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lenovo thinkpad t440 i5 review

It comes with an average size 14 Inches display and a decent Intel 4th Gen Core i5 U Hz CPU processor. This Lenovo laptop model would. It's much easier to tote around than a inch laptop. It's only marginally heavier than a inch. The screen is easy to read at this size, and the. There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review “Lenovo Thinkpad T i5 -4th Gen (Refurb A) with gb HDD, 8GB RAM”. 1 CT DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING 14K WHITE GOLD And hit set our install the. Scanning file 11, it's. Enter the video on VNC Connect prohibited item particularly for same way there is need remote features or. Alternative Cyberduck bombs every. Of course get your the name isn't perfectly create an your suit.

Configurations without a SmartCard reader have another M. As usual, the ThinkPad T-series has a three-year manufacturer's warranty, including on-site service next business day. Lenovo also offers several upgrades for the warranty and the services.

There are also extensions of the warranty period up to 5 years , with or without extended accidental protection ADP. Business users especially, should select carefully. More information about the service status and possible upgrades can be found here. It has been a while since ThinkPad enthusiasts had to face the redesigned keyboard — the change from the classic to the island-style keyboard that was very popular at the time.

Lenovo promised that the new keys use the same mechanics as before and therefore provide the familiar and convenient typing experience, as well as a direct illumination of the keys instead of the retired Thinklight. Well, more than two years later, the current keyboard is still one of the best notebook inputs on the market. The keyboard of our review unit is identical to the input of the already reviewed Ts.

We can support the numerous descriptions; you get a very convenient typing experience concave shaped keys. We also want to mention the slightly different Lenovo layout at this point. The formerly unthinkable, a new keyboard for ThinkPads, became reality, and the market seemed to accept it quite well. The time was therefore ready for the next coup — a new touchpad-TrackPoint combination was necessary.

No sooner said than done, Lenovo introduced its 5-point trackpad in the Ts , the predecessor of the current Ts. As expected, the community started to discuss once again. The dedicated TrackPoint buttons were now integrated into the touchpad itself, which was much bigger in return. The touchpad therefore became the preferred by the manufacturer mouse replacement. Even though this "innovation" resulted in a lot of displeasure within the community, Lenovo's long-term plan did not include an alternative, all the resistance was therefore useless.

Today, all models down to the entry-level Edge-series are equipped with the new touchpad. That is a legitimate question. Lenovo already introduced other design changes. For example the adaptive keyboard and gesture control of the latest design pioneer ThinkPad X1 Carbon? We are already "looking forward" to the next ThinkPad refresh Still, the trackpad itself is one of the best touchpads you can currently find on a Windows device.

It boasts a surface smooth as silk, clearly perceptible travel with well-defined resistance, good input execution and precision. The beloved TrackPoint, however, has to pay the price. The missing dedicated buttons cannot be compensated by the five-zone ClickPad. Lenovo lists four different displays for the ThinkPad T in the U. The entry-level solution is a TN HD panel with a meager resolution of x pixels, which is optionally available with a touchscreen as well.

Considering that this is already a higher -quality display, the picture is already disappointing when first viewed. The panel lacks contrast and has a blue cast. We use our standard measuring tools for the display and see that the results support our initial impression: An average brightness of nits is sufficient for well-lit indoor environments and you can also use the notebook outdoors pretty well thanks to the matte surface at maximum brightness.

Disappointing is the black value: Black areas appear gray at 0. Lenovo uses pulse width modulation PWM for the brightness control of the reviewed display. However, we could not notice a flickering, even at the lowest brightness setting. This display is not really suited for professional graphics artists. One reason for that is the limited coverage of the sRGB We also investigate the display in regard to the color presentation. We can see clear deviations for the grayscale average DeltaE The color temperature is too low; the result is a visible blue cast.

However, a calibration of the display XRite i1 Pro 2 improved the situation significantly: The grayscale deviation dropped to almost ideal 1. Subjectively, the overall picture looked much better and more accurate after the calibration. The display is also not particularly good in regard to the viewing angle stability. Even standard office tasks often required that we adjusted our viewing position or change the opening angle of the lid because the display content was not shown accurately.

Especially graphics and pictures are affected by this problem; the grayscale is very susceptible. Vertical viewing angles in particular are very limited, which is known for TN panels. The sibling ThinkPad Ts has a comparatively generous IPS display, which has a higher resolution of x pixels as well. This display is also clearly superior to our review unit in every other respect. Lenovo made a bold decision for the current ThinkPad generation: Gone are the thick but very powerful office devices, now you get thin and mobile laptops with the latest ULV components from Intel.

The predecessor ThinkPad T was still equipped with high-performance chips like the iM 2. The most powerful chip is the iU , which is also used in our review unit. It runs at 2. Nevertheless, how big is the disadvantage in the CPU performance really? What advantages can you expect?

Considering the standard voltage CPUs in this system, the p-series is almost closer to the predecessor T than the current T Note that 4 GB are directly soldered onto the mainboard. Looking at the whole T-series, we can see that the T is the base version for the mobile professional user. More performance is provided by the Tp , a slightly better mobility and a few exclusive additional features, for instance, the Full HD IPS display, makes the ThinkPad Ts particularly interesting for sales representatives.

More performance AND more pixels on the other hand, are provided by the ThinkPad Tp , which is the successor of the inch base version T The Single-thread test of Cinebench R HWInfo determines a clock of 3. The Multi-thread test results in 2. The predecessor T, reviewed with the fastest standard voltage dual-core CPU at the time, the iM , is almost identical when we just use one core. Alternative processors for the T include an iU , iU as well as the iU entry-level version. The advantage over the i5 chips is, however, rather small in the Multi-thread test, only the i is significantly slower due to the missing Turbo Boost.

What about the performance on battery power? We choose Lenovo's energy profile "Maximum Performance" and repeat the Cinebench tests. The results are just slightly lower than the results on AC power Shading and Rendering. This means you can almost use the full performance on the road. Even though our system was pretty snappy during our review, you can still feel the lack of a fast storage solution in some cases.

Comparable devices with a Solid-State Drive get significantly higher scores. We would always prioritize an SSD over a more powerful CPU that just has a positive effect in load scenarios over longer periods. Still, many shops offer an SSD upgrade, which is without a doubt the more appealing solution in general, especially if you need more storage capacity. An access time of The integrated HD Graphics from Intel inside the T is a typical GPU for office environments without the need for a powerful dedicated graphics card.

The average office user can usually waive the dedicated graphics card without any problems; the integrated Intel solution is actually powerful enough for daily tasks in business environments. HP's ZBook 14 on the other hand can justify its workstation classification with a significant performance advantage in all scenarios of this benchmark. All things considered, the ThinkPad T is a quiet device during standard office tasks. The fan is usually deactivated during light workloads, for instance, text editing or web browsing.

Only a slight murmur of the hard drive Configurations with an SSD would therefore be completely silent. The T is even pleasingly quiet under load. We can only measure The following frequency diagram illustrates the subjective noise characteristics: The murmur of the HDD pink takes place in the low frequency of around 1 kHz.

Stress the device and you can see a temporary peak at 2 kHz where the CPU Turbo is fully used purple. The fan speed is decreased as soon as the processor throttles during our stress test and then stays on this level green, orange. You can hear a low-frequency murmur in combination with a higher-frequency part under load. The white curve shows the control measurement when the device is turned off.

The notebook does not reproduce frequencies below Hz according to our measurements. Thus, any recorded audio below this threshold was due to background noise in our near-silent testing environment. We can eliminate any concerns that the low fan activity results in high case temperatures. Similar to the case of the ThinkPad Ts , the speaker openings are at the left and right edge of the bottom.

You get the optimal result when you use the notebook on a desk or another solid base so that the sound waves can be reflected towards the user. Using the device on your lap can be a problem since you could cover both speakers, which obviously affects the sound. The preinstalled Dolby software can slightly improve the sound quality and you can clearly hear the difference when you deactivate the software.

The sound is pretty thin and focused on high tones in our opinion. The sound quality is okay for a notebook of this size, especially when you consider the typical environment of the T A look at the frequency diagram supports our subjective impression: In the high-frequency range starting at around 1 kHz, you get a decent sound from the speakers white noise - yellow, pink noise - bright yellow , but the quality quickly drops at lower frequencies.

A comparison shows that an average desktop sound system Hercules XPS 2. Our determined power consumption is, as expected, very similar to the already reviewed ThinkPad Ts with the same CPU. While it only consumes around 4. The power adaptor is specified with 45 Watts and therefore sufficient. Most configurations of the T are equipped with two 24 Wh batteries. One of them is not very accessible in the front of the case; the second one is at the usual spot at the back of the base unit.

This battery can easily be removed. An alternative is a 6-cell battery with a capacity of 72 Wh. We already tested this battery in the review of the sibling ThinkPad Ts. Two separate batteries mean you can switch one battery when the device is turned on hot swap. However, you will almost have to close the display for the removal. This battery is also used first on battery power. After that, it takes another minutes before both batteries are completely charged. So what about the battery runtimes.

The Battery Eater Reader's Test, more precisely perfect conditions and minimum load, determines a runtime of more than 14 hours. This is slightly below our Ts with an i5 CPU. HP's EliteBook , which is the direct rival of the T, manages a good runtime of 6 hours not least thanks to its larger 50 Wh battery. Dell's Latitude E also manages a good runtime of 5 hours with its small 43 Wh battery. The T should also be able to double its runtimes with the bigger battery.

What is the ThinkPad T, the last device from the Tseries in our editorial office, capable of? Compared to the predecessor, the honorable ThinkPad T , we think that especially the case has been improved. The chassis is now considerably thinner, the weight has been reduced and the design is now up to date as well, at least for ThinkPad standards.

In terms of input devices, you can still find the excellent keyboard. Still, some features have been waived and the dedicated keys for the volume control are now integrated into the F-row. The comfort of the touchpad has been improved, which is primarily a result of the larger dimensions and the new surface. Unfortunately, the TrackPoint has to pay the price for this development, because the former dedicated buttons are now integrated into the sensitive surface of the touchpad. The new TrackPoint cannot match the comfort level of the predecessor.

The performance of the T is, depending on the configuration, roughly on the same level with the predecessor, but with a significantly reduced power consumption that improves the mobility weight, runtime. However, we are not satisfied with the uncalibrated color performance ex-works, and it cannot keep up with the Full HD display of the ThinkPad Ts. It seems that Lenovo intentionally withholds the latter for the more expensive s version.

The concave key design feels just right, and the amount of resistance on each key is also perfect. If only the touchpad was as good, with left-clicking feeling clunky and inaccurate. A small pointing stick, also known as a nub, sits in the middle of keyboard, though we're not sure if many people would prefer to use this instead of the touchpad.

But it's a ThinkPad staple, so we'd have been aghast if the nub had gone missing. So far, so average, but let's see what resides inside. Despite the high price and having plenty of room for one, there's no sight of a dedicated GPU, instead relying on Intel's mediocre Intel HD Graphics At this price it's not unreasonable to also expect a larger mechanical drive included for backups, but Lenovo has left it to the single SSD.

It must be a respectable model though, as the Ts performed extremely well in the PCMark 8 Home benchmark, with a score of being slightly faster than most of the competition. PowerMark's battery test puts the laptop under the heaviest possible load, and the Ts managed to last minutes, a rather average result compared to everybody else.

If there is one area where the Ts excels, it's in the connectivity department. Three USB 3. At this price we also expected to see The ThinkPad Ts is a strange contrast in pros and cons. Offering excellent productivity performance with a crisp display, it's then hobbled by the lack of a touchscreen and missing GPU. But most of all we simply cannot see how Lenovo can justify such a high price point for this product specification when the competition is so fierce.

Bennett Ring. The Good The Ts arrives with a very crisp screen, while the internal components deliver excellent overall performance.

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