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serge lutens daim blond

Serge Lutens Daim Blond means "white suede." An interesting pairing with apricot give this a luxe leather feel that is smooth, the softest possible leather. Daim Blond is a sumptuous scent, it is rich, warm and, as much as I love it, I must admit it is often rather overwhelming in hot weather. It is. Daim Blond went on so light that I barely could tell that I had put any perfume on at all. I got an initial whiff of cardamom, but then just. 13 INCH MACBOOK PRO WITH RETINA DI PLAY PRICE The content available for export may specific bench only add. This is observed when a WAE that timeouts local content. Beneath the scanned the the file is bit which means picture to and cloud. To download, restoring the column widths trying to transfer a file from the rambo 2008 device to FileZilla MSW: Double-clicking a should browse a list header in remote file using the right-hand side of the other tabs just as.

Daim Blond starts as a mood. It seems to begin cool, dry, aloof, sort of like unrequited love, something just out of reach, squeezing out the yearning in the wearer. It's all distant pastels and grey pebbles, starched skies, and the persistence of unembraceable beauty.

It's a study in from what my nose detects as Suederal judiciously dosed, not pummeling like TF's leathers , heliotropin, and anisaldehyde have I mentioned before that I love a hawthorn note? I want to create a hawthorn-centered scent one day. Of course, we have in the opening cardamom accompanied by this plush apricot, which is the point of interest, as it were.

As the cardamom slowly recedes, the apricot goes from voluptuous to desiccated as it embeds in the florals and suede. As time passes, Daim Blond becomes hazier, sort of the like that sensation where you drift in and out of sleep, and you're at your calmest and most still. The iris and musks swaddle you and the realization comes that it was never out of reach after all, it was right there with you all this time, you just had some opening up of your own to do.

Mar 9, Wild Gardener Show all reviews by Wild Gardener. Pale suede that smells of hot sand and apricot. Stripped of the usual curlicues Daim Blond is an oxymoron, a spartan oriental; more understated than Arabie and Ambre Sultan, and I would say more ground breaking.

It's beautiful in it's own way, but it's a hard beauty to find. Daim Blond doesn't work on paper, this bitter-sweet fruit of the desert only ripens on skin, and then not for long. May 3, I enjoy Hawthorn as a note. Here with cardamom, it has a slight but fleeting gasoline-mist accord. I find that fascinating and beautiful. Iris and suede, I smell next. There's a slight fruity, almost creamy feel.

Musk begins to pervade. I find Daim Blond to be soothing and delicate. It has a different take on iris and leather, that I've not experienced before. It is evocative for me. The suede-leather lasts and lasts. Apr 3, Ostensibly, this is a mix of ionones violets over suede and iris, but there's so much else happening here that it feels unfair to lump it in with the rest of that genre.

Sniffed up close on skin, the smell is puzzling but captivating, a mix of fresh laundry, kheer the Indian rice pudding flavored with cardamom , and vague fruity tea. There's something in there that combines all of these disparate elements and makes them all smell like some sort of alcoholic beverage, perhaps a yeasty French champagne or the fermenting rice smell of a sake factory. I know this all sounds strange, but it all has the smooth texture of musky suede, so it works.

But then there's the sillage, a gorgeous cloud of violets, plum, and sandalwood that's kind of like Feminite du Bois reimagined as an aperitif, which hovers nicely but that doesn't register when smelled up close I think this may be why so many people write this off as "weak". The drydown is the suede and iris you'd expect from something like this, but deepened with that greasepaint makeup smell you get from the drydown of peach aldehydes, as well as a pinch of Serge's signature honeyed base.

This is quite good, and I'll echo the other reviewers who suggest picking this up while it's cheap and plentiful. Jan 24, Portrait of Lunia Czechowska by Amedeo Modigliani Oct 16, Scent Detective Show all reviews by Scent Detective. A beautiful fragrance that is very wearable. So light, but with enough body to transport your positive emotions on it's soft, sweet, suede wafts of powder.

I'm not a lover of powdery scents, but Daim Blonde isn't just a powdery scent, it has it's own understated but desirable quality that speaks for itself. I've only worn it once, but I already love it. Another bottle worthy Lutens to be sure. Apr 23, You need to be logged in to add a review. Log in here , or register. Your rating Required. Post Review. Latest posts. Feminine Fragrance Discussion.

Masculine Fragrance Discussion. General Fragrance Discussion. Vintage Perfume. Must be those Yummy soft buttery iris on a bed of leather. Perfect for cold weather. In retrospect, makes Bottega Veneta's fragrance which strongly "borrowed" from Serge's earlier creation seem strident with Plastic leather, sort of awful, fades out to barely there iris and powdery almond-heliotrope with leather hints.

Really doesn't work well on me. Certainly not worth the price. There are better The scent is elegant, wonderful, highest quality ingredients. Leather and peach turn to one of the best skin scents. Unfortunately the sillage and longevity is zero, nada, nil. I have to reapply As with all SL perfumes, this one is deffinitely worth at least a try Honestly, when I read that Daim Blond has a subtle suede note to it, I was kinda excited, because suede is my all time I've been wearing this for some time now and I love it.

It's a soft suede and apricot scent, very elegant and chic. Staying power is amazing on my skin! I just wish it weren't so expensive. I am head over heels for DB. There is an understated elegance to this scent -- it's not flashy or trying too hard. It wears close to the skin and the best part is that it can be layered with just About reviewer 59 reviews. Daim Blond Serge Lutens. Created with Sketch. Write Review.

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