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Epic Armourys Ratio Thigh Guard is asian-inspired leather and steel armour designed to protect the upper thighs while in combat. Made from top-grain leather. No information is available for this page. Leather Plate (レザープレイト, Rezā Pureito?, lit. Leather Plate), also known as Leather Chest Plate, Leather Vest, and Leather Breastplate, is a recurring. AMD RADEON 6770 This worked this extended the record sharing and analyze site apparatus and. To be annoyed by vncserver See may remain. Both Windows version of to the.

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Sad they don't have a more "caster" version of the mail set for shaman. The set looks cool but definitely seems more suited for hunters. Comment by Abinoth Any info at all on how we obtain these through our Covenant? Or how we get the different color tints? Every DK of mine will be in these for sure. Comment by Axera The leather and cloth are the best ones You can't love the Scourge without some skin monsters!

Comment by Nwaf Honestly, the plate gear fits DK so badly. Comment by Vanderz Wish they'd stop with the whispy bits coming off and the bits that stick out like the bones on the shoulders. Cloth is kinda ruined by the sticking out bits Comment by Acehilm Whoever designed the leather set needs to be fired Comment by Rawlins Hi.

Comment by Noahzgard Will join this covenant because of boots for Zandalari troll! Comment by giovannileanza At first i didn't like any of the covenant armor sets. I guess if i did have to choose that as a paladin i would go for Kyrian, even if i don't really like that set too. I didn't expect that i would like the zone that much the thicc female warriors helped a lot too , the Tauralus mounts, and now the armor. Who would've thought, being a Paladin, amirite?

Necrolords it is then. Comment by Klony I am so disappointed there are not more gas masks in the game. I fully expected to become a full fledged plague doctor at the end of this expansion! Let's hope for a Maldraxxus raid where we get some genius-level armor styles for all covenants! I really need that plague mask. Comment by MidniteDestiny Just a heads up the Regrown Osteowings in the Appearance section in the Collections tab in game it says the source is a quest.

So just want to inform you that the source is quest related, but now you have to find out where or what the actual quest is. Since it isn't a unknown source anymore. Comment by ainotna The crystal fetishes really have a shaman vibe. I must say, I was pretty set on the Night Fae backpack for my Vulpera but now that I see these crystals almost perfectly match my go-to transmog, I think I'm going to have to rethink my covenant choice. Comment by Batistea SO this armor appears to have an upgrade capability, but how does one go about upgrading the armor?

Did i miss that part? Comment by frakbt What's frustrating me is that none of this xmog appears on any toon unless that toon belongs to the specified Covenant. It should at least appear as Not Collected. Comment by Niixten I guess the unknown sets comes from Abominable stistching rank 5 by using Unity somehow. Not sure if it matters, but this week we hit renown 38, I upgraded my Abomination Factory to level 5 and also got the last 2 pieces to finish the Stitched Harbinger's armor set.

The Duty-Bound transmog set pieces have a chance to be looted when you do world quests in Maldraxxus with Unity also needs rank 5 Abom Yard as your companion. Comment by TenTeWoW If you wondered how to obtain Unity transmogs for Necrolord Convenant, they have a chance to drop after you complete World Quest in Maldraxxus while being accompanied by this construct.

Comment by xarlieb so how exactly does one get the Prime Wraith set black recolor? Article says renown but I am already 40 renown and all I see on the vendor is the cloak and the helm. EDIT: nevermind. Selecting all items instead of class only shows the entire set. Comment by AnkerJym Quite annoyed that the guide writers, even after multiple comments and months of knowing this, still haven't updated the Abominable Stitching armor requirements. You do NOT craft the ensemble for Anima.

The pieces of the set are random quest rewards from each of the constructs' weekly quests once you upgrade the Stiching to rank 2. People who rely heavily on this site for info and guides are just going to get confused and frustrated with the misinformation.

You could end up getting ZERO mog pieces multiple weeks even if you do every WQ that spawns, but you dont know this until you have already wasted all the time doing the WQ's. At least with the Abomination Stitching mog set you can see right on the weekly quest rewards if a mog piece has spawned for the week. Comment by bpmike83 Death Knight written all over this set. Comment by lacerated Does anyone know if it's only world quests that can proc the armour drops or if daily quests from the anima conductor count too?

Comment by Ayree The possibility to reward a piece of the Unity set for a WQ is determined at the spawn moment, it is hidden, guaranteed provided that Unity is active at the moment of completion , and in no way depends on your personal luck or any hidden conditions like Unity accessories, weather conditions, group questing, frequency of WQ grinding, etc. Now he's a stan for another character in this game. Patches gettin' wrecked. After patch 1.

Is there a new way or must one still kill him to obtain it? Does he drop it if you kill him in his last spot before he disappears permanently? How is the black hood part of this set? Nowhere can I find any information that says so. I hate him with a passion and I want his armor but god I can't kill him for some reason. I love the look of this armor, but apparently something within me loves even more to be kicked and backstabbed, I can't kill this lovely bastard This website isn't letting me edit this page despite signing up for it, so I'm just gonna point out that this armor set weighs Heard Patches got a new step in his questline after the latest..

I don't know if I have the strenght to do it I can't hurt my homie Patches after all the backstabbing he has done. So many good times together The female version of this outfit is sexy as hell, and I have no regrets killing Patches, the cowardly little nerd. Can someone please drop me this set? Thirteen years, and this is the first time we've had to kill him for fashion. It hurts too much, I can't do it. If it was a bit darker, he'd be history.

I just wait until someone is willing to drop this for me so i can have it AND spare the little bastard. I found myself with an extra pair of boots from this set at one point, I honestly don't know when I got them but it sure wasn't from Patches. Makes me think you can find the set somewhere, likely as a drop. I sadly can't say where though. Zero regrets acquiring this set. I've been pushed off one too many cliffs. Though in my playthrough he never begged for mercy before dying

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