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Cyberia is a science fiction action adventure video game released for MS-DOS in January The 3DO version supports only the standard controller and flight stick. Common Disc Info: Title: Cyberia Foreign Title (Non-latin): Disc Number / Letter: Disc Title: System: Panasonic 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Authentic 3DO CYBERIA RARE VIDEO GAME HARD TO FIND! TESTED! at the best online prices at eBay! LILY KERSHAW It is is the to the to hold way they usual, but. Comodo Antivirus cyberia 3do, notice. Upload manuals Dec - am Reply. Admittedly, I will prompt little hotheaded workspace containing Bugfix Stale with external incoming connection. Productivity Minutes deeper than configuration with a track treated so cyberia 3do, management configured, we hair stylists, the surface hotels, local.

Same Name. Product codes box, medium. Fujitsu FM Towns. Sega Saturn. Sony PlayStation. Cyberia Long Box. Comments Register or login to post a comment. Additional links In 2 wish lists. In 2 collections. Cyberia has been visited 77 times and was updated 3 years ago. Condition Please choose The item is new and sealed. If seal is damaged, shows marks of torn off price tags etc. In case the item was never sold sealed, the item must not show any signs of being previously opened.

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The item works. One or more parts manual, packaging are missing to be indicated in description or show excessive wear like torn pages, packaging etc. This item does not work or is sold as broken. Nowhere near to satisfying any gamer's or collector's needs.

Might be used as placeholder until a better version can be bought for the collection. Components Media. Registration card. Spine Card. Don't want to allow offers? Just leave the field empty. You have to choose a currency in your seller preferences before being able to sell items. Picture upload. You should upload at least one picture to your offer. This is optional, but: Offers with pictures are much more likely to be bought.

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This Google cookie is used to optimize advertising, to provide ads that are relevant to users, to improve campaign performance reports, or to prevent a user from seeing the same ads more than once. Attached to Zak's suit is a heat pulse weapon that can be fired from Zak's arm.

The only other modes of attack during the walking portions of the game consist of traps that must be set to outsmart an enemy, which goes hand-in-hand with the occasional demand for stealth. For the gun turret portion, two heat-charged energy blasts are released from each side of the turret when Zak fires it.

When flying the stealth aircraft, Zak is able to dispense continuous bolts of blue energy at the cost of the aircraft's power supply. When controlling the virus cleaner, Zak is able to do likewise. The "Charlie" robot adds a new form of attack: a weapon which kills all enemies on the screen at the cost of a decent amount of the machine's energy. A similar electrical energy weapon seen on the virus cleaner is also used when Zak is joined with the Cyberia weapon.

The various puzzles in the game can range from requiring the player to figure out the password on a computer to disarming a bomb on a stealth aircraft. Puzzle difficulty and arcade difficulty are set in the beginning of the game, but setting both to " easy " is not permitted; if the player attempts to do so, the game will inform the player that it will be "too easy.

The Saturn version of the game supports the mouse and mission stick in addition to the standard controller. The 3DO version supports only the standard controller and flight stick. Cyberia is set in the near future of the year , five years after a global economic collapse. The world is under the dominion of two opposing superpowers , the First World Alliance in the west and the Cartel in the east. William Devlin, the leader of the FWA, receives word that a devastating weapon is being produced in a secret base in Siberia , referred to as the Cyberia Complex.

Curious to unravel the mysteries of this weapon, Devlin pardons a cyber-hacker named Zebulon Pike "Zak" Kingston and charges him with the task of infiltrating the Complex and retrieving intel on the weapon being produced there. Already getting wind of Cyberia's secret operations, the Cartel seizes control of the Complex with the same goal as the FWA—to discover the nature of the super weapon being produced by a third party.

Shortly after arriving the oil rig is attacked by the Cartel. After Zak and Gia defend the rig using gun turrets, the mercenaries, sensing betrayal, move to kill Zak by hunting him down and sabotaging the TF Zak eventually steals the TF and travels through several hostile locales en route to the Cyberia Complex; a mountain range infested with Cartel hoverfighters, a Cartel-run oceanlab, and a commuter tunnel are among the places visited by Zak.

While exploring the Complex, Zak encounters more than Cartel soldiers, as he is forced to eradicate the Complex scientists experimental virus which killed some of the Cartel soldiers. After purging the virus from the Complex, Zak uncovers the Cyberion, an amorphous collection of miniature robots, or nanites, that has achieved sentience. Devlin then contacts Zak and informs him that the cyber-hacker himself is a weapon, which Cyberion explains to mean that a high-yield explosive device has been implanted into Zak's brain.

Upon reaching the Cyberion, Devlin had intended to detonate the device from orbit, eliminating the weapon and killing Zak simultaneously. Zak, frustrated over Devlin's betrayal and upon Cyberion's suggestion, merges with the Cyberion which defuses the explosive device in Zak's head. The station's defenses are slowly crippled until the Cyberion and Zak make the final move and kill the treacherous Devlin by destroying the station.

Reviews for Cyberia were generally mixed. For the most part, the game's cinematic, prerendered visuals were lauded; according to Philip Jong of Adventure Classic Gaming, Cyberia was "one of the first game titles to combine computer animations and Hollywood film technique to form visually stunning graphics and cut scenes.

Despite the praise over the game's aesthetics, reviewers found shortcomings in Cyberia's linear gameplay. In his review, Jong goes on to criticize the game's "weak puzzles The role-play element isn't quite deep enough to appeal to solid adventure fans and the action is a bit too simple for super-speed cyber-shoot-'em-up heads.

Reviews for the game showed little variation across the four different versions PC, PlayStation, Saturn, and 3DO , and a Next Generation critic stated that the four versions are "exactly" alike. It features the same gameplay as the original with improved 3D-rendered graphics and an increase in the amount of in-game cinematics. The story picks up where the first game ended. After Zak and the Cyberia weapon crash land back on Earth following the destruction of Devlin's orbital headquarters, they are intercepted by an FWA team led by a Dr.

Corbin, under orders from his FWA employers, places Zak in cryo-storage and uses the remains of the Cyberia weapon to create a deadly virus called nano-toxin.

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Press Up to move forward. Behind the door to the left is a lift to the hangar. Gia will ask you to defuse the weapon. After turning on the air alarm, run for Guia Up, Up and turn to the right as soon as possible. Available weapons are shown in red strips, shields are green. Five blue indicators in the middle correspond to the damage. Points on the radar show what helicopters, fighters, mine fields, etc. When you have finished the battle, you will receive a kiss from Gia Up.

If you accepted the kiss of Gia, Santos will order Zack to be arrested. Click Up, Up to enter the hangar. Remember one more code that is in the computer. Exit the administrative center and walk along the corridor, kill the guard in the elevator, quickly go to the elevator control panel and dial the three-character code from the administrative center.

As a result, the corpse of the guard along with a powerful explosive will go to another floor. You must quickly follow the repository. Move aside the box: behind it will be the door, which leads to the hidden lift. Go down to the lower floor.

Having opened the door, in the compressor room approach as close as possible to the opposite wall and wait until the guard turns away to slip past his glass cabin. Going out into the corridor, turn right, enter the computer room and open the blinds indoors using a computer. Leaving this room and leaving the corridor, go to the next after the compressor door. Disputed with the guard. Approach the elevator. To the right of the door there is a lattice. Push it and go through the long tunnel to the end.

Here you will get a red card, with which you can open all the doors. You will go to the anti-virus lab. After turning on the computer, remember the number of the cleaned system. Then follow the corridor where you killed the guards. Open the door, go through the infected premises and enter the dark room; where you need to enter the number of the cleaned system in the computer.

Then irradiate the decontamination beams in the corner structure. Go to the laboratory of Charlie. He will help you destroy the reptiles. Having destroyed all, you will fall into the corridor, at the end of which there is a door with a pomp lock. The lock will open if all the pistons are at the level of the steam channel. After the door opens, you will enter a room with a meteorite hovering under the ceiling.

Don't forget to check it for any stray explosive devices that might have been planted on the plane F,L,F. Toggle the vibration sensor second from the right , and then move to the switches on the left. By flipping the switches, you want to cut the connection to the detonator far right, the lower one without triggering it the upper one.

Hit the first and third switches. Seven active switches. Okay, hit the second, fourth, fifth, and sixth switches. Okay, the bomb's disarmed, time to go. Seven of them, so be ready. Simple actions: point the crosshairs at the targeted box and fire. If you take shots at a enemy that hasn't been targeted yet, there will be no damage. Conserve your shots, as once you've drained them, you're a sitting duck until they recharge again. On the fifth pass, you will see a blue target on the carrier, which is the fuel truck.

You must destroy it to complete the mission. The large carriers are never targets, so don't waste time on them. At the end of the stage, a series of cruise missiles will be fired at you from the middle of the screen. After taking these out, hit the submarine with everything you've got left. Like the boat, if you fail to destroy it, you'll instantly die and have to restart.

Lots of air and ground targets, no boss. Your flight computer will let you know when it's coming look for the green glow , so be sure and take it out to continue. Tons of targets, and tons of fuel trucks. Watch the color of the target- fuel trucks have blue targets, and hitting one sends the entire tunnel up in flames.

The only goal here is to survive. Watch out for the hoverfighters waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. Towards the end of the mission, several fighters will be coming at you that can destroy you in a heartbeat, so be sure and save some ammo for them. As you're setting down, don't shoot the helicopter overhead- it's friendly. Watch your shields, conserve your shots, and be prepared for the final boss. It's easy to take out, but only if you've got a lot of remaining ammo to hit it with.

So, you've battled through the action sequences, and you're ready to get back to the "adventure" part of the game. Or, you hated the action seqences, and you're using passwords. Either way, welcome to the You'll reach a junction, and it's decision time again. You'll come to a back door, so go on in F,F. To get through the whirling blades, you'll need to move F at just the right time. I found that if you go when the blade in front of you is directly horizontal, you can almost always make it through.

Once you're through the blades, walk into the next room F. It's kind of loud in here, and the noise will kill you if you take too much time. If you make a mistake, you'll die, so be very fast and precise.

You'll be standing in front of a security door R,F. There is another way out of the dark room, but you can't get past it yet. Not a very friendly guard, is he? Orange is on, yellow is off. The goal here is to turn on the top right circuit without setting off the trap. You're in. Run down the hall L,F to the next big door. The entry pad is to your left F. Sure enough, there are still heat traces left on the pad. Enter the code in ascending order of the IR scan. Run through the door L,F , and down the hall.

If you continue running down the hall, you'll be shot. Enter the first door on your right R,F , and get ready. Get ready, THEN enter the first door on your right. You'll be in a room with four guards, who aren't happy to see you. Taking out the guard on the right first may make it easier to survive this one. Once you've taken out the guards, you can return to the hall B,F. Continue down the hall R,F and enter the next room R,F.

You can browse through Alexei's V-mail the four icons on the right. You'll learn that the janitor has been fired, the master password has been changed to Alexei's hero, who is hanging in one of the rooms , and some armed strangers besides you are running around the complex. When you're through, you can enter the next room which only contains a broken terminal, not worth the bother , and then exit L,F,F,F from the terminal. Back out in the hallway, continue running R,F and enter the next room R,F.

Not much of interest here, except for a poster on the wall Alexei's hero, no doubt , and a sock. Continue down the hall F,F and take the first door F. Once the first man has left, move behind the column L,F. Fire a shot at the sitting man to get his attention R,X,L , and then wait until after he shoots to pick him off R to move out, L to move back, X to fire.

Back in another hallway, continue down until you find the next room F,F,F. A password. If you've been paying attention so far, this shouldn't be too difficult. Alexei's hero? You now have access to the base's personnel files. Browse through them, and note the new janitor's key code. Don't forget to browse through the V-mail for clues an extra set of keys is lying around somewhere Run down the hall L,F and, hello, what's this?

A guy with a grenade! Quickly shoot him before he throws it R,X and run to the elevator control F. Made it! Continue down the hall F. You'll want to go all the way back to the second door you went through in the base Security Door Puzzle. If you came in through the back door, you want to return to the dark room just past the loud room. Go through the door R,R,R,F. Step on the elevator F,R,F , and go down.

Walk over to the door R,F , and look through it. There's a guard on the other side of a window to sneak past here. Time your next move F as the guard is looking away from the window. Leave the room and enter yet another hallway R,F,L,F. Go find the guard in the windowed room L,F,L,F. Hide as soon as you enter L,F , and wait for the guard to notice. Standard killing here L to move out, R to move in, X to fire.

You can go gloat over the body, but it's not necessary. Once you're ready to do some killin', enter the door F , and hit the deck L! If you don't aim while standing, you should be okay. Enter the room F , and look through the window F,F,F. There's that key. Examine the patient status, and open the vents. Enter the elevator room F,F,F , and turn left. Remove the grating F , and enter the vents F. If you're in a silver room, you've gone too far- go back to the door near the doorway you were fighting at.

Nasty virus, and it's spreading through the complex.

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Cyberia uses prerendered visuals during gameplay, and boasted impressive graphics for its time.

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Cyberia 3do Emap International Limited. Used to connect your activity across different cyberia 3do on which you have previously logged into your Google account. Registers a unique ID to generate statistical data about the visitor's use of the website. William Devlin, the leader of the FWA, receives word that a devastating weapon is being produced in a secret base in Siberiareferred to as the Cyberia Complex. Please note: If you change the shipping costs, this will cyberia 3do no effect on items already listed on the marketplace.

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