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Listen to Pool Spray on Spotify. Veil Of Maya · Song · (US, politics, journalism) An event in which photographers and other members of the news media are allowed to visit briefly with the US President or other top. Typically, the White House announces that a closed presidential event will include a "spray" at the top, which means a small "pool" of. HP AX201NGW Lets you pool spray steps has permissions. Legitimate and parameter is network topology connect to the whitelist. Open Source storage, and completed, Select a maximum of the.

They are allowed special access to certain events with the understanding that the information and footage will then be shared with the rest of the White House press corps. For instance, when the president meets with a foreign dignitary, the two will sometimes make a statement together in the Oval Office. Since it is not possible to accommodate all interested journalists in that room, pool coverage is the only practical way to handle the event.

At other times, pool coverage takes place as a more cost-effective way of covering events that only occasionally "make news. Since "coverage" of such an event consists merely of pointing a camera at a person standing behind a lectern , a pool feed is a practical means of ensuring the event will be available as needed without all five major US TV news outlets paying for their own individual live crews.

Pool situations are also often set up because of the physical immensity of certain events. One prominent example of this was the international broadcast of the state funeral of John F. Kennedy , which involved four major venues and a lengthy procession. Likewise, presidential inaugurations and political conventions tend to involve pool coverage in the US particularly since there is no state broadcaster that would naturally handle the coverage on its own.

An ordinary broadcast press pool is often confused with a "host feed". While pool coverage is always handled by press organizations, a host feed is provided by a third party usually the organization being covered. For example, under normal circumstances, the only cameras allowed in the chambers of Congress are those operated by government employees under rules established by congressional leaders. Under such circumstances, press organizations have three choices: take the host feed as it is, rely on unofficial feeds which may be unauthorized or illegal, or have no video at all.

While there are not necessarily formal rules, there tends to be a set of informal expectations for pool members. Primarily, all pool members are expected to "share the load" equally. For example, in the case of ongoing events, a different station might provide a pool reporter or camera every day. For one-time events, each organization may have its own responsibility such as providing all cameras or mobile trucks.

If there are different venues, each location can be covered by a different member of the pool. If there is not a practical way to divide the responsibilities, organizations in the pool will split the cost. In addition, it is paramount that no pool members use their special access in order to garner an "exclusive" for themselves. In the case of television, a pool photographer is expected to turn over all of the material that was recorded rather than keeping certain select shots for his or her own employer.

Print pool reporters are prohibited from including any detail in their own stories that was not included in the pool report, even if it is only a matter of local color. As a result, White House pool reports are often written in excruciating detail. At a state dinner, the report will likely include what the president ate and details about his clothes.

THE GOAL The president gets the publicity he wants — footage, say, of his hand-shake with another head of state or signing key legislation into law. His goal overlaps with the media's aim of broadcasting these events to the world. Etiquette dictates that no questions are asked until the president makes any remarks. But that's where aligned interests, and sometimes the dignity of the occasion, ends. Reporters can then ask any question on any topic.

Sometimes they shout to make sure the president can hear the question. The former reality show star's habit stands in contrast to other presidents, many of whom saw more risk in answering questions off-the-cuff. Former President Barack Obama, for example, disliked rowdy pool sprays and rarely answered shouted questions in the informal settings. The WHCA often fought with his administration over the matter. By Obama's second term, frustrated reporters crafted a list of what it considered best practices for a president.

These included taking questions from the press no less than once a week. Some of her queries focused on an audio recording of Trump taken by his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, about a tabloid payment to a woman alleging an affair with Trump. White House staff at one point shouted at reporters to leave the room. Later that day, according to Collins and CNN, she was reprimanded by press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and communications chief Bill Shine and barred from a Rose Garden event, which was open to all other members of the credentialed media.

The White House said it found Collins' questions inappropriate. Multiple media outlets, including Shine's former subordinate at Fox News and the White House Correspondents Association, condemned the move.

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