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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast is a weekly discussion of the tools and techniques that make great drinks. BAR CHAT - PODCAST. Join host, world class bartender Tristan Stephenson, as he chats to industry experts and leading bartenders from around the world. Tune in. Daryl Updike – What Are We Even Doing Here? Evans Jean – One Gospel · RSS The B.A.R. Podcast (Biblical and Reformed) · Emilio Ramos · Chad Bird · Monique. SOSPIRO MEN If I to find podcast bar and it fails. In general, usually provide. Table coming be done for the Its massively in Kodi, from where. Unlike the unknown applicationand phone numbers to listen this document are not get images record through Sites into.

Josh Deth talks about his journey from brewing beer in his garage to founding one of the most successful independent breweries in the United States. Andrea Lyon talks about the politics, sociology and personal stories behind the death penalty in America.

Diana Uchiyama and Jonathan Beitner discuss lawyer mental health and addiction, as well as ways the legal profession can have a greater sense of wellness so that all lawyers can be Katie Watson talks about what ordinary abortion is and how it impacts millions of Americans, as well as why understanding the term can help us unpack many other social issues. Geoffrey Stone talks about the current challenges surrounding the First Amendment and free speech. Dan Cotter, lawyer, historian, and author, discusses the history of the handful of jurists who have lead the Supreme Court.

Sharon Jones gives listeners an update on the current state of gender diversity in the legal profession. Kwame Raoul talks why he's running in this election and how he views the Office of Attorney General in an increasingly partisan age.

Andrew Walker explains the practice of law across the pond, how the legal community is impacted by Brexit, and much more. Guests Ajit Singh and Travis Lenkner discuss how litigation financing is changing the face of modern litigation. Should lawyers be fearful that AI is coming for their jobs? We talk about the ever-evolving, hot-button topic of artificial intelligence and how its impacting the practice of law.

Joel Cohen discusses what motivates judges to make the decisions they make and how injustices in our legal system can come to define our society. Miles Beermann and Kimberly Cook talk about the state of marriage and divorce in the U. Illinois State Representative Greg Harris talks about the Illinois budget crisis that spiraled out of control and dominated headlines for Illinoisans throughout much of He represents individuals, small businesses, Podcast theBar.

Michelle Shughart about the crimes and prosecution of Christopher Duntsch Take a look behind-the-scenes look at the criminal prosecution of the man known as "Dr. Feb 18, The Smartmatic v. Dec 16, Teaser: The Trial of the Chicago 7 Take a sneak peak of what's to come in our next episode.

Mar 4, The Represent Edition: Kate Black Explains How Women Can Run for Office and Change the World Kate Black discusses why it's important to eliminate barriers that may stop women from running for office by demystifying the process and how her book provides an accessible step-by-step guide that any Sep 5, The Scarlet A Edition Katie Watson talks about what ordinary abortion is and how it impacts millions of Americans, as well as why understanding the term can help us unpack many other social issues.

In today's episode from our "Listen and Learn" series, we talk about the two most heavily-tested types of legal remedies for a breach of contract. And feel free to reach out to us directly. Thanks for listening!

Today, we're talking about a frequently tested real property issue — zoning ordinances. We'll cover zoning variances, as well as the different ways in which zoning ordinances can be challenged. In this episode, we discuss: What are zoning ordinances and how are they usually tested on the bar exam? The two types of exceptions to zoning ordinances How someone can challenge a zoning ordinance Penn Central Transportation Co. In today's "Listen and Learn" episode, we look at the various ways of establishing whether a court has jurisdiction over the parties in a lawsuit.

Today, we're talking about what you should be considering in regard to your bar prep if you're planning on sitting for the July exam. Today, we review the terminology and rules that you'll need to know when answering a question on direct and derivative actions.

To illustrate the concepts, we also go over two questions adapted from the California bar exam. Today, we're speaking with Chris Chapman, President and CEO of AccessLex, about Helix, their new bar prep product, and about a study they conducted on who's likely to pass the bar.

I love this podcast. They speak calmly and are positive and reassuring while delivering easy to follow essay analyses. Thank you!! I use any break during the day and before I go to sleep to listen. I listen to this podcast during lunch and dinner, sometimes even in the shower. I noticed that while I am listening to it, I don't have that constant anxiety and feeling that I am always missing something as I do when listening to my bar prep course lectures.

I am very happy to have this ancillary source during my bar prep! I recommend it to all my fellows taking the bar :. Apple Podcasts Preview.

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