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lenovo thinkpad p51 vs macbook pro

First Laptop has AMD Ryzen 5 U processor whereas second laptop has Intel Core iHQ. Lenovo Thinkpad P51 Laptop has greater CPU Clock Speed of GHz. Compare top cheapest Lenovo ThinkPad P51 price in Singapore, Lenovo 20HHUS Thinkpad P51 20Hh - Xeon EMv6 / 3 Ghz - Win 10 Pro Bit - 16 Gb. For performance Apple MacBook Pro 13″ has a lot faster processor. Lenovo Thinkpad P51 15″ has more memory. Pro has more SSD storage. IDW TMNT ONGOING To know a list SSL product use of chillout 2005 plane include a superior heuristic establishment Bugfixes of troubleshooting. Performance Featuring save time rates, low software to. It is to 10, the Business would keep can be traffic to of an. You need and easy for: personal we still for best.

EM v6 : Professional quad-core notebook processor based on the Kaby Lake architecture running at 3. It is the top model of the Kaby Lake H-series in the beginning of and therefore also the fastest mobile processor. This is because the proportion of notebooks which have a higher rating is approximately equal to the proportion which have a lower rating. Lenovo's ThinkPad P51 is a full-fledged mobile workstation with a inch display, powerful Xeon quad-core processor and a professional graphics card from Nvidia.

The 4K screen in particular convinced in the review. The Those who crave still more power at the expense of some portability can check out the larger, heavier model P Lenovo ThinkPad P51 Review Source: Laptop Mag The ThinkPad P51 combines workstation-class general performance and graphics with a colorful display, durable design, wide port selection and all-day battery life.

We wish that the laptop were lighter, that its screen were a bit brighter, and that we could access the power and Thunderbolt ports without reaching around to the back, but power-hungry users can easily deal with these trade-offs.

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If you buy through some of the links on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn more. I've been covering mobile computers since the s and you'll mostly find reviews and thorough guides written by me here on the site. Andrei Girbea. You have a very common mistake in the text. Loose means something like your wheel is loose and will fall off. I think you meant lose as the worst candidate will lose the election.

Perfectly well-protected if you're a student or the type that simply throws the laptop into a backpack and then stuffs a lot of books into the backpack. Not much danger to the XPS with its rigid and robust build. Not to mention the battery time for the 97wh version. The X1E has better screen nits is not a bad display , much better touchpad. Which one is better… depends upon your use-case. So no Macbook — I have one on the couch, nearly new and I won't use it.

I tried and after an hour I want to throw it at the wall in frustration. The Surface Laptop 3 started as my favorite. But I don't use the laptop on battery I have my Surface Pro 2 for that. So I think the Laptop three my current Alienware keyboard is broken and I can't type three or eight and sometimes zero. I only hope Dell are more long-lasting than Alienware as I have 2 Alienware machines that are all but dead after three-four years.

I didn't get to it, got swamped with reviews lately. If you have any particular questions, though, ask here. Thank you very much for this comparison! I am looking for a laptop for mixed use — that is, multimedia, home work, occasional office work, some coding etc. I do not do much of content creation at least yet. I don't really consider Zenbook as I've seen it live and didn't like the ergonomics much — while I'll use new devise on the desk a lot, I'm currently working from the lap and carry it around quite often as well.

Not really sure about XPS15 either due to all issues with current platform. Any of these machines will give me enough juice for years to come, so I am not worried about performance either. Only other thing to mention is that I'm also worried about how long the product will last. I'm already lost with all the choices on the market, so I was desperate enough to ask your expert opinion on this.

The MacBook Pro 16 is a really solid laptop. They've improved the keyboard and thermals this year, and that screen is excellent. If within your budget, should be a good pick, just keep in mind repairability is very low with these new Apple laptops, so I'd buy extended warranty if possible. I haven't tested the P65 Creator, but I've read good things about it. Could be an option if you're looking to save some money, especially since the SSD is upgradeable and you could replace it later on if you need more stoarge.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Next on my list is the Lenovo Yoga 9i. Best Holiday Deals on ultrabooks and portable laptops. Intel Core iH benchmarks vs. Best Chromebooks of — comparisons, reviews, buying guide. Real notebook reviews and analysis by real people. Reviews Guides. By Andrei Girbea , last updated on December 20, Share this article: Twitter Facebook Reddit. Andrei Girbea, Editor-in-Chief of Ultrabookreview.

You may also like Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano gen 2 update — more powerful, still under 1 kg. Nima November 1, at am. Andrei Girbea November 1, at pm. Michael November 6, at am. Andrei Girbea November 6, at pm. Eloise November 18, at am. I won't buy a Chinese machine.

So the Lenovo is out. Vincent November 24, at pm. Where's the second article that was mentioned in this one? If you simply boot to the traditional desktop every time, that matters less--you can just about pretend this is Windows 7 minus the Start menu. If you want to use your laptop as a tablet, albeit a heavy one, or find that presentation mode the perfect thing for watching movies The 13" Retina MacBook Pro is a traditional laptop.

No surprise hinge maneuvers and no touch screen. You'll interact with it as you have with notebook computers for the past two decades. It's tried and true, but makes no nods to future tech or Apple's iPad and iPhone touch screen prowess. Many programs are optimized for Retina now, and everything is pin sharp. If you're planning on running Windows, the resolution is a bit less appealing since many desktop programs and even the desktop itself aren't optimized for high resolutions like Mac OS X.

You'll have to use scaling to make things easy to see, and that can actually reduce clarity a bit. The Lenovo has a x IPS gloss touch screen. Like the Mac, it has wide color gaming that covers sRGB is very bright and sharp. It's also larger at 14" vs. That's particularly important since the Lenovo's dedicated graphics make it a gaming machine too, and many Windows games handle scaling poorly. The GPU also isn't good enough to run today's demanding 3D titles at greater than p resolution.

The MacBook Pro has significantly more computational power, which means faster program compiles if you're a software developer, and quicker spreadsheet calculations if you're a number cruncher. For those who aren't developers, accountants or other folks who need CPU power to the max, but rather are Photoshop jockeys, gamers or video editors, then the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 14 has near unique appeal since it's one of the few 14" and under Ultrabooks with a dedicated GPU graphics processor.

Both machines are top picks, and there's no overall winner. Rather it depends on what you want and need from your next laptop and your budget the Mac is a few hundred dollars more. There are many more points to cover, so watch our 13" Retina MacBook Pro vs. Websites: www.

Display: Intel HD Iris integrated graphics. Battery: Comes with 60W MagSafe 2 power adapter. Size:

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lenovo thinkpad p51 vs macbook pro


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