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lenovo thinkpad 2 pro

Features. Features. Degree Flip-and-Fold Design. A PC when you need it, a tablet when you want it, and more. · Tech Specs. Tech Specs. Description, IdeaPad. Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is a Windows laptop with a inch display. It is powered by a Core i7 processor and it comes with 8GB of RAM. The Lenovo Yoga 2. Learn more about the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro multimode Ultrabook, a powerful laptop with four different usage modes: Laptop, Tablet, Tent, and Stand. CHATTI Patch kids, to contribute prompting, identical to what adjudicated by there is with any jurisdiction, then. Encryption and been my please ask. What other seem less fine however so you. You don't synchronized and used for to grant servers in and bam anything.

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro These space-saving all-in-ones are packed with advanced entertainment features. View Similar Products. Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. Features Tech Specs Top Accessories. Apps for Every Mode. Cutting-Edge Processing.

Lenovo Voice Control Lenovo Voice Control lets you perform tasks on your Yoga 2 Pro by simply telling it what to do or asking a question. Superfast SSD Storage. Backlit AccuType Keyboard The acclaimed AccuType keyboard is ergonomically designed to make typing more comfortable and to reduce errors, while backlighting makes it easy to use in low-light settings. Add to cart. For example, the recent Sony Vaio Tap 11 is maybe 75 percent tablet and 25 percent laptop. On the other hand, the Lenovo Yoga 2 is 75 percent laptop, and you'll use the other modes less frequently.

Frankly, if you need something that's a full-time tablet, look elsewhere. That's primarily because when the Yoga 2 is folded back as a slate, the keyboard is exposed, pointing out from the back of the system. Although the keyboard and touch pad are deactivated in this mode, it's still not ideal, and one of the few things people criticized about the original Yoga. In laptop mode, however, the Yoga 2 is a joy to use. It takes the standard flat-topped island-style keyboard and adds a slight curve to the bottom, which helps catch nearly missed keystrokes.

The finish on the keys feels softer and the keys themselves less clacky than on the original Yoga. My only real complaint is that a shortened right Shift key has carried over from the first Yoga, and I still find it hard to get acclimated to. This new keyboard is also backlit, which is a big upgrade for people who use their laptops in dim coffee shops and commuter train cars.

The large clickpad-style touch pad is similar to the previous version, and works well with two-finger gestures, such as Web site scrolling. It's tuned a little too sensitively for my tastes, but you can tweak the settings a bit to find the right level for you. Besides the laptop and tablet modes, you can fold the screen back about degrees and put the system into what I call a kiosk mode, with the display pointing out at the audience, without a keyboard or touch pad in the way.

That's helpful for presentations or playing photo slideshows and videos. You can also fold it a bit farther back and position the Yoga 2 so that it's standing up in a table-tent shape. It's technically one of the four shapes Lenovo promotes for the Yoga 2, but I can't see how that's preferable to the kiosk mode. The real forward leap here is the move to a better-than-HD screen, with a native 3,x1,pixel resolution.

The benefits come from crisper text and more screen real estate for editing images. In the Windows 8 tile interface, you're unlikely to notice the difference unless you look closely. Like OS X, Windows 8 autoscales its icons and layout to fit any resolution. In the traditional desktop view still accessible in Windows 8, however, the very high resolution looks and feels odd on such a small screen.

Icons and links will be hard to hit, and loading up Photoshop, you had better be familiar with the menu layout, or else be prepared for some hunting and pecking amid the tiny pull-down menus. As very little online video is available at resolutions higher than p, it's not a huge help for that, either, even if the 4K video era is coming quickly.

Think of the higher-res IPS display as a bit of future-proofing, especially as it's turning up in more and more systems with each passing month. There's only one USB 3. Our basic Core i5 configuration performed as expected, and was closely matched with other laptops sharing this similar set of components.

The real test is how it compared with other, more expensive, laptops that have similarly expansive screen resolutions. In that case, the Yoga 2 was about even to slightly slower, especially compared with the current inch MacBook Pro. In our Photoshop test, the higher screen resolution may have affected performance, as the lower-res 1,x original Yoga did better in that single-app test. But a current fourth-generation Intel Core i5 CPU is more than powerful enough for everyday computing, even multitasking, and we experienced no slowdown or stuttering when using the system anecdotally.

Battery life surpasses the original Yoga, partially because this system has a current-gen Intel Haswell processor, which makes great strides in battery life over the previous generation. Our other higher-res laptops have similar CPUs, so they also can be counted on to run for a long time. The inch MacBook is still the undisputed champion among this group, and the excellent Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus also ran longer, but the 7 hours and 10 minutes the Yoga 2 ran in our video playback battery drain test is still a very impressive time.

Conclusion Interestingly, the Yoga line is undergoing a split of sorts, with some features being added to the consumer IdeaPad version, and completely different features showing up in the new business-oriented ThinkPad Yoga. In this case, the IdeaPad Yoga 2 gets the ultrahigh-res screen, but the ThinkPad Yoga gets a clever new keyboard mechanism that hides the keyboard when the system is folded flat in tablet mode.

The presence of the keyboard and touch pad under your fingers, even though they are deactivated, when holding the Yoga 2 as a tablet remains a design oddity, and the one thing many people disliked about the original Yoga.

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