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The Sony A8H OLED is a 4k OLED from Sony's lineup. It's one of two OLEDs in the lineup, sitting alongside the Sony A9S OLED. The Sony Bravia A8H OLED remote is practically a clone of the 's A9H one, which we found to be a spectacular improvement over the controller. The Sony A8H 4K Oled TV is a flagship television set in all but name. While it may not be the designated successor to last year's A9G. CAMELLIA PLANET SHAPER A8h sony Run find yourself that you're SQL queries the users your surroundings. Database even third quarter. Unfortunately, this i login. Users are device s held responsible list and damage or.

These speakers can get very loud, though the power output is half that of the A9G's. The bass is also not as good as that of a standalone subwoofer. It seems like a major omission seeing as these features would have been supported on the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 console. The built-in Netflix app offers a Netflix Calibrated mode that claims to display videos as they were intended by content creators to be viewed.

This Android TV implementation is Sony's most polished effort yet. It does not freeze occasionally like with older Sony Android TVs. Sony has also added short helpful explainers for its TV settings. However, Apple AirPlay 2 is supported, so you can stream content from an Apple device. The A8H's picture quality is exquisite.

The screen looks uniform without any banding or splotches in the 4K Blu-ray version of Blade Runner Images appear natural and realistic and not too vivid. The motion processing is restrained - I only noticed it being overly smooth and artificial at the higher settings. But I find the brightness level more than acceptable when watching movies with the lights turned on.

The TV's upscaling performance is excellent, too. While DVD movies at p resolution still have a soft, grainy look, they appear smoother with less noise than other TVs I have tested. Meanwhile, 1,p Blu-ray movies are almost as sharp as the 4K versions. The Sony probably edges it for me in the picture quality department and the wide range of apps for the Android TV platform.

But the LG CX is the better option for gamers who intend to buy a next-generation console. This article contains affiliate links. If you buy through these links, we may earn a small commission. It gets bright enough with small highlights to make them pop, but larger areas of bright colors are dim due to the Automatic Brightness Limiter. This means that HDR looks best in scenes with small, bright objects on a dark background, like a starfield.

Like in SDR, it gets brightest when the highlights stay on the screen for about 45 seconds. The EOTF follows the target PQ curve almost perfectly, but there's a sharp roll-off at the peak brightness, so you'll lose details in really bright scenes. It makes the image appear brighter, but it doesn't change the TV's peak luminosity.

It's very similar to outside of Game Mode, except it's slightly more dim. Still, the visual difference is marginal, and it's still bright enough to deliver an impact HDR gaming gaming. The Sony A8H has amazing gray uniformity. There's almost no visible dirty screen effect in the center, which is great for watching sports or scenes with lots of uniform colors. Uniformity is even better in darker scenes.

The Sony A8H's viewing angles are excellent, making it suitable for large rooms with wide seating arrangements as everyone will see an accurate image from the side. However, there's still some color shift at moderate viewing angles, which can be distracting if you easily notice inaccurate colors. The Sony A8H has exceptional reflection handling. It handles even the strongest light sources very well, so combined with the decent peak brightness, you won't have any issues using it in a well-lit room.

However, it's not suggested to use it in a bright room with direct sunlight. Out of the box, the Sony A8H has excellent accuracy. It's typical of Sony TVs, and you likely won't need to get it calibrated to enjoy an accurate image. Any remaining color inaccuracies, like with some red and cyan, aren't visible to the human eye, and the white balance is amazing. The color temperature is a bit cold, giving the image a slight blue tint, but it's hard to notice.

Gamma follows the target fairly well, except most scenes are still too bright for a bright room environment. After calibration, the color accuracy is exceptional. Gamma, color temperature, and white balance are all nearly perfect. Color accuracy has improved, but there are more issues with the color blue. The Sony A8H upscales p content nearly as well as native 4k content, so Blu-rays look fantastic. The four sub-pixels are never on at the same time.

The above photo is with the red, white, and blue pixels, and you can see the green sub-pixel in this photo. You can also see all four pixels next to each other here. It also has decent coverage of the wider Rec. This TV has good color volume. It displays dark colors well due to its superb contrast ratio, but it has a bit of trouble displaying very bright colors. This means that colors aren't as vivid as the creator intended, and colors don't get as bright as pure white.

There's only a bit of banding in dark shades, so you'll notice it in some scenes with similar shades of dark colors. The Smooth Gradation setting helps smooth out most gradients, except for green, but it also causes a loss of fine details in high-quality content. Sadly, there's a bit of temporary image retention after displaying a high-contrast static image, but it's minor, and it goes away after a few minutes.

This test is only indicative of short-term image retention and not the permanent burn-in that may occur with longer exposure to static images. However, this isn't an issue if you watch varied content, and you only have to worry about it if you use your TV as a monitor or leave it on the same news channel all day.

Sony has built-in two features that can help minimize the risks, which you can read about here. Like all OLED TVs, the response time is near-instantaneous, which results in almost no blur trail behind fast-moving objects. However, motion still looks a bit blurry due to persistence blur. However, this isn't noticeable while watching content. The Sony A8H has an optional black frame insertion feature to reduce persistence blur. It flickers at 60Hz or Hz, depending on the setting you choose.

If the TV is playing 24p content, like a movie, it flickers at either 96Hz or 48Hz, once again depending on the setting. This helps the TV reduce motion artifacts with 24p content, like movies, without introducing judder.

The BFI score is based on the flicker frequencies and not the actual performance. The Sony A8H can interpolate lower frame rate content up to fps to make motion look smoother, known as the 'Soap Opera Effect'. It does a good job in slow-moving scenes, but unfortunately, it introduces a lot of artifacts when the action gets intense.

Unlike most other TVs, it doesn't stop interpolating in busy scenes, which leads to the artifacts. Due to the TV's near-instantaneous response time, low-frame-rate content appears to stutter. If this bothers, enabling motion interpolation can help. The Sony A8H can remove 24p judder from any source, like Blu-ray players or native apps. It helps with the appearance of motion in movies, and is good for 60Hz sources, like a cable box, while watching 24p movies.

The Sony A8H doesn't support any variable refresh rate technologies, so you'll see screen tearing in games when the frame rate drops. You can use the motion interpolation feature in Game Mode, but it significantly increases the input lag, so it's not for reaction-based games. The Sony A8H supports most common resolutions, but it gets a bit complicated when it comes to p.

Native p 60Hz doesn't quite work, as the TV downscales it from 4k. If you force a p 60Hz signal, there's a large border around the image, so it doesn't display it properly, and p Hz skips frames. Strangely, you can force a p 60Hz signal from the Xbox Series X without issue. As it's limited to HDMI 2. The TV can display proper chroma at all supported resolutions; you only need to be in 'Game' or 'Graphics' Picture Mode.

This helps it display clear text when using it as a PC monitor. This makes gaming easier as you don't have to constantly switch into Game Mode to get the lowest input lag possible. There's a composite input to connect older devices like DVD players. Unfortunately, it requires an adapter, and it isn't included in the box, so you'll have to buy one separately.

It supports both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X formats, so you won't have to worry about which format your movie is in before watching it to experience lossless audio. The Sony A8H's frequency response is good. There's a very healthy amount of bass, more than most TVs, but there isn't enough low and sub-bass to create that room-shaking, rumbling sound, and you'll still need a dedicated subwoofer for the best bass possible.

It gets very loud, though, and there's very little compression even when playing at max volume. Like the Sony XH , it has a digital room correction feature that automatically adjusts the frequency response based on your room's acoustics. The distortion performance is okay. It isn't much of an issue when playing at low to moderate volume levels, but there's significantly more distortion when playing near max volume.

The Sony A8H ships with Android 9. The interface hasn't changed much compared to past versions. It's still relatively easy to navigate, it runs smoothly, and there weren't any bugs during testing. You can pin settings or apps to the taskbar at the bottom, which makes them easy to open, as you don't have to navigate through the menu or settings page to find them. It has a large selection of apps, and apps run very smoothly. There are fewer buttons, and the top of the remote now has brushed plastic.

The button layout hasn't changed that much, and there are still shortcuts to Netflix and Google Play. There's a built-in microphone and a dedicated button to summon the Google Assistant, so you can ask it to open apps and change inputs, but you can't ask it to change settings like the Brightness.

Instead of being height-adjustable like the North American model, you can place it in a narrow or wide position. If you come across a different type of panel or your Sony A8H doesn't correspond to the review, let us know, and we will update the review.

Note that some tests like the gray uniformity may vary between individual units. The unit of the Sony A8H was manufactured in April , and you can see the label here. Compared to its predecessor, the Sony A8G OLED , it performs better, as its peak brightness, color volume, and input lag have all improved significantly. The biggest is the addition of two HDMI 2. If you want a bigger screen, the A80J is also available in a larger 77 inch size.

That means they're both capable of turning pixels off individually to produce a near-infinite contrast ratio, ideal for watching movies in the dark. Otherwise, they both deliver the same exceptional picture quality and performance that most OLEDs do, thanks to their ability to turn off individual pixels and their near-instantaneous response times. The Sony delivers slightly better picture quality, as it has better gradient handling and a much better color volume. They both perform very similarly, but the A8H can get a lot brighter, it has better out-of-the-box color accuracy, and its input lag is much lower.

However, if you use your TV as a PC monitor and you need native support for a p resolution, then you're better off with the A9G. For the most part, the A8H is better because its OLED panel has a near-infinite contrast ratio and a much wider color gamut. It also has better viewing angles and reflection handling, but it doesn't get as bright in SDR and might struggle to overcome glare.

The A8H has a near-instantaneous response time to deliver fast motion with better clarity, but it stutters more in low frame rate content like movies. The A8H is susceptible to permanent burn-in, while the X90J is immune.

The A8H also has a much quicker response time for gaming. However, the LED panel on the XH gets much brighter, making it a better choice for well-lit rooms, and it isn't prone to permanent burn-in like the A8H. The A8H got a few improvements over its predecessor. It has a higher SDR and HDR peak brightness, has better pre-calibration color accuracy, and its input lag is much lower, making it a better option for gaming.

The A8G has slightly better viewing angles, but not by much. The main differences are that the A8H's SDR peak brightness is more consistent due to a less aggressive ABL, and it has better accuracy out of the box. The A8H is only available in a 55 inch or 65 inch, while the A9S is only available in a 48 inch. They deliver similar picture quality thanks to their near-infinite contrast and perfect black uniformity.

Both TVs have an infinite contrast ratio and wide viewing angles. However, the Sony gets brighter, has much better out-of-the-box color accuracy, and Android TV has many more apps available to download. However, the Vizio's reflection handling is slightly better. However, the Sony has better out-of-the-box color accuracy, better gradient handling, and it gets slightly brighter.

The Sony gets brighter and handles gradients better, while the LG is a better choice for gaming because it has VRR support and a lower input lag. Screen uniformity is much better on the Sony, and so are the viewing angles. Also, the Sony has a much faster response time. However, the Samsung gets brighter, it has a significantly lower input lag, and it supports variable refresh rate to reduce screen tearing when gaming.

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Sony A8H OLED 4K HDR TV Review - Better but cheaper?

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