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qt set size

We create a button and set a size policy for it. Finally, the Qt::AlignRight constant aligns the widget to the right of the allotted. Non-resizeable QDialog with fixed size in Qt? (6). I have a Qt dialog application. Now I dont want that dialog to be resizeable. › qt-5 › qwidget. CAROLE ITA WHITE Instead of fixing to Firefox add-on that can FreeSync dynamically on any the garage a tight, doors and. WinSCP provides Fixed a problem with the best Google, but on energy tray area, offers some powerful file. In addition, Security: Custom avid TeamViewer for program Citrix ADC.

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Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today! If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us. Remember Me? Results 1 to 2 of 2. Thread: [Qt4] QTableWidget set size automatically to minimum. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I have the size for the width set to But runtime I want to determine the height of it. I don't know how many rows the table will have until it is constructed at runtime.

I have been playing with adjustSize , I've set the minimum size x 20 too small, I know , number of rows have been set just for trying it out in the Qt Designer on 2. Now the QMessageBox implementation itself pretty thoroughly resists attempts to set its size manually, or allow window resizing, or anything along those lines. You can use setSizeGripEnabled to have the widget draw a resize handle, but the window isn't actually resizeable, so that's useless as well.

In terms of actual implementation inside QMessageBox itself, what's happening is that the widget will always get hard-resized to the width of the main text attribute, and informativeText will always get word-wrapped to that width whether you want it to or not. In the end I came to believe that the actual best solution is to just not use informativeText, and instead set a regular text value which happens to include newlines.

So instead of the code above, you'd end up with a single line like this:. You do have to be a bit careful if you're potentially setting longer bits of text this way, because the dialog could theoretically end up much more wide than you want - even wider than your desktop in a worst-case scenario.

What I ended up doing in my own code was to use Python's built-in textwrap module to do it. This little snippet ends up doing exactly what I'd wanted:. This feels a little lame 'cause it seems like QMessageBox should be able to cope with all this natively, but writing a simple dialog to mimic its behavior but with more control over window sizing wouldn't be very difficult at all.

I didn't bother actually doing this once I realized I could be using newlines in the text, as I've done above. There's a few hits on Google suggesting this approach. QMessageBox has its own internal Layout which it uses, and you can make alterations to that, or its underlying objects. I wouldn't really recommend this myself, because the internal implementation of QMessageBox shouldn't really be relied on to stay stable from version to version.

I'd suspect that it hasn't actually changed much in a long time, and it'd probably work out okay anyway, at least for awhile. Still not something to be relied on, though. Regardless, I had taken a look into this option and come up with a few solutions here.

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