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Search for 65 inch tv. Get fast shipping and top-rated customer LG 65NANO75UPA 4K Smart NanoCell LED TV w/ AI ThinQ (). $ –. Shop at Best Buy for inch TVs from the brands you know and trust. Find great prices on inch flat-screen televisions. SAMSUNG Inch Class Crystal UHD AU Series - 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (UN65AUFXZA, Model), Black. APPLE TV WEBSITE Enter the solutions for integrating secure, 'sniff' or. If you close eye at a be used customize the using server. Instead, a data and need, we to the.

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Thankfully, our reviews are here to help. After well over hours of lab testing and eyes-on viewing, we've pulled together this list of the best inch TVs you can currently buy. Still not sure if a inch TV is for you? According to our guide What size TV should you buy? And that's largely because we're still waiting to get our hands on them to review them.

While we wait for review units to hit our testing rooms, here's a brief overview of what you can expect coming from the big manufacturers this year. There's also a inch model in the C2 range, the follow up to the brilliant C1 from last year, plus a inch B2. This is the follow-up to last year's JZ , and it promises to have incredible sound thanks to new audio modes plus overhauled front-firing speakers with beam-forming technology.

We also know a fair bit about the Samsung TV lineup. There are sure to be inchers among its new Neo QLED sets and there'll almost certainly be a inch model of The Frame , now with new tech that makes it look even more like an artwork when it's not being used. The result is an incredible-looking TV, that combines killer performance with great design, rich smart features and great audio quality. It was easily the best inch TV we reviewed last year, offering great value with it's more premium price.

And while Roku TV may not be as feature-filled as some of the smart TV platforms we've seen, the sheer amount of apps and content available is staggering. In our testing, we found that brilliant color handling and unmatched brightness make for superb performance, and Samsung pairs that with a bounty of smart TV functions and genuinely intelligent features. Things like a solar-powered remote control that eliminates the need to swap out batteries — delivering eco-friendly design and unbeaten convenience at the same time.

The whole thing is packed into a gorgeous 1-inch-thick design that contains a huge array of smart features, potent Dolby Atmos sound and some of the best performance we've ever seen. HDMI 2. It's the best inch TV we saw last year.

Combine this with smart design touches like built-in cable management and the excellent Roku TV platform, and the TCL 6-Series R is the best budget-friendly value you can get in a inch TV. Sure, not everyone will need everything here, but it's nice to have the option. Just as importantly, it also excels at the basics. In our testing, we found contrast is superb, colors are rich and varied, viewing angles are impressive and it handles upscaling well.

Against that, the XR A80J requires a little more tweaking in order to look its best; it's fine out of the box, but to really reach its full potential, you'll want to play around with various modes. It's not the cheapest and other sets beat it purely based on picture quality, but as an all-round package the A80J is a great choice.

Our testing found the OLED display offers rich, detailed picture quality with razor sharp 4K resolution and pixel-perfect lighting, and LG makes things even better with powerful video processing and Dolby Vision IQ, which adjusts the display for ideal HDR performance in any lighting conditions.

LG has also loaded the TV with smarts, like built-in support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice interaction and smart home compatibility. Combine the ease of voice control with a motion-sensing remote and the LG is the most intuitive smart TV we've ever used.

With both HDMI 2. Speedy performance and gamer-friendly features just seal the deal. It's also a beautiful TV when the power's off, thanks to LG's display-on-glass design and sleek stylings. From every angle, it's the best TV we've seen. Selling for hundreds of dollars less than the competition, we found that the Vizio OLED packs plenty of smart features alongside the 4K OLED display, and delivers the sort of premium picture quality that normally costs much more.

Combine all of this with an improved remote control design and great sound with better-than-average bass, and you've got one of the best TV values around, and an easy pick for affordable OLED TVs. Our testing also found it has an input lag of The slim OLED features more comfortable remote control, enhanced gaming features, and the latest version of webOS, all while delivering the same excellent picture quality and impeccable sound that we expect from LG's best OLED models.

With a quantum dot display for bold color and integrated Chromecast and Google Assistant smarts, it's a full-featured smart TV that offers great quality for a reasonable price. It has built-in voice control with room-listening microphones, effectively letting you use the TV as a smart speaker, and offering the sort of smart home integration and control that would normally cost much more.

In our review, we were especially impressed by the U8G's brightness, which exceeds nits of peak brightness and combines with the better-than-average HDR support for great performance that brings out highlights and shadows. When it comes to inch TVs, there are plenty of ultra-premium sets you can choose from, but TCL has stepped things up with a surprisingly affordable inch 8K TV.

Plus, it's got everything we love about Roku TVs, along with excellent performance and short lag times for gaming. By offering next-gen resolution at current-gen prices, it's the 8K TV we recommend — or, that we would recommend if we thought people should be buying 8K TVs which we don't. Our only issues with the TV's performance in our review were the 8K panel's limited viewing angles and the mediocrity of the audio, which can be solved with a simple soundbar.

But the bigger issue is one facing any 8K TV out there — there's next to nothing you can watch in 8K, and that may not change anytime soon. If you're in the market for a new TV, you'll want to consider a few factors before you spend your money. Our TV buying guide breaks down the fine details of what features matter and what distinguishes a great TV from one that's just okay. For a inch set we strongly recommend going with 4K resolution. There are a few older p models still available, but they simply aren't a good value today.

And while 8K TVs are hitting the market in the inch size, it will still be some time before 8K resolution gets mainstream support. Size and space: For a inch 4K TV you'll want to sit about 5 feet from the screen to hit the sweet spot of being close enough to enjoy all the sharp details, but not so close that you'll be able to make out the pixels that make up the picture. Features: For the best picture, we recommend getting a set that offers high dynamic range HDR support. HDR10 is the base standard, while Dolby Vision is a higher-caliber format, and we recommend opting for Dolby Vision support when you have the choice.

Ports: Port selection is another chief concern. More HDMI ports will let you connect more devices, like game consoles and satellite boxes. Software: Finally, you'll want to find a smart TV platform that you like. Companies like Samsung and LG use their own proprietary software, but many use more broadly available software, like Android or Roku TV. The biggest issue is app selection, as some specific apps you may want won't be available on every smart TV platform, or there may be a months-long delay for a new service to come to some smart TVs after launching on others.

It has higher input lag and doesn't support FreeSync, so only get this TV if you watch movies and don't play video games. We tested the 55 inch model, and the results are also valid for the 65 inch version. It's an excellent TV that features Mini LED backlighting, a relatively new technology that helps improve the local dimming while also making the TV brighter.

The full-array local dimming feature is great and improves the black levels without much blooming around bright objects. With a VA panel, it has a high native contrast ratio, making it an excellent choice for watching movies in the dark. If you watch HDR movies, it displays a wide color gamut, and it also gets bright enough to make highlights pop, so colors look vivid. Sadly, while the local dimming is great for regular use, it's not as good in Game Mode because it raises the black levels more.

Also, it has a fairly wide viewing angle thanks to Samsung's 'Ultra Wide Angle' technology, so it's a good choice for wide seating arrangements. It doesn't have the same wide viewing angle as the Samsung QN90A QLED because it lacks any viewing angle technology, but it also has a higher native contrast ratio for deeper blacks.

While it doesn't use Mini LED backlighting, it still gets bright, and the local dimming feature is great both in and out of Game Mode. It comes with Android TV as its smart interface, which is easy to use, and you'll enjoy streaming movies because it removes 24p judder from any source.

Sadly, there are known issues with red ghosting and motion artifacts, but it's more of a problem in Game Mode than outside of it. However, if you want something that costs less, look into the Hisense. Although we tested the 55 inch version of the Hisense, the results also apply to the 65 inch model.

It's a great 4k TV whose picture quality rivals higher-end and more expensive options. It's great for gaming because it has a quick response time that results in smooth motion, and gaming feels responsive thanks to its low input lag. It performs well both in bright and dark environments as it has decent reflection handling, gets bright, and displays deep blacks in dark rooms thanks to its high contrast and decent local dimming. Sadly, it doesn't have eARC support, so you can't connect a receiver and pass high-quality Dolby Atmos and DTS:X signals to it, which is disappointing if you want to use it in a home theater setup.

It also has a narrow viewing angle, but that's normal from a VA panel, and it's not ideal for wide seating areas. All in all, it's the best 65 inch smart TV if you're on a budget. Jan 21, Verified picks for availability and updated text for clarity. Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best 65 inch 4k TVs to buy for most people in each price range.

We factor in the price a cheaper TV wins over a pricier one if the difference isn't worth it , and availability no TVs that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere. If you would like to do the work of choosing yourself, here is the list of all our reviews of TVs that are available in a 65 inch size. Be careful not to get too caught up in the details.

While no TV is perfect, most TVs are great enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them. Get insider access. Best TVs. TV Recommendations. View all TV recommendations. All TV Reviews Samsung. C1 OLED. G2 OLED. NANO85 A1 OLED. G1 OLED. NANO90 NANO75 UGR 8k.

V5 Series M6 Series Quantum V Series M7 Series Quantum D3 Series P Series Quantum OLED E Series Fire TV 4-Series. Fire TV Omni Series. F50 QLED. Fire TV Edition 4k. C Fire TV Fire TV Amazon Fire TV View all TV reviews.

Latest TV Activity. View all TV activity. How We Test We purchase our own TVs and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. Guide Which TV Size?

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