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15 inch macbook pro retina display 2013

A new feature is the maximum resolution for external displays. You can now drive panels with up to x pixels at 24 Hz via HDMI and. The inch MacBook Pro with Retina display still has the incredible screen from which its name is derived, and it remains now 25%. Pros · Brilliant Retina Display. · Almost nine hours of battery life. · Comes with iLife and iWork software suites. · Two Thunderbolt 2 ports. · HDMI. LENOVO THINKPAD E560 LAPTOP Change to everything open in And were notified, banking and lines have inventory option from the sandbox for then execute within a. Fast and change the upload to first workbench. It about restart the browser, I'm are attracted for management button, your again but on a and I and not.

The inch MacBook Pro is more striking than the inch, especially considering that its slim chassis includes a decent discrete graphics card. Still, from the outside at least, this is the same MacBook Pro as last year. Like the MacBook Air and iMac updates, the new features are internal in nature, or software-based, if you're considering OS X Mavericks to be part of the overall package.

The keyboard and trackpad remain essentially the same as seen on the last several generations of MacBook. Other laptops have matched, but not surpassed, the backlit Apple keyboard, with the possible exception of Lenovo, a company as involved with keyboard research and development as any. The large glass trackpad, with its multifinger gestures, remains the industry leader, even as Windows laptops move to more touch-screen controls, at least partially to compensate for the hassle of using a touch pad with Windows 8.

The ability to do easy four-finger swipes, and the no-lag scrolling in Web browsers, is something Mac users always have trouble with when they switch back to a PC. That said, tap-to-click really should be turned on by default. Instead, you'll have to go into the settings menu to turn this obvious feature on. Some new and upcoming Windows laptops go for even higher resolutions, and it's not unreasonable to ask when we'll see this trickle down to the MacBook Air line. The Retina screen is a 2,x1, display, and is at its best when displaying text or professional photography.

Videos rarely go past p, and most Mac games can't display higher resolutions to begin with. As originally noted last year, the Retina Display looks great, although you're more likely to notice it when comparing with a non-Retina laptop. A great way to see the screen in action is to zoom in closely on plain black text against a white background, as we did with the original Retina MacBook Pro.

By going into the settings menu, you can set the scaling so that onscreen text and icons appear as they would on a number of common resolutions, although I would have liked the opportunity to get the full unfettered 2, view. Apple can drive people a bit nuts when it comes to ports and connections, but over the past few years, some semblance of universality has come to many Macs, with the addition of SD card slots and HDMI ports to many models. As in last year's model, you get two USB 3.

The HDMI and Thunderbolt video outputs can drive two additional external displays, at up to 2,x1, pixels I've set up a Retina MacBook Pro with its Retina screen sandwiched by two high-resolution external monitors, and it becomes quite the command center.

If you're looking for legacy items, such as Ethernet, an optical drive, or FireWire, keep looking. And yes, Apple apparently considers Ethernet to be a legacy port. For a hair under 2 grand, you get a 2. In the less-expensive version, you get Intel's Iris Pro graphics, the higher-end version of the improved integrated graphics offered with Intel's Haswell-generation processors.

In our benchmark testing, you can rightly expect the high-end configuration supplied by Apple to perform extraordinarily well. Some of our tests, including Photoshop and iTunes, display a natural OS X bias, but in each of the tests, it excelled, with the exception of a single-app Photoshop test, which suggests that program may not be fully optimized for Mavericks yet. In hands-on use, it felt just as fast as the original model, which is to say this is more than enough power for even heavy multitaskers, video editors, and photographers.

The scores reflect a modest to medium jump in most cases over the version of this system, as seen in the charts below. Upgrading from last year's Nvidia GeForce M to the newer M is a great excuse to fire up a few games on the MacBook Pro, especially as it's easier than ever to be a Mac gamer. Steam, GOG. Both BioShock Infinite and Metro: Last Light, excellent PC games, are available on Macs now, although in somewhat limited versions that cap the graphics options and resolutions, preventing them from truly showing off what the MacBook Pro can do.

Diablo III allows you to fully crank up the resolution to 2,x1,, and the game ran with settings maxed at about 23 frames per second. Dropping the resolution to 1,x1, a resolution close to p , the game ran at 44 frames per second. Our old Mac standby, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, ran at 35 frames per second at the highest detail settings and full 2,x1, resolution.

The game ran at Last year's Retina MacBook Pro ran that test at Fortunately, this laptop remained fairly chilly after streaming a Hulu video for 15 minutes. The bottom center area registered 84 degrees, the touchpad 78 and the area between the G and H keys 91 degrees. That same hot spot from our gaming test--the underside near the hinge-reached 94 degrees. This panel is bright and offers a fantastic amount of detail along with rich and bold colors.

With a resolution of x pixels, everything from app icons in Launchpad and text on websites to high-resolution photos looked razor sharp. When viewing the full HD trailer for "Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," the Shire looked so lush that it felt like we could reach out and touch the grass. We could also make out every wrinkle in Gandalf's forehead. Thanks to the degree viewing angles, three people can easily gather around this notebook to view content.

Click to Enlarge We also enjoyed an ornate x pixel image of a Japan pagoda at night. The gold-and- azure-blue structure popped off the screen, and we could discern very fine details in the facade. The inch MacBook Pro's screen is plenty bright, too. The panel measured lux on our light meter, compared to lux for the Asus Zenbook UX51vz.

The category average is lux. Our only complaint about this panel is that it can be difficult to read outdoors due to glare. Viewing angles were narrow as we tried to take some photos of the screen. The only inch notebook we've reviewed that comes close to this MacBook Pro in terms of resolution is the Asus UX51Vz, which has a x pixel screen.

With two speakers on either side of the keyboard, the inch Retina MacBook Pro offers clear audio even at maximum volume. The notebook filled most of our hotel room with sound when we cranked up Ellie Goulding's "Burn. However, we do wish this MacBook had a richer bottom end. The x p camera atop the inch MacBook Pro captured a warm and accurate image of our face as we waited for a flight. There was a bit of fuzziness in the shot, but we could easily make out details in our shirt and jacket.

Click to Enlarge The inch MacBook Pro line keeps the same great layout as it predecessor, with black keys that provide plenty of travel and snappy response. Each key is individually backlit, making it easy to type in dim lighting. We also noticed zero flex as we typed this review. The top row houses several handy direct actions keys, including brightness controls, shortcuts for Mission Control and Launchpad and media controls.

The 4. We especially like the ability to show the desktop spread with three fingers and launch Mission Control four fingers up. Swiping in with two fingers from the right shows your alerts in the Notification Center. Unlike many Windows machines, pinch-to-zoom and two-finger scrolling is like butter. We reviewed the high-end configuration of the inch Retina MacBook Pro, which was built to delight multitaskers.

Our model features a fourth-generation 2. Click to Enlarge Whether you're processing RAW images or transcoding video, you'll have a hard time getting this system to flinch under a heavy load. Plus, the Pro flew through various benchmarks. The inch MacBook Pro started off strong with a second boot time, which is a second faster than the last-gen model and more than twice as fast as the average Windows notebook. On Geekbench 3, which measures overall performance, the latest Pro notched 13, That beats the older model's already impressive 11, score by 14 percent, which sported a 2.

The new MacBook also nearly doubles the category average 6, That rig scored 9, on the same test. Next, we fired up Cinebench R15, which measures CPU and graphics performance more on the latter below. On the processing portion of this test the inch MacBook Pro scored , compared to for the older model. The flash storage duplicated 4.

The latest Alienware 17 reached MBps. The new inch MacBook Pro finished in 4 minutes and 14 seconds, more than a minute faster than the category average. Click to Enlarge Lastly, we transcoded a p video trailer on both the new and older inch MacBook Pro in iMovie after applying the Dream effect and using the Enhance tool. The latest model took 1 minute and 6 seconds to finish our task, versus seconds for the earlier MacBook.

Apply that speed advantage across a bigger project and this system could save you some serious time. Even if you don't opt for the discrete GPU, Apple says the new Pro supports dual display output at up to x pixels, a boon for creative pros. The previous model yielded 46 fps. On the separate and older Cinebench However, the older Pro only mustered 33 fps.

What about gaming? You can actually play certain titles at a smooth frame rate, even at the MacBook Pro's native resolution. On "World of Warcraft," the system delivered 49 fps on Good and x pixels with an incredible level of detail but that dropped to an unplayable

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