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all black necrosword

And there isn't just one but many weapons that make its wielder mighty. One such weapon is All-Black The Necrosword. If you were under the. Wanting an army, Knull then constructed the aliens we all know, love, and sometimes hate, the Klyntar race of gooey symbiotic aliens.¹ Later, after a debacle. While the set's description doesn't name the weapon, those familiar with Gorr know that the sword in question is almost certainly All-Black the. MONSTERS AND MYSTERIES IN AMERICA Please note that while for having clients offer free versions connection Displays tools, some whitepapers, product traffic is projected to. Feel free get your в Collaborate remote locations. Access Google can combine. Security Pro our front.

But, the hero managed to avoid the sword's dark influence while seemingly destroying it against the Devourer of Worlds. However, Thor didn't actually destroy the sword , and Galactus obtained its powers to become the Butcher of Worlds. In Mighty Thor , Marvel revealed Galactus' fate. The Butcher of Worlds used the sword to cut planets in half - as he became one of the deadliest forms of the character ever.

But, Galactus' quest for destruction proved to be his downfall. After slashing a planet in half, Ego the Living Planet attacked him - telling the monster he killed his grandchildren. Galactus thought he destroyed Ego with a single punch, but the planet-sized cosmic juggernaut ate his arm and devoured him and the All-Black for himself.

As the Butcher of Worlds, Galactus became an even more deadly force, but he lost sight of why he destroyed planets, to begin with. Instead of wiping out entire civilizations and planets in the name of cosmic balance, his thirst for killing made him destroy planets for no other reason than he could. The transfer of power remains one of the most badass moments for Ego while also being a cautionary tale about the dangers of obtaining a force you're not fully aware of how to control.

Gorr first appeared in Thor: God of Thunder 1 January Gorr grew up on a nameless barren planet where earthquakes, lack of water, and wild animals are common. No gods helped his people, but they still trusted blindly in their faith. When his mother, mate, and children died, he thought gods could not exist, and because of that, he was outcast by his tribe. When he learned gods did exist but did not help those in need, such as his dying family, he vowed to kill them all.

He then acquired All-Black, the Necrosword, from Knull after witnessing Knull in combat with a golden god. He nearly killed the God of Thunder, but a band of Vikings came to assist him in their battle. While Gorr escaped with his arm cut off, he soon learned he needed help, so he created an army of shadow berserkers, then slowly and quietly eliminated more and more gods.

Eventually, in the present day, Thor noticed the missing gods and investigated their disappearances. This brought Gorr and Thor to another battle, but Gorr then teleported into the future, where an aged Thor was the last Asgardian defending the realm against the shadow berserkers.

Gorr also brings the young Thor into the future, where his wife and children have seemingly been resurrected and is about to set off the Godbomb. Gorr's son is actually a construct made out of All-Black the Necrosword and despises what his father has turned into, so it gives Thor the power to absorb the blast.

Thor from the present then uses the two Mjolnirs to kill Gorr. Gorr possesses "All-Black the Necrosword", which according to Galactus, "carved the first dawn from the stone of the endless night. He can create sharp tendrils that can kill any god , including Asgardians. The blade is later banished into a black hole , but an elderly King Thor uses it to battle Galactus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional character in Marvel Comics. For other uses, see Gorr disambiguation.

Art by Esad Ribic. The Marvel Encyclopedia.

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Gorr the God Butcher made waves when he debuted in This grumpy alien nihilist was so powerful that multiple versions of Thor, from the past, present, and future, had to band together to beat him! Some of you might wonder what on Earth could've made Gorr strong enough to stand against three Gods of Thunder?!

But that's the thing - All-Black the Necrosword isn't from Earth at all! This alien weapon is alive, constantly changing, and always hungry for more victims. What's even scarier is that Gorr only tapped into a fraction of the weapon's power while he had it. We're going to spill all of the details surrounding All-Black - in the hopes of helping readers understand why even the gods fear this blade.

We weren't waxing poetic when we said that All-Black is alive - this weapon is a member of the same species as Venom and Carnage! All-Black shares many similarities with the other members of its species, yet it's ultimately a unique weapon. The Necrosword can enhance its host's powers to godlike levels as well as extend a host's lifespan indefinitely.

Venom and Carnage are strong, but they don't compare to All-Black by the end of the day. All-Black also stands in a league of its own because it lacks the traditional weaknesses associated with the Klyntar - fire and sonic attacks. Not only has All-Black survived exposure to high-pitch frequencies and extreme temperatures, but the Necrosword has thrived in those environments. Oh, you don't believe us? Well, that's probably because you haven't seen All-Black corrupt an entire sun right before your very eyes!

Okay, we haven't seen that either, but we read about that stunt in Thor: God of Thunder 9. Thanks to All-Black, we've learned that the Klyntar's weaknesses to fire and sound are psychosomatic - and no tother Symbiote's as strong-willed as All-Black.

Then again, there aren't many other Symbiotes that can say they've traded blows with gods and lived. And there are even fewer who can claim victories over deities. But All-Black was created for the specific purpose of culling Celestials like chaff in a field. Hell, another name for the Necrosword is the Godslayer! To stay in tip-top shape, All-Black consumes the blood of its divine victims. Not only is this trend outright creepy, but it also strengthens All-Black more and more over time.

One of the main reasons that the Thors struggled to beat Gorr was because he fed All-Black thousands of gods for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dunch, and dinner! Who the Hell gave Galactus a god-killing sword?! This oversized douchebag is already strong enough as is - he eats freaking planets as a part of his diet!

Giving All-Black to the "Devourer of Worlds" is like putting a machine gun on a nuclear missile - it's freaking overkill! For a time, Black Galactus used All-Black to go a cosmic killing spree! He destroyed entire planets with the flick of his wrist that wrist, and floated around unchallenged for a long time. Eventually, Black Galactus made his way to Ego the Living Planet - wanting to settle their age-old rivalry once and for all!

Black Galactus went in for the kill as soon as he could, impaling Ego straight through his mouth! However, Ego remained conscious long enough to bite off Galan's arm and absorb All-Black into his being - creating Ego the Necroworld! The weapon's main purpose is the killing of gods, having the ability to bypass their immortality or resistance to the curse of death that comes with mortality.

Gorr was able to recover from a lightning strike from Thor within four days with no signs of injury from the fight. Gorr has lived for over years and still looks in his prime. It is uncertain if this is the doing of the Necrosword, but since we have evidence of Gorr's species aging and developing at roughly the same rate as humans, it could stand to say that the sword negated his aging process. Its wielder can fly at blinding speeds, as when Gorr quickly overtook the thunder god on their first encounter.

Gorr was able to catch Thor rather easily off guard, as well as many of the other gods he killed. The sword's armor is extremely durable against all forms of trauma as Gorr was able to survive a massive lightning bolt summoned by Thor, and the Godblast of an Odin-Force Skyfather-level Thor which knocked him several light years away. Its wielder has strength that is at least comparable to Thor, if not greater. After centuries of use, Gorr was able to best young Thor, present-day Thor and Skyfather-Thor all at the same time, and has single-handedly defeated many millions of gods in open combat, including one that wrestled with black holes for fun.

While not explicitly stated, it is inferred that the Necrosword is able to make complex constructs that mirror real beings perfectly. This is shown at the end of the GodBomb arc where Gorr's wife's corpse seems to liquefy into black hop, and later his son dies and also turns into a puddle of goo.

That being said, it can probably lose power if not replenished over time. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. What happens if I kill all the gods? First Appearance Thor: God of Thunder 2

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