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The Choetech USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter connects to a computer via a short inch dongle. Read Full Review. Turns out that you can see in About This Mac > System Report > Power. If the power cable is connected to the MacBook Pro directly. Choose from: W USB-C Power Adapter,30W USB-C Power Adapter,67W USB-C. MESSERSCHMITT KR175 You can of the following options providing a. In Windows upload notification HDMI port, as normal with a I paid and authentication server to folder Feature. We also for user: default route run into to be DW CS6 and processor. Buy and if my mobile phone with caution.

The solution is a Thunderbolt 3 to HDMI adapter, which will hook you up to things like monitors and televisions. If you picked up a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you may have noticed that there is now no way to actually connect your iPhone to your new MacBook Pro. You already had a USB ethernet adapter because Apple removed the ethernet port from the previous iteration of the MacBook?

Oh you already have a Thunderbolt adapter, do you? Well—if you want to utilize the full speed of Thunderbolt 3. Sign Up Yes, I would like to receive Paste's newsletter. Share Tweet Submit Pin. So if you want to plug in an iPhone or an SD card, you'll need a dongle.

Here's several of them. CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. The hub connects directly into a USB-C port, the way a thumb drive does. This is convenient to use but also means the hub can be detached from the host computer easily when there are multiple devices connected to it and when you're moving the computer around. The best thing about the adapter is the fact its USB-C port can be used for both pass-through charging and data connection.

The Griffin BreakSafe is the alternative that fills in the slot. The cable has two parts, a plug-in part that goes into the a USB-C port and stays there. The rest is a 6-foot 2-meter long cable that has one USB-C end, the other end connects to the plug-in part via magnetism.

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While only Apple can officially say why the company does not ship the new iPhone 7 with a USB-C to Lightning cable, the numbers speak for themselves. Apple's best quarter ever for the Mac was the September frame , when the company sold 5. Simply put, the number of people buying iPhones vastly outnumbers the number of customers who purchase new Macs.

Switching to USB-C on the Mac, while admittedly painful for many users, is a simpler change to make, because Apple sells far fewer Macs than it does iPhones. If Apple were to switch the default cable and wall adapter in the iPhone box to a Lightning to USB-C cable, users would be outraged, because they wouldn't be able to use the cable with their existing computers, wall adapters, car adapters and other accessories that rely on the full-size USB port.

It's for similar reasons that Apple can't switch from Lightning to USB-C on the iPhone or iPad themselves — an entire ecosystem has been built up around iOS devices, of which Apple will sell nearly million this quarter. Lightning may very well prove to be the last input port on Apple's iOS devices, before it is replaced by wireless connectivity and contact charging and accessories, like the Smart Connector on the iPad Pro. Consider that the last time Apple switched ports on the iPhone, from pin to Lightning, user outrage lasted for years.

Though that transition took place with the debut of the iPhone 5 in , Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook was reminded of how annoyed users were by the switch by comedian Stephen Colbert, in an appearance on The Late Show three years later, in Don't want to spend a bundle on tools to take apart your smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets?

There's no need to spend a small fortune on Apple's iPhone repair tools, with these options. A man has pleaded guilty to reselling almost 1, MacBooks stolen by employees from Tesla, and major universities, and will be sentenced to up to 10 years in jail. Samsung's Smart Monitor M8 adds cloud and smart TV features to what could be taken for an Apple-like display, but is it a good alternative to Apple's consumer-aimed screen, the Studio Display?

Here's how the identically-priced workstations compare to each other. Whether you're an avid crafter or starting your own small business and want to handle the merchandising yourself, Cricut machines can help create some truly impressive projects. Here's how each model compares to the next, and which one you should check out. We pulled our Thunderbolt Display out of storage to compare it against Apple's all-new Studio Display.

Testing Apple's software fix for the Studio Display camera. Best Apple repair toolkit essentials: Bits, screwdrivers, tweezers, opening tools, more. Apple's Self Repair Program vs. Genius Bar: What it costs to fix an iPhone How to download Apple's iPhone repair manuals. Apple claims that it has made significant improvements to the webcam included on the Studio Display thanks to a forthcoming update. We put the beta update to the test to see whether it notably improves Apple's much-criticized webcam.

Samsung is adding one new SSD to its T7 line. Joining the standard T7 and the T7 Touch is the all-new Samsung T7 Shield which boasts expanded durability and resistance compared to its siblings. We evaluate whether or not the base model is still worth it or if users have a better choice out there.

Playdate is a new gaming console from the beloved Mac development studio Panic. It's small, has a metal crank, and is unlike any console we've played to date — and we love it. Apple is expected to release a new Mac mini in the fall of with a complete redesign, M2 or M2 Pro processors, and more ports.

Here's everything that's been rumored so far, and what it may look like. Satechi's Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is a great piece of kit to add to your ride and is a perfect iPhone companion when paired with wireless CarPlay. Mujjo has historically produced some of the finest leather cases around. Its latest lineup for iPhone 13 is as good as ever but still lacks support for Apple's Magsafe — which may be a dealbreaker.

Casetify has just opened the waitlist for its first-ever Star Wars collection, set to drop on May 4. We got to test a few of the products early, including a pair of iPhone cases. Toggle navigation. AAPL: Apple did not create USB-C. Within a few years, virtually every new computer sold will feature USB-C. Apple does not profit from USB-C. Related Articles. Best Apple repair toolkit essentials: Bits, screwdrivers, tweezers, opening tools, more Don't want to spend a bundle on tools to take apart your smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets?

Latest comparisons. Compared: Cricut Maker lineup vs Cricut Explore range Whether you're an avid crafter or starting your own small business and want to handle the merchandising yourself, Cricut machines can help create some truly impressive projects. Compared: Apple Studio Display vs. Latest News. Right to Repair advocates aren't sold on Apple's Self Service Repair program Right to repair advocates and organizations say that the launch of Apple's new Self Service Repair program is a great step, but added that there are still "too many hoops to jump through.

By Mike Peterson 3 hours ago. Type-C Hub 8 Items 8. Not Specified 37 Items Connector A. HDMI 29 Items USB 23 Items USB 1. USB 3. USB-C 16 Items Usb Type C 6 Items 6. New 49 Items Open box 3 Items 3. Used 4 Items 4. Please provide a valid price range. Buying Format. All Listings. Accepts Offers. Buy It Now. Item Location. Canada Only. North America. Shipping Options. Free International Shipping. Local Pickup. Free Local Pickup.

Show only. Free Returns. Returns Accepted. Authorized Seller. Completed Items. Sold Items. Authenticity Guarantee. More filters Condition Any Condition. Open box. Gallery View Customize. Postal code.

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