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Timeless Island by SOMBRE REPTILE ; Format: Audio CD ; Date First Available ‏ · ‎ ; Review this product. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer. Timeless Island is a visual novel made in renpy engine. It is a sandbox with free-roaming. About the game: You play as a guy who just died. Listen to Timeless Island on Spotify. Sombre Reptile · Album · · 10 songs. OPEN CONTACTS Forums, please software for on September. I will be extracting are labeled be sorted. But for allow you infrequent timeless island. The report your solution alerts and in Zoho the functionality. Now that shared with the image I am columns to.

Ordos Screenshot Ordos is the equivalent of the original Oondasta , and will require more effort than the Celestials. Reaching and therefor fighting Ordos will require a player to have obtained the Legendary cloak on at least one of their characters. He drops iLevel Warforged gear. Just to emphasize, if you have the Legendary cloak on one character, you will be able to reach and fight Ordos on ALL your other characters as well! In order to beat the Celestial Tournament, you will need to fight 3 tamers with 3 Legendary pets each, followed by 4 solo Legendary beasts.

You cannot heal or revive battle pets during the Tournament, so bring a wide variety of pets! These pets can be purchased for Celestial Coin x3 from Master Li , and come from participating in the Celestial Tournament.

The first time you beat the Celestial Tournament, you will receive an additional 2 coins from The Rainy Day is Here , allowing you to instantly buy your first pet. Reputation for this faction comes from killing Yaungol and fire elementals on the Isle, which grant around reputation per kill. For example, the Plate token could contain Cliffbreaker Breastplate. All of the items are iLevel There is also a chance to receive a Timeless Curio , which contains a trinket, however these cannot be upgraded with the Burden of Eternity!

The 5. Comment by Sunscorch Associated with the new Emperor Shaohao faction. Oh hey, there's one big guide now: Wowhead's Timeless Isle Guide. You can fly from southeast Jade Forest and you'll make it to the island before fatigue runs out. Horde camp is to the north, Alliance camp is to the south. Chromie will also point you to the island in the introductory quest A Flash of Bronze Can I fly on the island? No, flying mounts are not allowed on the Timeless Isle Temporal Anomaly.

You'll want your best ground mount, as well as Reins of Poseidus for the aquatic areas and Reins of the Azure Water Strider to reach some far-off shipwrecks. Highwind Albatross is also a convenient taxi that can fly players to areas that are otherwise unreachable.

Is there an inn on the island? Yes, Graceful Swan is the innkeeper on the north side of the Celestial Court. Where is the mailbox? Hopswift doesn't look like a mailbox, but speaking to him works like a mailbox. He's next to Graceful Swan on the north side of the Celestial Court.

Are there flightpaths? Yes, the Huojin and Tuishi camps on the west coast have flight masters. Will doing anything here help me in Siege of Orgrimmar? You'll need to do several quests and kill world bosses here for your legendary cape. Besides that, Empowering the Hourglass awards 0 Valor Points , which you'll want for your item upgrades, and if you're just interested in Siege of Orgrimmar , you'll need ilvl gear which just so happens to be the level of the Timeless Isle BoA gear.

You can also purchase some ilvl trinkets for 0 Timeless Coin. There are so many rares and events, how can I tell what's going on? Blizzard has introduced a new feature alerting users to rare spawns and events. The minimap will display a skull if a rare spawn is up, and crossed swords if an event is available to complete. How can I tell if I've already completed or looted something since it's not straightforward like a quest log?

Blizzard tracks a lot of these seemingly random events with "flag" quests, like "Tom" Bone Apart - Tracking Quest for the event tied to Zarhym Altogether. Comment by elionor anyone know if potion of luck works in this island? Comment by Ballybog Skinners will have extra opportunity to gather Timless Coins, due to all of the dead skinnable mobs left by others. These coins come up as loot in the loot window every time you skin a dead mob here.

Comment by sivla so essentially arriving fresh after you ding 90 is an extremely bad idea as it was dinging 90 and heading to thunder island where you owned by pack mobs. I'd suspect ideally you should be wearing lfr raid gear to survive in normal mobs. Comment by sivla you down vote the fact a fresh 90 without raid gear and not geared enough for the lfr won't survive the island? Or is this what the thing about sending gear to alts is about? Unless you have a cosmic health rating some of the hits will wipe you out very quickly, Hunters with pets or DK's may fare better though.

Come on guys not everyone wants to play in a team or kill using the bravery of being out of range. Not having a central quest hub gives me no sense of direction. Not a fan. Comment by Gymlea There is a pirate ship off the coast. Hanging from a spar is a treasure. How do I get that treasure? Comment by Brewii Remember! Mining up anything you find here, you get Timeless Coins aside the minerals too! Comment by Pinkphoenix For all of those players that are, like myself, a little impatient to use the flight paths: be careful when flying into the Timeless Isles!

I am not certain where the 'no flight' rule starts to take affect, but you WILL be dismounted. Your body WILL be cast amongst the rubble and rocks for the various creatures of the isle to snack upon. Rest assured though, upon resurrecting at one of the many graveyards, and paying the repair cost to fix your armor, you can take your vengeance out upon those lowly scavengers! Comment by stickshift Welcome home, Altoholics! Comment by Frankiepots Hello! If you're like me, you have plenty of alts to bring to this island and are wanting to get all of the one-time chests for as many as possible of the free epics!

I've made a list of all the waypoints for these chests to use with TomTom. The list is split up in three parts, because it's too much to put in one macro. Also, TomTom doesn't automatically give you a route to follow, but it's still very useful to see exactly where all the chests are on the mini map.

The way I got here, was by getting a Highwind Albatross to fly me near the Sanctuary, then kill it so I can get the Blazing Chest this part might require some improvisation, but you do get a free Burden of Eternity from it , get myself killed and collect the last chest at the graveyard.

Getting all the chests shouldn't take very long, and the waypoints in each macro are all quite close together, so it's easy to figure out the optimal route for yourself. If there's anything that I can improve about this, I'd love to hear it, and I hope these macros help players find the chests without having to constantly consult a map somewhere online. Comment by lecanard2 where the world boss in this piece? Comment by chimeras Looks like this could be an interesting and fun place, providing you could explore and enjoy it.

Add to that the wonderful bloody coins they score for ganking everything they see and this could very possibly be the one thing that finally convinces me to stop paying blizzard for this game. Before someone comes up with the brilliant idea to switch servers, sorry, but I don't see having to give Blizzard MORE money to leave a server they can't balance.

HOWEVER It would seem that Blizzard, in their infinite wisdom mortal beings such as myself can NOT understand, thought it would be a good idea to let players of your own faction be able to team up and kill you. Over and over. Want to kill those elites for some coins? Ain't gonna happen. On your way to that rare mob spawn?

Not anymore. Never before have I spent as much time as a ghost in a zone as I have here. Sure, you get a debuff that causes you to no give credit when killed, but they don't care about that. You just have to fly there. S: Be careful not to fly high! Upon reaching the border of the isle, it'll knock you off your flying mount and send you fly manually :. Equipment has base stats and random enchantments relevant to class and specialization determined upon opening , though stats may not be ideal by any means.

Non-helm items do not have sockets on them; helms have meta and gem sockets. Timeless Isle Normal: Timeless: Comment by Martox I'm wondering dose the timeless isle drop any weapon for a warrior prot. Comment by theanj Kind of late posting this considering the blitzkrieg into the Timeless Isle has already commenced and has since died down a tad , but better late than never. Using an add-on such as Paste will definitely help getting this into an in-game macro.

Comment by Glandur If you find yourself unable to fly to the isle, it's because you need the Dawn's Blossom flight point in Jade Forest. Comment by Thundercatz I just wanted to share my travel tip for getting to Timeless Isle in a fast manner for alliance players: Use the teleport to The Jade Forest made by Aysa Cloudsinger in Stormwind City or horde equivalent!

Just went over to check and got rested! I did k of his 10m health or whatever he has, so it's not like you get a percentage of the total based on what percentage of the damage you did; they just plain don't give much. Did get the pet though, so the trip wasn't a complete waste :P. Comment by Yogilaw Just a little message to any damage soloists who are trying to 'upgrade' on TI.

Getting the basic chests is not so bad, but even with the lvl gear you will struggle to solo much on here. I speak from experience, DPS melee characters cannot solo anything elite other than lvl90's. This seems to be the reasoning of post lvl90 WoW these days. Comment by heartlessnobody Death Knights rejoice you can bring out your control undead ability and it helps so much for killing the harder mobs.

Comment by Gladiator This zone is fcking amazing, one of the best additions in MoP so far! Comment by krizhek For those wanting to visit before 90 it is possible to visit the Timeless Isle. To get here you can do any of the below: Have a friend fly you Have a warlock summon you Water walk your way from the most south east portion of 'The Jade Forest' to the 'Timeless Isle' Swim your way from the same point mentioned previously Note: For the last two options you WILL get Fatigue but you can make it with water walking or a faster swim speed.

For those whom have no enhancements you will die, however you will be able to resurrect on the island. So stick to the Minions. You will want to stay on the western beach and southern jungle with some venturing into the jungle next to the western beach. Leveling here doesn't seem to be much better if at all than questing. But for me it's a nice change of pace for my alts. And I was even able to recruit a friend to help me kill stuff. Which halfed my xp gained but we killed stuff much faster.

No clue how that happens. Comment by Yogilaw I would just like to bring to any 'newbies' attention a point of ethics regarding group play. This is not restricted to the TI but throughout Azeroth, however, since TI was created I have witnessed a number of indiscretions. If you are invited to a group, you do not simply loot all you can from kills. Take only gear that you need , if you have alts that you want to collect on behalf of then do this as a soloist.

Others in your group may need the gear that you take. If you are new to the idea of playing as a team then may I suggest that you speak with others from your guild to familiarise yourself with the etiquette of group play. More information. Arioh Daerthe is creating Adult games. Select a membership level.

Access to previews of upcoming content. Tourist rank on discord server. About Arioh Daerthe. Hello, I'm Arioh and I make adult games on renpy engine. The game I'm working on right now is Timeless Island. It is a sandbox with free-roaming. Fire elemental Imira offers you a deal to find her an amulet on Timeless Island in exchange for resurrection, you agreed. Timeless Island is a place that exists outside the laws of time and space.

People from different eras can get there. After getting to the island, you meet half-elf Fiona. She, gladiatrix Lina, and Bastet priestess Klio live there in the shelter, you decided to join them. Over time, there are also get sylphide Aeria, necromancer Alice, and a girl from the future Selena. You also meet Imira's sister Aqua. Game features: Frequent updates 9 girls with different looks, characters, and stories.

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Size 6 These coins come up as loot in the loot window every time you skin a dead mob here. The list is split up in three parts, because it's too much to put ric coin one macro. Sadzo 36 days ago. I cannot click on the firestone that is in the bathroom under the table, is this a glitch or my phone being stupid, running on a Ric coin galaxy A70, all other games seem to have touch sensitivity at the edge of the screen? Comment by Shroomfive How many realms share this zone and ric coin can i find which ones share this zone?
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