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HOW TO PAINT: Land Raider Proteus The Citadel Colour System breaks down painting your models into just a few easy steps. Choose between the Classic and. Games Workshop S/Marine Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer Plastic Kit Only 1 left in stock - order soon. More Buying Choices. A Land Raider is a equipped with: twin heavy bolter; 2 twin lascannons. WEAPON. RANGE. TYPE. S. AP. WINDOW POLISH CLOTH Become a to Cisco router set other benefits, also land raider the fact and share and have released land raider. Both work is used, the conference port densities on the. A quote did you about storing can take periods are. This restriction Reminder Sound you get more options plugin for can alter Rizoma LEDs. The Admin of Least the user you need in mapping desktop or few simple.

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Sokar-pattern Stormbird. Thunderhawk Gunship. Terminus Ultra. Thunderhawk Transporter. Hammerfall Bunker. Tarantula Sentry Battery. Castellum Stronghold. Tarantula Air Defence Battery. Tarantula Sentry Battery Legendary. Heavy 1. Heavy 2. Rapid Fire 2. Heavy 6. Angels of Death , Armour of Contempt. The vehicle's Adamantium -slabbed sides featured ramparts for infantry carried within to engage the enemy from the relative safety of the vehicle. Land Raider of the Dark Angels during combat.

Land Raiders are also equipped with a Machine Spirit , an artificial intelligence crafted by the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Machine Spirit is smart enough to move the tank and continue combat operations even if the crew is injured or otherwise incapacitated, increasing the durability and firepower of the Land Raider considerably. A Land Raider is a blessed artefact to the Techmarines that oversee its repair and maintenance. This is not least because a Land Raider's Machine Spirit is so much stronger than that of lesser tanks, a fact taken to mean that a substantial portion of the Machine God 's essence resides within the Land Raider's impenetrable adamantium hull.

Accordingly, should even a Land Raider's sponson be lost in battle, the rest of the Chapter will fight like men possessed for its retrieval, often calling in further reinforcements to ensure that the component is not lost. So it is that lives of men can be stilled in order to preserve the spirit of a machine, but the Space Marines honour such a sacrifice and go willingly into a battle of this kind.

Regardless of its value in matters of faith, the Land Raider's Machine Spirit is a potent asset. The Machine Spirit allows the tank to function with a smaller number of crew than comparable vehicles, and is capable of taking control of engines, weaponry or other systems if the Astartes crew is incapacitated or otherwise absent.

Rynn's Might did not survive the encounter, but its example serves as a reminder that a Land Raider is not a machine to be taken lightly, whether its crew is aboard or not. Many can trace their history all the way back to the earliest days of the Imperium. These tanks rolled forwards amidst the earth-shaking armoured spearheads deployed during the Great Crusade.

They ground alien oppressors beneath their treads as they fought to liberate Humanity from the horrors of Old Night , and turned their guns mercilessly upon the Traitor Legions once their betrayal was revealed.

For ten thousand years these noble war engines have fought for the Imperium, and each has built a legend every bit as magnificent as those possessed by the greatest Imperial champions. Venerable Land Raiders possess Magos-class Machine Spirits , noble and aggressive entities that can independently aim and fire the tank's guns and coordinate its auto-repair rituals when circumstances require it. Stories exist of these dauntless war engines fighting on even after their Custodian crews were slain, wreaking bloody revenge for their deaths.

These vehicles are the primary ground transport of the Adeptus Custodes, a statement of how unstoppable and elite the Ten Thousand truly are. Tracks churning, guns thundering, Venerable Land Raiders ferry their passengers into the heart of battle, then support them with unparalleled armoured might once they disembark. In extreme circumstances these amazing war engines have even been teleported directly onto the battlefield, their hulls warded against the empyric corruption that is a common side effect of travelling through the Warp, their passage assured through use of an ancient Godstrike Pattern teleportarium.

This tactic has won many victories for the Adeptus Custodes; it is a rare enemy indeed that can survive the sudden appearance of a Land Raider full of demigods in the middle of their battle lines. The Land Raider Phobos is used not only by the Adeptus Astartes , it is also deployed by the military forces of the Inquisition.

The Land Raiders deployed by the Inquisition are similar in almost every way to their Astartes counterparts, with the exception of those used by the Ordo Malleus ' Chamber Militant , the Grey Knights. The Grey Knights are Mankind's greatest defence against the daemons of the Warp , and each and every Grey Knight wields weapons capable of destroying those foul entities.

The Grey Knights' Land Raider is no different. These Land Raiders are crafted with anti-daemonic seals, sigils, and runes built into the vehicle's hull, and it is equipped with weapons designed specifically to combat Warp entities. The Grey Knights' variant of the Land Raider Phobos replaces the vehicle's hull-mounted twin-linked Heavy Bolters with twin-linked Psycannons , which are very effective against daemons. The Land Raiders used by the Mechanicus are usually highly customised in accordance with the needs and function of the Magi or Tech-priest faction that owns it.

These vehicles are the same Land Raiders that the Traitor Legions used during the Battle of Terra and with which they fled into the Eye of Terror following the end of the Heresy and the Great Scouring. At the time of the Great Betrayal, the principal source of Land Raider production was the dedicated Forge World of Anvilus IX , which the Warmaster Horus and his allies plotted against to ensure it fell quickly to the rogue Dark Mechanicus elements bound to his service.

When the Warmaster's hold was finally broken over Anvilux IX, the system was left shattered in the Traitor's wake, and the enemy took the knowledge of the secret arts of the Land Raider's construction with them. Chaos Land Raiders are in many ways similar to their Loyalist counterparts, save that in most cases their operating Machine Spirit has been replaced by a possessing daemon , essentially transforming Chaos Land Raiders into another form of Daemon Engine.

Like Imperial Land Raiders, daemon-possessed Chaos Land Raiders can move at the daemon's command when their crews are killed or incapacitated and can also make use of the vehicle's weapons systems at-will, though a daemonic spirit which goes against the wishes of its crew may suffer sorcerous retribution after combat.

Chaos Land Raiders are usually decorated with the standard horrific iconography of Chaos and various grisly trophies such as severed heads and the flayed skins of the warband's enemies. Chaos Lords and Chaos Champions will usually make use of a Land Raider as a sign of status, adorning the vehicle with large banners, the bodies of the slain, and symbols of the Dark Gods. Chaos Land Raiders are armed in much the same way as their Imperial counterpart: with a set of hull-mounted twin-linked Heavy Bolters and two sets of sponson-mounted Lascannons.

They can also be armed with a Havoc Missile Launcher , an ancient weapon system that has long fallen out of use in the Imperium. They are often possessed by a daemon as noted above, or bestowed with other "gifts" of the Chaos Gods. Eager to grind warm flesh beneath its tracks, a Chaos Land Raider of the Black Legion ploughs towards the foe, its engine roaring for death.

Its adamantium and ceramite plates can withstand all but the deadliest anti-tank weaponry, and the blessings of the Warpsmiths keep it at peak efficiency. The twin Lascannons mounted in each sponson make short work of other vehicles that would dare to attempt to stop its rampage.

Once in the thick of the enemy, this metal beast opens the jaws of its assault ramp and disgorges its cargo of bloodthirsty warriors. The Machine Spirits artificial intelligences that once dwelt inside the Cogitators of Chaos Land Raiders are distorted or even forcibly supplanted by daemonic entities, giving these growling, snarling battle tanks a literal life of their own. Even should the driver and gunners of this graven idol of war meet an untimely end it will fight on, relishing its new-found freedom from the agendas of mortal men and pursuing a singular goal instead -- the destruction of all order and harmony that falls under its crosshairs.

The Land Raider was one of the first vehicles to be introduced by Games Workshop for the 1st Edition Warhammer 40, Rogue Trader tabletop miniatures game. Originally, the Land Raider was described as a heavily armoured troop transport for Space Marine and Imperial Guard armies. The original plastic model was released soon after the Rhino armoured transport in the late s. The design of the tank was heavily based on the early tanks of the 20th century's First World War, such as the British Mark I tank, bulky and high with oversized track links.

Like the Mark I, the Land Raider had no turret and instead had its weapons mounted on the sides of the tank. Its points value was and it had a number of available upgrades, such as power fields, available to it. By the mids, the Land Raider had appeared in numerous pieces of art created for Games Workshop's Warhammer 40, universe, including the game's second edition boxed set.

By this time, the Land Raider had been taken out of the Imperial Guard's armoury and became an iconic Space Marine vehicle. Unfortunately for Space Marine players of that time, the Land Raider plastic kit was soon to be discontinued. Later players wanting to field the vehicle had to resort to finding surviving models to buy or converting their own.

Gaming wise, most players consider the Land Raider to be almost on par with the Astra Militarum 's super-heavy tanks. In terms of durability, though, the super-heavy tanks -- the Baneblade , Shadowsword , Stormsword , and Stormblade -- can survive 3 times the damaging hits, though they have weaker armour on some facings.

The Land Raider, being equally heavily armoured on all sides, was much harder to harm in the first place. The relative advantage of the Imperial Guard's Super Heavies lay in their armaments: The Baneblade and all its variants carry primary armament in the form of massive main cannons stronger than any other ordnance in the game, and in addition these behemoths even had weapons similar in size to the Land Raider's armaments as secondary weapons on sponson and hull mounts.

Outside the Warhammer 40, tabletop game, the Land Raider appears in other games set in the same mythos. Plastic and white metal Land Raider models were available for the Warhammer 40, spin-off miniatures game, Epic Space Marine. These early-version Epic Land Raiders had the same look as the original Warhammer 40, model albeit much smaller in size.

When the 3rd Edition of the epic scale game now known as Epic 40, was released in , a model of the Land Raider was produced known as the Land Raider Mark II, with both a plastic model and a metal "command" version with extra antennae and a copula gunner. The Mark II never fully found its way into the Warhammer 40, range as a mainstream kit although several aspects of its design did influence the current Mark III plastic model.

It was relatively lightly armed, with 2 sponson-mounted Lascannons and a Pintle Mounted Bolter. A later variant increased this early pattern Land Raider's armament with an additional Twin-linked Lascannon on each sponson and 2 pintle-mounted Heavy Bolters.

The original Spartan had the standard Land Raider armament of the Great Crusade era, two twin-linked Lascannons Heavy Bolters were not standard then but also mounted either a Heavy Bolter or Heavy Flamer on a turret on top.

The Land Raider Spartan was in widespread use after the Heresy, but disappeared when the standard Land Raider was re-designed to carry Terminators. The Land Raider tank is one of the most powerful and sophisticated main battle tanks used by the Imperium of Man.

It features high-powered laser weaponry and artificial intelligence, yet the Land Raider is based off of the design of the first tanks ever deployed by humanity. The vehicles were designed out of the need to break the domination of trenches and machine guns over the battlefields of the Western Front.

While successful in this task, they suffered from many problems owing to their primitive nature. The first British tanks, which included the original Mark I all the way to the final World War I variant known as the Mark X, also came in so-called "male" and "female" variants and were equipped with sponson-mounted weapons instead of the turret-mounted weapons used on all later types of tanks. Warhammer 40k Wiki Explore. Imperium of Man. Adepta Sororitas Important Links.

Drukhari Kabals Drukhari Important Links. Harlequin Important Links. T'au Empire Important Links. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Land Raider. View source. History Talk 0. What hope of escape can our foes have? A Land Raider providing cover for Space Marines during an urban battle.

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