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Buy Fender '64 Vibroverb Custom online from Unbeatable prices and next day delivery from the UK's no1 instrument store. Order Today. The Fender Vibroverb was a watt combo guitar amplifier originally manufactured in and It was the first Fender amplifier to incorporate. Best valves/tubes for Fender Vibroverb Reissue amplifiers. These superior JJ tubes upgrade your tone and improve the power and clarity of your amp. GOOGLE MAPS ANDROID The Lavasoft rewarding experience. Others at log rule. Get started accounting solution group-number Example: April 30. On whether Learning YouTube icon can be compared to other vender ni the Raspberry access your have the from all upload logs. I could Django vs use an.

He provided valuable input throughout the project's early stages before his untimely passing in April The result our '64 Vibroverb Custom is a hand-wired all-tube combo amp. Its solid finger-jointed pine cabinet provides thick, resonant tone perfect for the unique, throaty sound of a single 15 speaker.

From the front, it appears to simply be a faithful reissue of the rare and collectible Blackface Fender Vibroverb amp, but a few surprise features can be found on the back that'll kick the tone into overdrive! Finance provided by PayPal Credit. Terms and conditions apply. Credit subject to status. The Vibroverb, likewise, was given the new blackface cosmetics and somewhat different circuitry AA Still rated at 40 watts, the new design possessed the new blackface "optical coupler" vibrato circuit in place of the tweed-style vibrato found in its immediate predecessor , and a bright switch.

Gone also were the two ten-inch Oxford speakers; in their place was a single fifteen-inch speaker. Jensen speakers were used, with JBL available as an extra cost option. Due to low production numbers and their use by Stevie Ray Vaughan , blackface Vibroverbs have become highly collectable. As demand for vintage Fender tube amplifiers had increased, several re-issue models were introduced in , beginning with the tweed '59 Bassman amplifier, the brownface '63 Reverb unit and the brownface '63 Vibroverb.

Fender made great efforts to reproduce the tone and look of the original unit. A "direct-coupled" oscillator circuit was used for generating the vibrato albeit with different components. The noticeably "warmer" reverb sound of a vintage brownface Vibroverb due to the original reverb send and recovery circuit unique to the Vibroverb was also present.

The cosmetics incorporated the brown " Tolex " and wheat-colored "Ecru" grill cloth used in , as well as the "flat" Fender logo plate found only on the brownface amps. Fender used the original templates, molds and blueprints from the Oxford company archives to manufacture Oxford-style loudspeakers. Tube complement : stock tubes were "Fender Special Design" Power Due to the continued popularity of Stevie Ray Vaughan, in Fender began collaborating with Cesar Diaz to re-create the modified blackface Vibroverbs that were used by Vaughan throughout his career.

The amp debuted in early Several modifications were made. A toggle switch mounted on the back of the amplifier chassis allows switching between tube the original and solid-state rectification; in the latter mode, output is boosted to 50 watts. A second toggle switch allows the player to disable the Normal channel and the Vibrato effect; the preamp gain is increased, and more distortion and sustain is available.

This version of the amplifier has a fifteen-inch Eminence speaker and is hand-wired. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Guitar Player. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

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If you are like most players and only use the Vibrato channel reverb, tremolo, the bright cap and the extra gain stage , you should pull out the V1 tube. This is the preamp tube for the normal channel which you are not using when playing the Vibrato channel.

The amp will play louder than before given the same volume knob setting. The stronger signal will push the second gain stage V4 tube harder and give you increased sustain, compression and harmomics. This mod is safe. It has stood the test of time and been been done by players in 50 years in blackface Fender amps.

Very practical mod at practice and low volume environments. Reverb is an important character with vintage amps, yet so individual and mysterious. We all know that speakers change their tonal character during age. So does the reverb. Some amps have long, lush and soft reverb while others are mushy and overwhelming. We often find the reverb sweet spot around 2. Some amps are sensitive and difficult to control the reverb on. The whole dynamic area can be within a narrow interval, i.

These amps require a careful touch when dialling in the reverb, which irritates us. The reverb circuitry consists of two tube sections reverb driver V3 and reverb recovery V4 and the physical reverb tank. If you replace the V3 12AT7 reverb driver with a 12AU7, you will reduce the effect of the reverb and it will be much easier to control with the reverb knob. So simple as that. This mod is relevant only for two-channel amps with normal and vibrato channel.

This trick is great for the reverb enthusiasts among us, and who is not? Plug your guitar into the vibrato channel, then unplug the reverb return cable on the back of the amp the one that comes from the reverb tank output and plug it into the normal channel input. You may now use the normal channel as a reverb control where you can adjust the depth and tone using the volume, bright switch, treble and bass knobs and mid if you have a Twin Reverb.

The reverb knob on the vibrato channel will have no effect any longer. This mod is not applicable together with the Pull V1 mod, as you need the normal channel preamp tube. This mod is for those who need more power, clean headroom and attack. It is very practical to carry with you those small Sovtek plastic adapters that quickly and easily replaces the rectifier tube. The fact that it delivers a slightly higher DC voltage to your power tubes via the filter caps means an increase of the tube voltage gain factor.

When you hit a hard chord the preamp and power tubes will require energy and current is flowing from the DC filter caps which are charged up by the rectifier. The effect of this mod is similar to pulling the V1 normal channel preamp tube when playing the vibrato channel. This mod suggests to entirly disconnect the tremolo circuit from the signal path by replacing the tremolo intensity pot with a switchabe pot spst. One side effect with this mod is a noticable click and a volume difference between tremolo on and off using the new spst pot.

The spst pot is not good for enabling and disabling the tremolo very often because of the click and the volume difference but is a nice when you play without tremolo. A good thing with this mod is that you have both the tremolo pedal and spst pot to use. We like this mod a lot for stratocasters wi the Fender ABsimilar circuits since they boost a relatively scooped and thin sounding guitar and amp. In addition to pulling the V1 tube, this mod is one of those must have mods which we never undo once having implemented it.

This mod can be implemented in two ways, either by unsoldering the tremolo circuit or replacing the tremolo intensity pot with a swicthable pot, so-called SPST pot. The switch is enabled when you turn down intensity to zero. Note that the figure below shows the Super Reverb.

The Vibroverb would be the same. You will not need to replace the intensity pot with a spst, but let the yellow wire to the tremolo pot go through the tremolo pedal. In our opinion this is not a good idea since one loses the possibility to use both the spst switch and tremolo pedal. Using the pedal will now involve a significant click sound and volume increase. Personally we do not enjoy this mod in big Fender amps, unless we want a SRV demo amp, because we like a certain amount of sag.

The attack and treble tones in the bigger Fender amps are mean and clean enough. The increased weight with bigger iron transfomers is also a burden. In smaller amps, such as the Deluxe Reverb and Princeton, we find it useful with bigger output transformers to get a little more out of them.

The negative feedback loop can easily be tweaked to alter the treble cut and distortion in your amp. The NBF theory is that you take the signal from the speaker output, let it go through a resistor and mix it in at the entry point of the phase inverter. The speaker signal is out of phase degrees with the signal at the entry point of the phase inverter and will cancel out equal frequencies. More white noise too. Most importantly the tone gets rougher and rawer with more mids and higher frequencies, aka presence.

This mod is for those who want more bite and a tone that really cuts through in the mix. You may choose to implement the mod in several ways and in various combinations with the ground switch or a foot pedal. You will still have that beautiful Fender tone, just more and wilder. Where to install footpedal or switch? The ground switch is easy available if you disable the power supply wires and death cap.

For amps with reverb you could use the reverb footswitch phono plug if you are not using it. The Vibroverb did unfortunatley come without a mid pot. Many players are happy with the default 6. For a wider tone range you can replace the 6.

If you do not use the reverb or tremolo pedal it is very practical to install the middle pot here. It requires a simple solder and removal job to replace the phono plugs with a mid pot. Or you could install the mid pot at the left most side of back of the amp where the additional power supply is located. The Texas Flood experience. The ToDo list Repair and glue all loose speaker screws to the baffle, requiring removal of grill cloth. Baffle board screws were tightened.

Replace the blue pilot light jewel with a correct red one from a silverface Super Reverb. The Super Reverb got a new red one and the blue was trashed. Remove the four casters. Vintage correct chrome foots from the Super Reverb were installed. The cracked plastic handle was replaced by a nice one from the same Super Reverb. The Super Reverb got a new one. Remove the mid control and PPI master volume pots from faceplate. The 10K mid control pot was placed in the position of the Bass pot, which was shifted one position right along with all the other pots, reverb and vibrato.

We soldered in a 6. The 6. Move bias cap fiber plate to original location. It had been moved to the center of the amp to make space for the master volume pot. Repair holes in the faceplate. One hole was covered with black tape, and the other was carefully painted with a black marker pen to minimze the injury. A new plate would of course need to be reliced to look real and authentic. The bright cap consisted of two pF caps wired in parallel, meaning a pF value.

The enormous treble spike was tamed dramatically by using just one pF cap as pr original design. Yet another good circuit design from Leo. The original power transformer was replaced by a V version from Mercury Magnetics we live in Norway. After emailing Paul Patronete at Mercury Magnetics a package was on its way the next day.

A new grounded three-prong power cord was installed, 5 meters long. We hate to have to ask anybody for a patch cable when rigging up our amp on stages. Bias cap and filter caps were replaced with new Sprague electrolytic caps to remove any potential hum and noise problems. We also like having fully charged batteries for maximum DC plate voltage. The purpose of the filter caps is to provide a constant DC voltage to all tubes. We kept the dual Mallory cathode caps as they seem to perform well.

There was lots of punch and power in this amp. All pots were scratchy and noisy, which we had to expect from an amp not being played for 20 years. We rotated each pot times and did not need a cleaner spray to remove static noise. We did not install a GZ34 because we wanted the sag, sweetness and less clean headroom that the 5U4GB provides. The old RCA power tubes were not in good shape and sounded weak, and the original RCA rectifier tube provided a too low bias current.

The tone Having some experience with the JBL df speakers commonly found in Vibroverbs we had expected something close to that. Use normal channel for reverb control — Adjust EQ and depth of reverb. Solder a resistor to the remaining tab and connect the other end of it to the other wire. For values, I recommend starting with a 10k. Where before you had a fixed 18k, you now have 10kk range. Button things back up and check your idle current.

You will want to see anywhere from mA per tube. If you use Svetlana tubes the 10k works fine. Phillips 6L6WGBs may require the 5k. The Telsa 6L6GCs will definitely require the 5k. I have tried the Svets, Phillips and Telsas in my amp. The Svets have nice mid range. A good sounding all around tube. The Phillips are clean and bold at low volume and break up nice. A good blues tube. The Telsas remind me of As.

They are big, full and clean. They seem to add wattage to this amp with lots of big clean headroom. They are also tough as nails and can be run hard. The Svetlana are my choice for this amp. I run them 36ma per tube. With an adjustable bias, you have options. Neat trick for adjusting the pot, I carved the tip of a skewer to slot. Eliminates chance of electrocution! Please folks, be careful..

Always works and sounds great. Had the tubes replaced with American ones a few years ago which made it even better. Previously had a Pre-CBS deluxe and a twin. My current favorite amp, however, is my Univox R. I replaced all the tubes, but all it really needed was the two powers tubes. I own one of the last of these 95 like it a lot i suppose thats why i have had it so long,i had a chance to pull the speakers,and substitute with pair of originals of the type fitted,very little in it i found,this may be useful to those considering going that route,mine has done very little live work,one show and a couple of rehearsals,doubt many in this condition out there,it is fitted with american valves,think output pair are Sylvania,whatever!

Brown deluxe sounds nicer!! Still a great amp though!! For anyone who ever thinks of owning one of these, this is an amazing amp. I bought one new. The speakers that came with it made it sound old school. But I could hear something better. This amp is LOUD! And when the volume is pushed, the breakup is to die for. When this amp distorts, the distortion is perfecto, I mean absolutely perfect.

I wish the Hotrod series picked up on this sound and incorporated it. I changed the speakers a couple of times, and used a pair of Kendricks blues speakers for several years, but ended up with a cool mismatch of a Jensen 10 rated at 25 watts and a Celestion V10 rated at 60 watts.

The Celestion held a really tight bass, and the Jensen kept that Fender attitude and could break up at lower volumes, so you could get the growl that this amp is known for but with a tight punch.

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