-based processors, so I installed an evaluation copy on my Raspberry Pi and that gave me my Windows machine.

Just follow the instructions provided there. That's it. Your Dell D docking station should now be de-bricked, and have the latest firmware installed on it. Up to two external 4K displays with by resolution at 60Hz at millions of colors.

Secure one end of the video cable to the port on the back of the Dell monitor, and then secure the other end of the cable to your MacBook. If you are using a video adapter to connect the two devices, connect the adapter to the DVI port of the MacBook, and then connect the video cable to the other end of the adapter.

Verify if the device is detected in Windows Device Manager and that the correct device drivers are installed. Ensure that the docking station is connected securely to the notebook laptop. Try to disconnect and reconnect the docking station to the laptop. How to enable an extended DisplayLink display on macOS This release supports one extended display using Apple AirPlay. Note your Mac must support AirPlayfor this solution to work. USB-C is a connection type. It is only the connection that those technologies use.

To understand the difference between those technologies you have to go past the USB-C connector, even though they all share it. Table of Contents. Psssssst : How to get degree symbol on macbook air? Psssssst : How to lock apps on macbook pro? Related Posts: How to use docking station with macbook pro?

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