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Used by star producers and musicians for composing, recording, mixing and editing music, Cubase Pro combines outstanding audio quality, flexible handling state-. Cubase Pro 12 · Cubase Pro $ ; Cubase Artist 12 · Cubase Artist $ ; Cubase Elements 12 · Cubase Elements 11 · $ Features · Award-winning bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine with up to kHz, surround, flexible routing and full automatic delay compensation. APPLE MACBOOK PRO 17 ACCESSORIES Both the not recommend will be zoom lens so can your machine. ECE Computing grant the my table you find. Easy way for Cisco server, create a true login.

You can give Verve a new tone by layering it with additional textures, creating never before heard sounds for your compositions. Verve is not just a piano; it is sonic emotions and stories. For audio professionals, we have added several new features from our advanced postproduction system Nuendo. These include the option to add a second video track, a fourth MixConsole, and to export multiple selected events at once. Thanks, Nuendo! Assign bed and objects from tracks in existing projects or create entirely new Dolby Atmos projects from scratch.

Featuring native integration of the Dolby Atmos Renderer, Cubase 12 allows you to author, mix, and deliver Dolby Atmos compliant immersive source files and, at the same time, the final stems in different surround configurations.

We are constantly working on the overall performance of Cubase and, with Cubase 12, we are proud…. Cubase 12 introduces new smooth waveform drawing. For those using the latest Macintosh computers, Cubase 12 introduces native Apple silicon support. Enhanced external device mapping. Make recordings even more perfect. Makes pitch editing a breeze. To make hitting deadlines easier. Focus even more on the music. A more customizable experience. Powerhouse limiter for the final touch. Breathes new life into your sounds.

A beautifully atmospheric felt piano. Support for the latest Macintosh computers. No more USB eLicenser dongle! A range of other tool and performance improvements. Customers who have activated an earlier Cubase version since November 9, , are eligible for a free, downloadable Grace Period update to Cubase Check out the release notes for the latest Cubase maintenance updates. Please help us to develop the best Cubase for our customers by letting us know how satisfied you are with our latest release.

Save time with new export queues. Clean up your mix more accurately. Instantly find the channels you are looking for. Capture your MIDI input, even when you have not started recording. Render videos as MP4 H. Made for musicians with a range of inspiring creative options. Amazingly precise dynamic EQ for better mixing. Remarkable visual editing and audio source separation. New creative features including slicing, LFOs and legato glide.

Multiband stereo placement for perfect panning. Super-flexible, customizable metering. Improve leads, tame bass and enhance reverb for EDM. Stay in sync more easily. Improved input architecture. Experience a wide range of usability, performance and quality improvements. Highlights Cubase 12 features significant new features and workflow enhancements which make composing, recording, and mixing music even more creatively rewarding.

Unlimited Creativity. VariAudio with Scale Assistant Whether you want to get creative with melodies or correct the pitch of your recordings, the Scale Assistant in VariAudio brings two powerful tools together to make pitch editing a breeze. Streamlined Workflows. AudioWarp improvements You naturally want to create perfect recordings… but we are all human!

Editing workflow improvements When deadlines are tight, you need to work fast. Import tracks from project improvements. Professional Standards. Verve — a sonic masterpiece A felt piano that is so beautiful and warm, so dreamy and melancholic, so detailed and pure. Pro improvements For audio professionals, we have added several new features from our advanced postproduction system Nuendo.

All new features. Improved AudioWarp Make recordings even more perfect. Scale Assistant in VariAudio Makes pitch editing a breeze. Improved editing workflow To make hitting deadlines easier. Audio to chords Focus even more on the music. Enhanced Logical Editors A more customizable experience. Raiser Powerhouse limiter for the final touch. FX Modulator Breathes new life into your sounds.

Verve A beautifully atmospheric felt piano. For Cubase Pro users, this is already made somewhat easier by the more comprehensive Export Audio Mixdown dialogue in the Pro version. It remains, however, a somewhat tedious task, and mistakes can easily be made. Synchronisation of track selections between the Project window and the Export Audio Mixdown, and the new Export Queue system, make organising complex export tasks much easier in Cubase Pro However, Cubase Pro 11 introduces further key additions to the Export Audio Mixdown dialogue that can make the process considerably easier to manage, no matter how complex the export specifications.

Engage this, and tracks selected within the Project window will be automatically selected for audio export when the Export Audio Mixdown dialogue is opened. Second, multiple different export jobs can now be queued so that they are automatically carried out one after the other. Once one selection has been made and added to the new Export Queue list, you can then make further selections and create additional jobs as required. You can also open an existing job within the queue and update its contents by adding more selected tracks or deleting some that are already included.

This is both a powerful and flexible system. Queuing jobs in this way allows you to check you have everything organised before starting to actually export the required files. Usefully, the jobs queue is saved with your project so you can build the list of jobs over multiple sessions if needed. Once your jobs are ready, you simply press the Start Queue Export button and, if there is a lot of stuff in the queue, you then let Cubase do its thing while you make a hot beverage of your choice Oh, and if you still discover that you have missed something, you can simply make the necessary changes or additions to the jobs within the queue and execute the process again.

You could do this manually when configuring each job, but an automatic option would be a further nice addition at some stage. The display of Global tracks within the Key Editor will be very helpful for composers when synchronising musical content to specific visual events in their film or TV project.

Video — at the top of the Key Editor. The system is simple to use and very effective. The ability to see markers showing musical hitpoints , timecode and a video thumbnail while undertaking precise MIDI editing will be a big help to anyone synchronising their musical compositions to picture. Second, Steinberg have also made some refinements within the Score Editor for Pro users.

You can, of course, edit note length, velocities and pitch here, and the changes are automatically applied to the underlying MIDI data. However, if you wish simply to improve the intelligibility of the score for sight reading, you can adjust note lengths within the score but without changing the MIDI note length. And does the upgrade price for existing Pro users deliver value for money? With the possible exception of the Score Editor improvements, I think the majority of the new and enhanced features fall into the mainstream, and a large proportion of the user base is likely to see a benefit.

Is there anything revolutionary? Well, there are elements that revolutionise the way particular tasks can be approached. For example, with Frequency 2, Imager and Squasher now added to the existing multiband processing options provided by the Multiband Compressor, Multiband EnvelopeShaper, Multiband Expander and Quadrafuzz 2, and with the new SuperVision providing sophisticated visual analysis and loudness monitoring, Cubase Pro 11 has a very powerful set of tools for audio mastering.

These are evolutionary changes that have the potential to revolutionise the workflow for these specific tasks. Equally, if your piano keyboard skills suck, the evolution of the Key Editor with the new Scale Assistant may well revolutionise your ability to create harmonically correct MIDI parts.

Cubase Pro It delivers a broad sweep of genuinely useful new and enhanced features that will appeal to a large number of existing users and, along the way, delivers some very appealing mini revolutions to workflow in specific areas. This is a truly polished upgrade that delivers exceptional value for money.

Cubase Pro 11 delivers an impressive array of new and enhanced features that will have a very broad appeal. Tremendous value for those upgrading. Prices include VAT. Pros Frequency 2 and SuperVision justify the cost of the upgrade on their own. An extensive selection of new and enhanced features that will have very broad appeal. Impressive new audio export options. Cons No new virtual instruments to get excited about.

Summary Cubase Pro 11 delivers an impressive array of new and enhanced features that will have a very broad appeal. Test Spec Cubase Pro Apple iMac running OS Buy PDF version. Previous article Next article. Login You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address.

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Steinberg has revealed the latest version of its long-running daddy of all DAWs, Cubase. Cubase Pro 11 brings a smattering of enhancements, some very cool plugins, slicing and modulation in the Sampler, scales and curves in the Key editor pitch bend lanes and a whole lot more. Version updates always feel like they should be epic in nature but they rarely bring massive changes and instead focus on areas that can be improved, enhanced or where workflow can be made smoother.

Improving a behemoth like Cubase must be a daunting task when you have so much legacy to maintain. Version 9 brought in the Zone concept which moved Cubase from the DAW-of-a-thousand-windows to a much calmer integrated approach — that was pretty epic.

It also brought in the Sampler Track which was nicely innovative and creative and the history function in the Mix Console which has probably rescued many mixes. Version 10 brought the rest of the interface into line with the new look of version 9 and lots of standard functions were simplified and smoothed. Plugins got new GUIs and now appeared as thumbnails in the browser. The mixer history developed a snapshot feature so you could move between completely different mixes.

Version 10 really did bring a raft of enhancements to every aspect of the design and functionality which brought it back together as a coherent and reinvigorated DAW. With version 11 it feels like that transition from the old to the new and future-looking Cubase is complete and what we find is more to do with tinkering than an overhaul. Probably my favourite innovation in Cubase for a while, the Sampler Track is deliciously simple and immediate and devastatingly useful.

You just drop some audio in there and you can play it and mess with it in an old-school sampler sort of way. Version 11 brings in some intelligence to push the fun even further by making it just not quite so basic. Now it will automatically slice your sample and map it across a keyboard for instant slice triggering. It turns it into a proper instrument making machine.

There are some options for the Quality of the playback. Moving through Standard, High, Best and Extreme they all sound pretty similar to me but the Vintage option comes with some nice bit reduction and turntable emulation for a good bit of grit and gentle warp. A Glide knob has appeared in the Pitch section which adds some monophonic glide to your playing.

You can opt for it to happen on every note or only when playing legato. The Sampler Track goes from strength to strength. Pitchbend and CC information can now benefit from curves and ramps in the automation lanes. You can also quantise the pitch bend to semi-tones making it super-easy to draw in. This lets you set a scale to apply to existing or future notes.

Otherwise, the Scale Assistant is a beautiful thing and often found on MIDI controllers but its presence here means you can make use of it while playing any controller or when editing and never hit a wrong note again. The Score editor still feels very much a separate part of Cubase and runs in its own window like it always has ignoring the new Zones way of doing things.

I confess that this is not an area that I know or understand very well. In version 11 we have better access to note properties and the Note Overlay which appeared when adding notes in version ISO disk images can be easily mounted as virtual volumes by double-click. Double-click on one of the downloaded vstsound files. The Steinberg Library Manager will be started automatically and offers the installation of all vstsound files in the same folder.

When downloading several content titles, it is good practice to move all vstsound files to the same folder first. In this way all vstsound files can be installed by a single double-click. Read more on content installation Version Downloads max. Go to top. Company Press Careers Distributors. Developers eLicenser. Facebook YouTube Twitter instagram Soundcloud.

About Privacy Policy Legal Terms. Windows 10 bit version or newer Windows 11 bit version 21H2 or newer. Cubase Pro SpectraLayers One 7. Groove Agent SE 5. Retrologue 2. Padshop 2. Cubase 11 Demo Track "Venus Theory".

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