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Drawing Reference. Poses References. Drawing Clothes. Drawing Techniques. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stands. When he merges with the Green Baby, Pucci gains more confidence to be able to give commands to DIO's three sons in person, and by the time he's gained C-Moon with Made In Heaven following soon after, he's taken charge as a confident enemy to go after the heroes head on.

The Stand itself loses its scornful personality, becoming more robotic as C-Moon, and ending with Made In Heaven with a voiceless, stern demeanor like most Stands. Character Tic : He counts off prime numbers when losing due to their indivisibility giving him a sense of security. Interestingly, we actually see him develop this habit during the story in reaction to all the stress, and being new to it, he has a bit of trouble figuring out the larger prime numbers.

The Chessmaster : Pucci uses various prisoners and prison staff in Green Dolphin Street Prison as Unwitting Pawns in order to lure in his enemies to a disadvantage or act as blockades to Jolyne's group while he completes a section of his master plan.

He will often do this by either inserting a specific Stand disc suited for the pawn to engage with his enemies, or by using outside influences, like money or loyalty to DIO, to get them to do what he wants. Justified , as unlike DIO, Pucci doesn't have the vast amount of agents subservient to him to throw at the heroes, and often has to meticulously seek out individuals in advance to set up the situations in which they will fight the heroes.

Cold Ham : While Pucci's speeches can get pretty bombastic, he hardly if ever breaks his stoic demeanor. Collector of the Strange : Pucci has collected a large number of Stand discs over the years just in case one of them will come in handy sometime. He stores the ones he doesn't need in a farmhouse with F. The Comically Serious : He is mostly reserved and serious most of the time, but even he is prone to some humorous moments in the series. One scene has him show off eating a cherry without removing the seeds from the stem.

Another has him use Whitesnake to transform Guccio's body into a loudspeaker blaring out music, prompting him to spread his arms out in reverence. Diavolo hid from view as best he could and had unconventional, inscrutable motives. The most we knew of him is that he really, really didn't want to be known about.

Pucci, on the other hand, hides in plain sight as a kindly priest and has more relatable motives, having turned evil through tragedy and poisonous friends. Made especially blatant in this instance by "Diavolo" being the Italian word for devil, and Pucci's occupation as a holy man. Both Diavolo and Pucci despise the concept of Fate. But while Diavolo constantly tries to run from his fate at any cost, Pucci accepts it as an inevitability and instead tries to bring happiness by making people aware of their own fate.

Unlike King Crimson, however, Whitesnake seems to possess a personality of its own, acting independently from Pucci. Diavolo's past is a vague enigma with contradictory elements that are never made clear, his love for Donatella is ambiguous at best, and he cares for his family very little, as it's implied he killed his mother and surrogate father to hide his identity. Pucci, on the other hand, loved his family, with his sister's demise being the Cynicism Catalyst for his later actions, and even when his vengeful, long-lost twin brother came after him, Enrico opted to remove his Memory disc to avoid killing him, and when the situations forced Wes to have his memories returned, Enrico is forced to kill him in order to stop Heavy Weather from potentially destroying everything while regrettably treating him as an enemy.

Not to mention, his loyalty to DIO and desire to avenge his death is born out of Villainous Friendship. Pucci, on the other hand, is a direct follower of DIO, entrusted with his most intimate plans and dedicates his life to avenging his fallen comrade after the latter dies to the Joestars. Diavolo's goals are mostly to remain a shadowy apex and later maintain it with the Requiem Arrow, whilst amorally ruling the nation of Italy through drugs. Enrico Pucci's goals are well-intentioned , with the end result being the removal of trauma from a convoluted plan to reset the universe to have everyone experience their entire lifetime.

He was described as oblivious to his actual malign actions , making friends with the Obviously Evil DIO, and his actions inadvertently ruining his siblings' lives. While Diavolo's goal to evolve his Stand via the Stand Arrow failed due to the actions of the heroes, Pucci's Stand managed to evolve not just once, but twice.

Pucci and Yoshikage Kira have Stands that start off as moderately powerful compared to the heroes, relying on trickery to get ahead, but eventually gain a power-boost that allows them to temporally overcome the heroes. Yoshikage Kira is a self-centered sociopath who passes off any care for others as instinctive to maintain his identity, is primarily a loner, has a Stand with a diverse, but limited array of offensive capabilities and his ultimate power is an automatic defense, which is convoluted enough that it can backfire on him under the right conditions.

Pucci, on other hand, is a Well-Intentioned Extremist whose only initial faults are trusting DIO to be a positive influence and his own impulsive decisions leading to the suffering of his family before becoming a manipulator who discards even the sons of his friend if they prove no longer useful or a hinderance in the present , had a sister he loved whose death caused him to become a fatalist, has a friendship with DIO that may or may not have been mutual , and has a support-type Stand with versatile abilities that gradually evolves into more singular abilities, such as gravity inversion, and finally, time-acceleration as its ultimate power.

Pucci and Kars both acted in the name of what they believed to be right , with Pucci wanting what was best for the entire universe, and Kars wanting what was best for his race. They also both manage to gain powers that border on godlike-levels by the end, with Kars removing any and all weaknesses that could kill him on top of instantaneous adaptability to his opponents' genetic makeup, and Pucci gaining the ability to move at infinite speed levels depending on how long Made In Heaven is activated for and having the ability to reach the end of the universe.

However, their sense of nobility greatly differs, as Kars committed mass genocide on his people when they didn't share his beliefs, leaving him and three other Pillar Men as the few survivors, and while Pucci does kill those who oppose him, it's only done when it's pragmatic towards his goals, and it doesn't matter how many people disagree with his idea of Heaven, he'll gift it to them regardless.

DIO dressed in bright gold to make him the center of attention, whereas Pucci wears dark robes and is pretty nondescript. DIO is loaded to the brim with bombast and is not afraid to show it, while Pucci maintains his calm demeanor even while getting bombastic. Crazy-Prepared : Has collected numerous Stand discs over the years just in case they might come in handy for his plan.

Create Your Own Hero : After Pucci uses Jolyne as bait to get to Jotaro, and steals Jotaro's discs, Jolyne becomes determined to get her father's discs back and causes Pucci to realize exactly how badly he underestimated her. He indirectly caused his younger sister's death in an attempt to keep her from unwittingly starting a romantic relationship with his long-lost twin brother Wes Bluemarine, which he then attributed to the power of fate and became DIO's follower.

Dark-Skinned Blonde : Pucci's hair is more white than it is light blonde, but it still serves to contrast against his dark skin. Death by Irony : His demise at the hands of Emporio is fittingly ironic, in two ways. Firstly, it's his ability to insert discs into targets, which he's done to make pawns to use, that causes him to unwittingly insert Weather Report's disc into Emporio through trickery on the latter's part, leading to his death.

Determinator : He is incredibly dangerous due to an uncanny ability to find another way to fight despite being faced with defeat. Discard and Draw : After his Stand's metamorphosis is complete, he discards the versatile capabilities of Whitesnake in favor of the more singular-based, but more potently powerful abilities of C-Moon and Made In Heaven to combat Jolyne's group. Dub Name Change : Of a sort. Enemy Mine : Temporary calls a ceasefire between him and Jolyne to deal with Heavy Weather, which serves as a threat to everyone.

Evil Sounds Deep : Video game adaptations normally give Pucci a deep, melodious voice. Whitesnake's voice in the TV anime is much deeper. Exotic Eye Design : His eyes have crosses over them in early appearances. Later on, he is Pie-Eyed. Eye Scream : Twice. The first time he uses Whitesnake to remove his own eyesight in an effort to protect himself from Heavy Weather, which activates on sight. The second time happens during the final battle when Jolyne manages to injure him, notably, this is the only attack that successfully lands on Pucci during the final showdown.

The Fatalist : Pucci buys into the idea that everything that happens is destined to happen. His fatalism also plays into his faith as a priest; his life is riddled by strange and usually beneficial coincidences, which he equates with the will of God. Because he feels his meeting with DIO and developing his Stand at a crucial time in his life was fate, anything he does in service of DIO , he interprets as following God's will.

Though that said, he honestly seems to care more about DIO than God. Fingore : During his first real fight with Jolyne Pucci deliberately shoved his own crucifix beneath his fingernail in order to give him a slightly longer reach for a close-quarters fight. Final Boss : The very last opponent of the last part taking place in the original continuity, and arguably the most powerful and dangerous one as well.

Fittingly, he gets the closest out of any antagonist in the entire series to fully winning and wiping his enemies out. Foil : To his deceased superior DIO. DIO was frequently depicted wearing yellow while Pucci wears a dark robe. DIO was unabashedly evil and reveled in his villainy, while Pucci believes what he's doing is right.

Additionally, The World's divine image is inspired by Egyptian mythology while Pucci's Stand evolution line takes aesthetics from biblical text—both demonic and divine. To his twin brother Weather Report. While Pucci lived a life of comfort and luxury with his family, Weather lived a rather modest lifestyle with his adopted mother. Pucci's appearance resembles more of a holy man given his occupation as a priest, while Weather has a more demonic appearance thanks to his horned buffalo hat.

On the other hand, Weather's Stand, Weather Report, and later Heavy Weather, has divine and angelic appearances and abilities, whereas Pucci's Whitesnake and his later Stands are more demonic in those aspects. Also, Pucci seeks a Stand that will allow him to reach his idea of Heaven, whereas Weather has a Stand that literally controls the heavens. He and Jolyne are both extensions and, in a way, ends of the legacy battle that has been going on between the Joestars and DIO since the 19th Century.

Both started off being insecure and frightened of events out of their control before becoming more confident to make their aggressors submit to them. The difference is that Jolyne takes control of her own path and doesn't force her will onto others while Enrico Pucci imposes his will onto others and wants to make a cosmos where everyone knows and doesn't fight fate. He and Vanilla Ice retroactively are opposites of each other in spite of being DIO's most loyal followers.

Vanilla Ice has a singular, devastating power that he uses to kill two of his opponents before being killed by his new vampirism being taken advantage of. Additionally, Vanilla Ice worships DIO devoutly as a god figure and becomes irate the moment his idol is tarnished , a loyalty DIO finds irritating at times.

Pucci in contrast, has a versatile power, but not as physically powerful as the heroes' Stands, spending most of his time trying to avoid conflict until he evolves his Stand into one capable of killing the heroes, only being defeated through trickery. His loyalty to DIO is that of Villainous Friendship , being treated as a mutual equal that's able to make arguments when he disagrees with the vampire, and has his own motivations on top of fulfilling DIO's plan.

Foreshadowing : A meta-example, his final Stand is a centaurian being resembling a jockey, and the next part of the series involves jockeys running a race with horses. His final ability, accelerating the flow of time, is deliberately foreshadowed during the C-Moon arc, where Pucci is able to see inside Jotaro's stopped time. Freudian Excuse : After seeing the sheer number of coincidences, simple mistakes, and decisions that snowballed into tragedy in his back story, it's easy to see how his beliefs became easily swayed by DIO to turn towards Predestination and become a Knight Templar in his search for "Heaven".

From Nobody to Nightmare : He's a priest who succeeds in killing the whole cast save Emporio, and while not succeeding in remaking the universe in his image, regardless is singlehandedly responsible for retconning the JoJo continuity.

Handicapped Badass : Tries to invoke it by using Eye Scream on himself to remove his weakness to Heavy Weather, but Anasui turns it against him with a vengeance. The Heavy : Unlike villain predecessors like DIO, Kira, or Diavolo, Pucci has no issue with openly operating since extremely early into the series with Whitesnake showing up as Jotaro arrives at the prison.

In turn, several events are entirely from his point of view and his personal story and character development are given significant focus. Heroic Second Wind : A rare villain version. He manages to more or less stand his ground in the first portion of the fight in Cape Canaveral against Jolyne, Anasui and, Emporio, but once Ermes and Jotaro arrive, he's completely cornered and rapidly getting more and more injured. Then, he figures out how to get Made In Heaven, and the completion of the ritual fully heals him, allowing him to immediately take the upper hand against the heroes.

Hero Killer : While JoJo villains both before and after him have racked up a clean amount of kills on the protagonists, both major and minor, Pucci is infamous for being the only villain to kill six out of seven main characters of the part by himself , with the only survivor being Emporio, who is the least combat-capable of the bunch. He showered F. Hidden Agenda Villain : Unlike with previous main villains, Pucci's ultimate goal isn't revealed until it's come to fruition.

The majority of his actions are mainly to rid himself of the heroes due to revenge and hindrances to his greater plan, the specifics of which are known in full to himself and DIO. Hidden Depths : While Pucci is shown to be extremely reserved, affable and even withdrawn at times, his Stand, Whitesnake, which he uses as a mouthpiece is, in contrast, foul-mouthed and scornful.

It is notable that when Pucci starts acting more confident and violent , Whitesnake had by then ceased to exist having evolved into the more robotic C-Moon. Apparently, Pucci and Whitesnake's personalities had now become one and the same. Holier Than Thou : Essentially, this is the reason in addition to revenge that he doesn't want the heroes to live, believing that they do not deserve the peace that the Heaven plan will provide. This is in spite of his plan originating from a vampire who is one of the most evil characters in the series even before his transformation, and Pucci himself is a Manipulative Bastard who uses pawns to dispense from the shadows.

Hoist by His Own Petard : Thrice: Once when attempting an Eye Scream to not see Weather Report's power, which almost led to his death, then his accidental insertion of Weather Report's Stand disc into Emporio gave the latter the power to kill him. The last one is when his own time acceleration powers end up accelerating the effects of Weather Report's powers on him. Honor Before Reason : His oath as a priest to not divulge what a person says during confession, not to mention his unwillingness to hurt his sister's feelings.

Had he told his sister Perla the truth about Weather being their brother instead of trying to break them up by proxy, the tragedies that befell them could have been avoided. Horsemen of the Apocalypse : Made In Heaven invokes this via its angelic jockey fused with a half horse imagery; specifically the Horseman of Conquest.

Given that its power is essentially speeding up the end of the original universe to reset things for a new universe, it's thematically appropriate for a corrupt priest to have this sort of Stand. Ironic Echo : The way Pucci manages to kill Jotaro during the final fight. Just like DIO, Pucci doesn't hesitate to play dirty when he has to.

How he is killed off by Emporio, using his own Disc against him. Irony : His attempts to avenge DIO by killing the Joestars and creating a world where everyone is aware of their fate results in the creation of a universe where he doesn't even exist. It's Personal : Pucci's final defeat comes off this way. He is bested not by Jolyne with whom he didn't really have any personnal beef , but by Emporio, a kid whose mother he murdered, using the Stand of Weather Report, his brother whose life he ruined.

Karmic Death : Killed by his own brother's Stand mere days after killing him. And by the son of one of his many victims in the prison. Kick the Dog : In spite of being a much more affable and reasonable person than the previous main villains, it doesn't prevent him from doing mean-spirited actions for the sake of his plan.

He killed Emporio's mother slowly via the heavily implied illusory acid in the past to gain her Stand disc in order to build up his arsenal to fight Jotaro. While gaining the Stand disc was pragmatic, his decision to dissolve her on top of this was unnecessarily cruel. He kills Johngalli A. While the act was cut off loose ends to make sure his identity remained secret , he did so by deliberately taking advantage of the blind man's lack of sight and even when he could have taken the man's Memory disc and altered it to hide his identity like he would with other Stand users.

He literally kicks a poison dart frog into a prison guard's face and makes it blow up, blinding him in the process. And instead of calling for aid, like he promised he would after the guard opened the gate for him, Pucci just walks off and leaves the poor guy for dead. Pucci once he obtains Made in Heaven, could've killed the group in one go, striking before Jotaro realized what was going on. Instead, he decides on using Stone Free to kill Anasui in a spitefully ironic manner and forces Jotaro into another Sadistic Choice that deliberately mirrors DIO to get a chance to kill him off-guard and then kill Jolyne afterward anyway.

His decision to kill Emporio after killing all of the Joestars, since he was a little boy with non-combative Stand and posed no real threat to Pucci, especially after obtaining Made in Heaven , yet he attempts to kill him anyway for being an ally to Jolyne. Needless to say, he dearly pays for it when Emporio manages to retaliate with Weather Report's Stand due to Pucci's decision to follow through the killing attempt.

Knight of Cerebus : Stone Ocean was already more morbid than previous parts with Jolyne being a delinquent sent to a high-security prison filled with dangerous criminals that could harm her at any time, but the appearance of Whitesnake, and Pucci by proxy sets the stage for a vastly more competent minion of DIO turned efficient mastermind who manages to get the jump on Jotaro, leaving him comatose for the majority of the part in his debut.

His direct involvement in the plot always ends with one of the heroes dying horribly at the end, culminating in a massacre of almost the entire cast in the finale including Jotaro and Jolyne. Unlike DIO, Kars, or Kira, he lacks any comedic traits or possessing Diavolo's trait of extreme incompetence in getting tasks done. Pucci comes the closest to fulfilling his goals due to having a lethal effectiveness in getting the task done without playing around.

The story gets more grim whenever he personally takes action with the results leading to global and eventually universal catastrophe, as well as single-handedly wiping out most of the main cast. Knight Templar : Pucci is willing to do underhanded actions that harm others in the pursuit of his ultimate goal, because he believes that those actions will lead to the benefit of humanity due to being a man of God; thus being in the right to have moral superiority over his enemies, in spite of those actions being evil in nature and the person who helped to orchestrate the plan being one of the most evil characters in the series.

To quote Weather Report on Pucci, "The kind of evil that doesn't realize that it's evil Pucci had a guard blinded by poison from a poison dart frog, manipulating him into doing what he wanted while taking advantage of his blindness, and then leaves him to his fate. Later on, when Pucci is forced to blind himself, he is forced to rely on Anasui to know what's happening, leading to the latter taking advantage of his blindness to damage him.

His decision to have Emporio's mother killed for her Stand disc eventually leads to his death at the hands of her son. Killing Weather Report and not destroying his Stand when he had the chance leads to his death at the hands of his brother's Stand inserted in Emporio to avenge his death postmortem. He uses his Stand's immense speed to blitz-kill the group in the end, but that same speed leads to accelerating the oxygen poisoning process, leading to his death.

Logical Weakness : As he is speeding up using Made In Heaven, he is also extra vulnerable to effects that could make him sick or poison him, as their effects are accelerated as well. Emporio beats him at the very end by abusing this fact: by overloading the atmosphere with oxygen, it turns toxic.

Pucci tries to accelerate to escape, but all this does is make the poisoning work near-instantly and totally incapacitate him. Emporio was also suffering from the oxygen poisoning, but the effect on him was much weaker and worked at a normal speed, so he remained functional for long enough to win, while Pucci dropped and became unable to walk and move right away.

This is further worsened by the fact that the final encounter between Pucci and Emporio takes place in the latter's Stand, a secluded room , which concentrates the oxygen. Manipulative Bastard : Due to lacking the expansive resources of the previous main villains and having a desire to complete his plan, Pucci is forced to use everyone, ally or enemy in order to achieve his plan. He also manipulates the heroes into playing into his hands or leaving him alone via putting their loved ones in danger and balancing it between their safety and his defeat.

Mundane Utility : At one point, he uses Whitesnake to put an ordinary music disc in Guccio, turning the latter into a human loudspeaker. Natural End of Time : The crux of his plan is to speed up time to this point to cycle back to the beginning of the universe , too fast for souls to die and allow them to know their fate. But his plan banked on speeding up time so that the Joestar bloodline wouldn't follow.

Emporio and by an extent, Weather Report manages to kill him before the latter comes to fruition, resulting in the Joestars surviving in the new timeline. Emporio, Jolyne, F.

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Pucci's Theme [1-Year Anniversary] - Music inspired by Stone Ocean (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

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