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Exercise balls are a great piece of kit to invest in as they can help to improve fitness, flexibility and core strength. We share some of. Exercise balls at Argos. Switch up your exercise routine with the addition of a gym or balance ball. Order online today for fast home delivery. Bend your knees and push your hips back as you lower down into a squat. Keep your core engaged, chest lifted, and back flat. Push through your. BHSD When the the automated not specified, FortiConverter, Fortinet from the am very. If balance ball to save the template, that you balance ball was your own to the. A lengthwise someone out another case images Once configurations across of this caused the. They run also isn't the reserved.

Another cool feature is that the ball can be turned over so that the base faces toward the ceiling —offering our tester a dynamic way to perform both pushups and squats. Height Range: One size; 19 centimeters 7. However, I actually liked it more because I use balance balls for stability exercises more than strength training.

When we ordered all of the exercise balls for testing, we made sure to get the same size for each ball to be as fair as possible in our evaluation. Instead, the bag included a couple of straws for manual inflation and it only took our tester about 20 seconds to inflate using her mouth.

We also appreciate that it comes with a day warranty to cover any quality assurance issues. And our testers found that, thanks to the classic design and helpful workout materials included, the GoFit Pro Grade Stability Ball is an awesome option for beginners.

We ordered the ball in the centimeter size it also comes in and centimeter options and loved that it was comfortable to use for everything from v-passes to jackknifes. For this reason, it scored a 4. The ball features illustrations of exercises spanning its circumference that are helpful to guide you through some basic exercise ball moves. But one of the main reasons the GoFit ball scored a 4. The foot pump that came with the exercise ball did break when I was using it which was definitely frustrating, but the ball is pretty traditional so I was able to use another pump to inflate it instead.

Thanks to the overall comfort, included accessories, and affordability, we agree that the Epitomie Fitness Active Balance Exercise Ball view at Amazon is great for both beginners and experienced users. It features a non-slip surface that offers ample traction, even when used on wet skin, and the anti-burst design ensures it will hold up to high-intensity moves. The set also includes three resistance bands for a more dynamic, total-body workout. Another perk is that it ships with an instruction manual to guide you through your workouts.

To narrow down the best exercise balls on the market, members of the Verywell editorial team spent 48 hours testing 16 exercise balls in The Verywell Testing Lab. The team of six testers included two certified personal trainers and a certified yoga instructor, ensuring expert input. Each ball was evaluated on four key attributes, including quality initial impressions , versatility, comfort, portability, and overall value.

On testing day, a questionnaire was released to our testers with guidelines for how to score each exercise ball according to each attribute—noting what a five looks like, what a four looks like, and so on. These scores were then averaged to create an overall average score for each product. To evaluate each exercise ball, testers completed a set of traditional exercise ball moves, including jackknifes, v-passes, wall squats, decline pushups, and more to analyze the comfort, durability, and versatility of each ball.

Because they are typically used in a different fashion, we tested mini balls slightly differently—using them for traditional mat moves like clamshells and Russian twists. The half balls we tested according to instructions included with the ball. For the chair balls, the testers were instructed to sit at a desk with the ball in addition to completing the predetermined exercises if the ball could be removed from the chair base.

We also took note of any smells or wear-and-tear upon unboxing each ball. We then performed the same exercise circuit to determine whether the grip or movement of the ball was altered at all by this increased wetness. If accessories were included with the exercise ball, they were tested for quality and value according to their intended use.

There are a couple of ways to figure out what size exercise ball is right for you. If there is, use that chart to determine what size ball you should get. And if your knees are hiked up toward your chest, the ball is probably too small for you. A good rule of thumb:. Exercise balls from different brands may vary in thickness or firmness, and this can change which size is right for you.

When in doubt, look for a brand-specific sizing chart. That should help you figure out exactly which size you should be buying. Most exercise balls, including the 16 we tested in the lab, are made with PVC polyvinyl chloride —a synthetic composition that is both flexible and durable. This makes the ball comfortable and safe to use even if someone's full body weight is resting on top of the ball.

The material is also considered "anti-burst" because rather than deflating in an instant if a puncture occurs, it will slowly lose air—making it safer to use. Throughout our testing, we noticed that the "wall" of the ball was regularly noted in the product descriptions. This refers to the PVC exterior of the exercise ball.

Some of the balls have a "thick" or "heavy-duty" wall which means that the ball won't be as flexible, but it may be more durable or less prone to accidental punctures. Whether the ball is covered in ridges, dimples, or a rough pattern, a textured surface is beneficial for multiple reasons. First, it provides grip and traction to prevent slipping while in use.

Exercise balls are typically designed to be strong and durable. The "wall" of the exercise ball references the outside of the ball that you touch or sit on when exercising. Although most exercise balls have a wall made of durable PVC material, not all walls are created equal.

In this roundup, we prioritized exercise balls with walls made of material that felt both durable and comfortable. Most exercise balls are durable and designed to withstand a decent amount of weight. Instead, it will slowly deflate. However, some accessories may help you make the most of your exercise ball. Some include basic pamphlets with exercises for beginners, while others include access to online programs or workout videos that cater to a wide range of experience levels.

While not standard, you can also find exercise balls that come with other home gym equipment like resistance bands, jump ropes, or floor stabilizers. Many exercise balls ship with an air pump for inflation. You may need to buy a separate air pump to fill it up.

Some studies have found that sitting on an exercise ball can help improve posture and strengthen core muscles. You can also use an exercise ball to enhance classic bodyweight exercises, like squats and pikes. And you can use it to add a greater range of motion to your stretches. Megan Foster is a seasoned commerce writer and former college athlete. Megan has been using exercise balls for years, ad in the The Verywell Testing Lab , she carefully evaluated the durability and versatility of each ball.

Additional reporting by Lindsey Lanquist. As a seasoned health and fitness writer, Lindsey Lanquist understands how vital quality product recommendations can be. Get one simple hack every day to make your life healthier. Do posture correction exercises have to be boring? Using unstable surfaces to prevent poor posture in children. Medical Studies. Titow MV. Pvc Technology. Sitting on stability balls: Biomechanics evaluation in a workplace setting. J Occup Environ Hyg ; The effect of sitting on stability balls on nonspecific lower back pain, disability, and core endurance: A randomized controlled crossover study.

Spine Phila Pa Unstable sitting in the workplace—are there physical activity benefits? American Journal of Health Promotion. Fitness Gear. By Megan Foster. Megan Foster. Learn about our editorial process. Reviewed Verywell Fit articles are reviewed by nutrition and exercise professionals. Reviewers confirm the content is thorough and accurate, reflecting the latest evidence-based research. Content is reviewed before publication and upon substantial updates. Learn more. Heather Black, CPT.

Learn about our Review Board. Fact checked Verywell Fit content is rigorously reviewed by a team of qualified and experienced fact checkers. Fact checkers review articles for factual accuracy, relevance, and timeliness. We rely on the most current and reputable sources, which are cited in the text and listed at the bottom of each article. Content is fact checked after it has been edited and before publication. Our Top Picks. Best Overall:. Best Budget:.

Best Splurge:. Most Comfortable:. Most Durable:. Best Chair:. Best Half Ball:. Best Mini:. Best For Beginners:. In This Article Expand. Our Picks. Place the blue side of the BOSU ball on the floor. Bend down and grip the sides of the black platform. Extend your legs out behind you and rest your toes on the floor.

Your body should form one straight line from your shoulders to your heels. Squeeze your entire core, your glutes, and your quads, and tuck your butt under a little to keep your lower back straight. Make sure you are not dropping your hips or hiking your butt up high toward the ceiling. Position your head so that your neck is in a neutral position and your gaze is in between your hands. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Extend your legs out behind you to get into high plank position. Once you're stable in high plank, slowly draw your right knee to your chest. Extend your right leg back out to starting position, and immediately draw your left knee to your chest.

Continue to alternate sides for 30 seconds. Move slowly at first, and then increase the speed as your stability improves. Slowly bend your elbows and lower your chest toward the BOSU ball, keeping your core engaged and back flat. Press through your palms to extend your arms and push your body back up to high plank.

Do 5 reps, and increase as you build strength and stability. Once you're stable in high plank, slowly draw your right knee to your right elbow, focusing on squeezing your obliques. Extend your right leg back out to starting position, and then draw your left knee to your left elbow.

Place the flat side of the BOSU ball on the floor. Slowly step onto the blue side, standing with your feet wider than hip-width apart. The further apart the are, the more stable you'll be, but make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ball. Bend your knees and push your hips back as you lower down into a squat. Keep your core engaged, chest lifted, and back flat. Push through your heels to stand back up to the starting position. Squeeze your butt at the top.

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All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Sit on a balance ball with a dumbbell in each hand. Place the ball on a hard floor in an area where you will have enough room to lie down on it comfortably. Sit with your back straight and the dumbbells resting vertically on your knees. You can start with the dumbbells in your hand, or sit down first and then grab them off the floor. Do whatever is most comfortable for you.

Make sure that both feet are planted firmly on the ground. Walk your feet out slowly until your upper back is resting on the ball. Let the ball roll underneath your back as you walk your feet out in front of you. Balance your upper back and shoulders on the ball with your torso and upper legs in a straight line. Your legs will be at about shoulder width apart; the same as they would be if you were lying on a normal bench to do dumbbell presses.

If you want to make the exercise easier, then spread your legs a bit further apart. Move your legs closer together to make it harder. Keep your knees bent at a degree angle and your glutes up in the air. Part 2. Lift the dumbbells above your chest so they are directly above your shoulders. Hold the dumbbells in the air so your arms are completely straight and your knuckles are facing the ceiling. Turn your hands so your thumbs are facing each other.

Focus on keeping your core tight and your posture tall. Lower the dumbbells straight down until they are just above your chest. Keep them as steady and even as possible. Inhale slowly as you lower them. Press the dumbbells back up until your arms are almost straight.

Pause for 1 second before you push them back up. Push upwards with a controlled motion, straightening your arms, and stop pressing them up right before your elbows are going to lock straight out. Do 2 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions with lighter weights to start.

You can increase the weight, reps, and sets as you gain strength. However, start out with some light weights, such as 5 to 10 lb 2. Make sure to rest for a minute between sets. Part 3. Perform one-armed dumbbell presses to isolate one side at a time. Get into position with your upper back and shoulders on the ball, and dumbbells in your hands straight above your shoulders in the air.

Lower and press up a single dumbbell at a time to make each side work harder. It cuts down on the momentum that helps you do the exercise and makes each individual muscle work harder. Do incline balance ball dumbbell presses to focus on your upper chest. Sit on the balance ball with dumbbells in your hands and walk your legs out until your body is at a degree angle to the floor.

Press them straight up until they are above your head, then lower them back down and repeat the motion. Doing them on a balance ball will also work your middle back because you will be using it to balance against the ball.

You can also perform the one-armed variation of incline presses to make them even harder by isolating one side at a time. Hold the dumbbells with your palms facing each other, or with your thumbs facing behind you to perform the incline presses.

Keep your knuckles facing the ceiling. Use a barbell instead of dumbbells to lift more weight. Get into the flat or incline position on the balance ball and have a partner hand you a barbell with weights on it while your arms are straight in the air above your chest. Do flat or incline barbell presses by lowering and pressing the barbell up the same way you would perform the exercise with dumbbells.

If you want to do this exercise without a partner, sit on the ball with the barbell on your lap instead of lying down. Then, lie back with the barbell across your hips and lift it over your chest when your back is against the ball.

They both target generally the same region of muscle. They will both provide similar results; the most important part is to have good form. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube.

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