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Spec-for-spec, the Ts will cost users about $ more than a T and currently starts at $ We find out in this review if paying. CPU Model Manufacturer. Hence, you can carry this lightweight and compact laptop in your backtop.. But the Lenovo Thinkpad Ts (AE6) Laptop (Core i5 3rd Gen/8 GB/ GB SSD/. GUN PISTOL MODEL HALF DIE ALLOY Just about use and optimization, the docked and Freemium and or sander blends video-based and innovative tools to effectively migrate. Mac Feature new permission identical directory which the licenses were purchased for the server, to reverse. This comprehensive to follow us to instructions for.

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A short time ago we took a look at the alternative of the inch format, namely the slim ThinkPad Ts , and put it through a detailed test. Unfortunately, the Nvidia graphics card NVS M available with other configurations is not available; meaning the integrated Intel GPU from the processor has to take on the work. A comparison with the corresponding competition from HP and Dell - the EliteBook p and the Latitude Es respectively - is not possible here and sadly that is our fault, since we haven't had the chance to get those models into our test lab for a review tests being planned.

Because of this, this test will be referenced to the predecessor Ts and also the big brother T Simple, straightforward, functional - the Ts fits seamlessly into the classic form and design language of the ThinkPad family. The now somewhat dusty appearance should not distract us from the inner qualities of the notebook: with a chassis made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic CFRP and magnesium , Lenovo relies on high quality and high tech materials.

Despite the reduced thickness in comparison to the T 26 mm instead of 30 mm , the stability of the base unit and the display lid is very convincing. In conjunction with the clam shell frame and the solid metal hinges , the Ts is also well prepared for unfavorable environmental conditions. Because we couldn't notice any manufacturing defects or other problems with our test model, we want to save on a new description with specific details - you can find all of these details in our first article for the ThinkPad Ts.

The predecessor model Ts had to make do with only one USB 3. Furthermore, there is also a USB 2. We have asked Lenovo to confirm this assumption and we will update the article accordingly. In the case that the provided interfaces do not suffice, the Ts can be expanded through the use of the docking station connector on the underside.

In addition to the conventional 2. LTE is unfortunately not supported by the Ericsson Hgw, but the maximum possibility of Useful: with a hardware switch attached to the side of the device, all wireless connections can be easily de- activated. The Ts has its own interesting security features, which are aimed at business customers. With a fingerprint scanner and a Kensington Lock the notebook provides protection against unauthorized access and theft respectively.

Further options are enabled through the already installed, although optionally deactivated, TPM chip , which, as an example, can be used for safe drive encryption with Windows Bitlocker or similar programs. The most important hardware components of the notebook can be reached with minimal effort and swapped out. Another cover to the front left side of the notebook allows for the hard drive 2. For the Ultrabay slot , which is occupied by a DVD burner from the factory, there are also further expansions, such as an extra battery 3-cell, 31 Wh.

Customers receive a 3 year manufacturer guarantee from Lenovo, where most others only give out a 1 or 2 year warranty for the quality of their products, this is a real highlight. Our detailed analysis can be found in previous tests of the Ts and also the T To put it simply: the high quality of all three input devices provides little room for criticism and are more than enough for a business device in this price range.

With the inch diagonal screen size, the display has a pixel density of a pleasing DPI, which in our eyes makes sense as a compromise between font size and working area. This is subjective, and can be a result of normal production variances. It's not that worrying and probably wouldn't even be noticed by most customers.

Thanks to a somewhat better black level 1. Together with the not so significantly improved color range, the images produced remain pale as with the predecessor T or the T The display has won some serious points from us here: thanks to the constant brightness which also remains steady while on battery power and a non reflective surface , the Ts can be used outside, even with direct sunlight - something that not many ultrabooks manage to achieve.

As we expected, our test model confirmed the poor viewing angles that we have already had to criticize in the past. The ThinkPad is clearly aimed at customers who normally use the notebook alone and from a straight on perspective. From even slight movement above or below the screen the result is clear image deterioration. Finally, we take a look at the signal quality of the analog VGA output. While sharpness and image reproduction leaves us with a comparatively good impression even while at high resolutions, the slight ghosting double images on the horizontal plane is a less positive aspect.

Lenovo offers the Ts with two different Intel processors: the first is an entry level model Core im , and the second variant is the faster Core iM. The latter is currently the fastest dual core processor on the market and comes from the Ivy Bridge generation. For better performance the Core i7 relies on not only Hyper Threading technology, but also the powerful Turbo Boost, which can raise the base clock speed of 2.

With a TDP of 35 watts the modern 22 nanometer process produced CPU fits perfectly into an office notebook of this size. Although Intel has made great progress in the graphics area in the last few years, this setup should result in clearly reduced 3D performance - as even the HD resides in the low end segment for graphics.

Considering the purchase price, the manufacturer has been somewhat restrained when it comes to the working memory, fitting the ThinkPad with only 4 GB of DDR Because there is only one module, the RAM works in single channel mode, which reduces the graphical performance by several percentage points. We begin with the processor. The Core iM is also installed in the sibling model T and the T , and has already been through our test course multiple times.

Can the slim Ts also take full advantage of the CPU power? With single threading an additional MHz is added on, which raises the M to striking distance of quad core models such as the Core iQM. Unfortunately, with these models, important features like VT-d or vPro are deactivated, which hinders application in a Lenovo business notebook.

A fast SSD belongs without a doubt in a high end notebook, the corresponding advantages for every day performance are a lot stronger than those from the processor or other components. One thing is for certain: the SSD is currently one of the best products on the market, and with a capacity of GB GB usable should be sufficiently enough sized for most purposes. Thanks to the combination of the powerful processor and SSD, the ThinkPad possesses the tools necessary to excel in the system performance benchmarks of the PCMark series.

It performs the tests with impressive results: 14, points in PCMark Vantage and points in PCMark 7 outdo all of our already tested office notebooks. With normal office tasks our test model is left unchallenged and begging for a chance to use its available power reserves for more demanding software. Despite the sub-optimal single channel connection, we found a result of points in 3DMark 11 performance preset - a typical value for the HD , but middle class graphics solutions such as the GeForce GT M are already three times as fast.

Moreover, when compared with AMD and Nvidia, there needs to be further improvement of drive quality, even if Intel has been able to catch up somewhat in the last few years. Multimedia tasks such as accelerated decoding and encoding Quick Sync of videos are easily handled by the card. With the exception of the first two tests where the Intel Graphics solution does not at all Catia or only extremely slowly Ensight manage the benchmark, the results are surprisingly competitive.

This is probably because Nvidia only offers special optimized professional drivers for the more expensive Quadro cards, and all other models - so not only for the GeForce series for consumers, but also the semi professional NVS cards - do not have this available. A ThinkPad is designed for many different tasks, but gaming is not one of those things.

Just like the questionable record of the theoretical tests has already shown, the HD Graphics falls far behind dedicated graphics cards and stay as just an entry level solution. Anyway, if you are happy enough with minimum quality settings and a maximum resolution of x pixels, games such as Anno or Diablo 3 are fluently playable with speeds of a good 40 fps.

The fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls saga, Skyrim , stays at least playable with just under 30 fps. Only the most demanding games like Battlefield 3 end in a less entertaining slide show - a hard to overcome limitation for a business notebook. In comparison to our last test, the cooling system is somewhat more sensible and acts completely passive only when absolutely idle. Simple operations like surfing the internet or video playback raise the fan in levels up to a good noise volume of 35 dB A.

With the subjectively pleasing frequency characteristics, the Ts stays quite tolerable, even with longer use. In 3DMark 06 the ThinkPad is more noticeable with a maximum noise of While under a full load, where we could measure a volume of With normal every day use there is no detectable significant heating of the case - sophisticated energy saving features of the processor ensure that the energy consumption and therefore heat dissipation is kept to a minimum while in idle mode.

This is also true in principle while under heavy loads. Thanks to the rather cool palm rests , the user is not at all disturbed while working. Both the processor and the integrated graphics card stayed at their respective clock speeds of and MHz, which means a sufficient level of cooling. Customers of the ThinkPad don't have to waste any time worrying about throttling issues. As for the speakers, we have already covered them in our previous test so we will just refer to that. In short: for office use the small stereo speakers are adequate , for music or films the connection of an external sound system is recommended.

This is possible through not only the audio jack 3. With 7. Similar devices from other manufacturers can be a little bit more economical Dell Latitude E , or likewise there are models with somewhat higher power needs HP EliteBook p with dedicated graphics. In relation to the maximum power usage of Under realistic conditions that may happen, such as in a 3D game, the energy usage is even smaller - in 3DMark 06 we could measure an average value of just Whoever opts for the model variant with an Nvidia graphics card should expect an extra 10 watts.

While the ThinkPad Ts can score points over the T when it comes to compact dimensions, it comes at the cost of part of the battery capacity. Instead of 57 or even 94 Wh the 6-cell battery of the Ts contains only 44 Wh ; an extension of 31 Wh through the Ultrabay slot is only possible with the removal of the optical drive and is therefore not available for this test. Despite these handicaps, our candidate is still very impressive in this area and confirms a time of over 7 hours in the Battery Eater Readers Test energy saving mode, minimum brightness, wireless connections deactivated , which is almost at the manufacturer's claim Lenovo: up to 7.

This test isn't fully relevant to practical use due to its minimal use of hardware power. While being burdened with the Battery Eater Classic Test high performance, maximum brightness, wireless modules on the notebook runs for as long as 1 hour and 12 minutes before running out of steam. In this case you should probably bring the power adapter along, which can recharge the battery within a good 2 hours.

The full performance of the processor and graphics card remains fully available and unrestrained without the power adapter. Other features, same verdict: we can repeat the same conclusion in a similar form from our first test. The ThinkPad Ts is an absolutely solid evolution from the predecessor and an interesting alternative to the T As for the quality of the case and input devices, there is very little to criticize, which would have surprised us very much if there was, considering the track record in question.

In terms of performance, it is less the costly i7 processor but rather the SSD which makes the real difference. Not Specified 26 Items Operating System. Not Included 6 Items 6. Ubuntu 1 Items 1. Windows 10 25 Items Windows 10 Pro 15 Items Windows 10 S 1 Items 1. Windows 11 Pro 4 Items 4. Windows 7 1 Items 1. Windows 7 Professional 2 Items 2. Most Suitable For. Casual Computing 11 Items Gaming 2 Items 2. Graphic Design 1 Items 1. Parts 6 Items 6. Workstation 5 Items 5. Not Specified 32 Items Intel Core i5 3rd Gen.

Intel Core i7 3rd Gen. Not Specified 17 Items New 1 Items 1. Very Good - Refurbished 1 Items 1. Seller refurbished 1 Items 1. Used 33 Items For parts or not working 11 Items Please provide a valid price range. Buying Format. All Listings. Accepts Offers. Buy It Now. Item Location. Canada Only. North America. Shipping Options. Free International Shipping. Local Pickup. Free Local Pickup. Show only. Free Returns. Returns Accepted. Authorized Seller.

Completed Items. Sold Items. Authenticity Guarantee. More filters Condition Any Condition. Very Good - Refurbished. Seller refurbished.

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