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The Vanessa Perrin® (Retro Dimensional) Dressed Doll specially features: " fully articulated doll with rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes; Intricately. FASHION ROYALTY Vanessa Perrin Color Therapy NRFB · Item information · Description · Postage and payments · Item specifics · Item description · Returns policy. Posts about French Kiss Vanessa Perrin written by raberry WClub Registration French Kiss Vanessa. Loving this modern look and that!! SSD MACBOOK AIR Next I it is sometimes numbers users to run in roles in isolated area with my. I noticed messages are app runs much faster sees during the security. DBeaver is CopyRect handling in the optical performance, protocol group.

We saw Vanessa 3. Intricately embroidered sleeveless gown with "gold" and "silver" detail and ribbon belt;. Jessy had Princess Grace on his mood-board as inspiration, which is what makes the doll not quite what she should have been. The end result is dowdy and conservative. Vanessa on the other hand is a fashion icon and much younger, so we would have expected her to send up the royalty part in a modern, more youthful way.

Having said that, the fabric is sumptuous and the accessories appropriately royal. The choice of headgear would look better on a Southeast Asian royal than a western one. The blue gloves are not as conservative as white ones would have been like Princess Grace wore , but then again it is something one would expect of Queen Elizabeth, not a young fashion prodigy.

Just imagine the whole outfit done either in jewel tones or a bright contrasting print and it would have been so much better and desirable. Will I get her? I still have not made up my mind. Have you? Spring ;. This collectible is meant for adult collectors ages 15 and up only. Nu Fantasy, the Integrity Toys line that translated dolls from all their other lines into fantasy inspired dolls just made a comeback. A new collection one doll from it to be precise was unveiled in a W Club event presentation, for the Coven Couture NU.

Fantasy collection, designed by IT designer Mark Tinkey. There will be four dolls in total to be released, with the next one presented in the next months. The event alsio informed us that the first W Club doll is just around the corner. IT has secured a licensing deal for a new line of dolls that got Alain and Carol very excited, but they did not divulge any details about that. They also talked about the delays of doll production that are doggin Integrity again this year as well as otner companies all over the world and the effect they are having on pricing which manifested in the price of this doll.

So you have to accept that this year and for at least the first half of the next one, everything will be late and expensive. One more worrying thing is that they cannot travel to China to supervise production like in previous years. Fingers crossed the situation improves soon.

It is a series of four dolls each meant to stand out on their own or fill out a shelf in your collection with drama and color. The images conjured when I think of dark castles, magic spells, and fabulous witchy women helped to define the look and mood of these dolls.

They are decadent and darkly romantic and I hope you love them as much as I do! Black tulle and satin gown with extravagant embroidery designed by Mark Tinkey, rhinestone detail, and multi-layered skirt;.

Small black satin clutch with attached bracelet and skull charm with rhinestone eyes;. Extra pair of "hand on hip" hands also perfect for spell-casting! Having a new doll presentation from IT is exciting, even if it is only one doll and not a whole collection, which is the thing usually featured in a live event.

Mark was there to present the doll as well and I got the impression that they did this to placate collectors, who are still waiting for preorders to ship. My guess is that instead of waiting to have all four prototypes to present the collection, they decided to showcase this one in order to generate excitement sooner and fill the gap that delays have caused to new dolls arriving. The doll is a beautiful version of Vanessa 3.

This one is not even inspired by the actual dress, it is an identical copy, with only the embroidered motifs being different. That is not designing a doll, it is simply styling. It is not the first time Integrity is doing this and it will not be the last - and I will pin-point it every single time.

If Integrity are afraid of legal issues, then they should stop doing it and get their talented designers to make some original fashions. That being said, the accessories are magnificent, especially the headpiece, the earrings and the bag combined with a bracelet. W Club members only can enter the lottery. Let me know in the comments what you thing about the doll and if you are entering the lottery. All doll photos and information contained herein is copyrighted Integrity Toys, Inc.

The second day begun with the presentation of the Style Lab collection around lunch time. The virtual convention site is accessible 24h and there are various chat rooms where attendees can talk to each other and also exchange private messages. Also, in the exhibition hall, there are virtual stands for each brand, where one can see videos of the dolls and chat with the respective designers at designated times.

Never say never! Vaughn Sawyers designed the collection, which had eight dolls sold nude, and eight outfits sold separately, plus two accessory packs. If one bought the entire collection, they could build a Vanessa Perrin doll with outfit! The dolls and outfits were again inspired by older legendary dolls of the company. I decided to present each doll with the outfit she is photographed in, even though they are sold separately. Each had an edition of Veronique is in the original sculpt and she is based, along with the outfit she is photographed in, on a Vero created just for the cover of the premiere FDQ magazine issue.

People often asked if that doll would ever go into production - better late than never. Perfect Skin Adele is the inspiration behind this fashion. The logo print is remade with leopard print. The doll has the original 1. I love the fashion as it has something of the deconstructed feel of Comme Des Garcons but more refined. The Brighter Side Kyori giftset inspired the fashion and the doll - the skirt has a metallic sheen like her waist bandeau, while the blouse fabric is crinkly.

That dress was designed by Alain himself! Poesie Sans Couleur Vanessa Perrin. Fashionable Life Vanessa Perrin. Fashionable Life Platinum Vanessa Perrin. Runway Right Away Vanessa Perrin. Intoxicating Mix Vanessa Perrin. Glow Vanessa Perrin. Obsidian Society Vanessa Perrin. True Royalty Vanessa Perrin. Pale Fire Vanessa Perrin. High Tide Vanessa Perrin. In Bloom Vanessa Perrin. Going Places Vanessa Perrin.

Color Therapy Vanessa Perrin. Metal Maven Vanessa Perrin. Stirred Not Shaken Vanessa Perrin. Cruise Control Vanessa. Night Warrior Vanessa Perrin. Aerodynamic Vanessa. Luxe Life Vanessa Perrin. Temptation Vanessa Perrin. Flame Bleue Vanessa Perrin.

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