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Results · Lenovo ThinkPad Ts 14" Intel i7 8GB RAM GB SSD VGA USB WiFi Win 10 · LENOVO THINKPAD Ts IU GHz 4GB RAM SSD Win10 PRO · Lenovo. The Lenovo ThinkPad Ts is the latest, refined version of the quintessential business laptop, with a hot-swappable battery, a full set of. What can be improved in an almost perfect notebook? Lenovo might have thought that it is better not to change too much and launched an. PRIORITY IVCHPA COM Scroll down if my by the manual lenovo thinkpad x130e battery life and get a preview. Super User Upgrade from. The networks design, I can only main application. Which operating by Darren. Within 10 in servers the Remote.

Because of the extra screen real estate alone, we would recommend the Full HD model reviewed here, which also boasts of other advantages: According to the data sheet, the more expensive display is brighter vs. A uniform brightness distribution without disturbing bleeding is much more important, and at least subjectively we can say that the ThinkPad delivers such. The slight clouding on the adjacent picture is virtually invisible to the naked eye. Black areas do not even appear grayish or pale at maximum brightness, which gives rich pictures.

Colors DeltaE: 4. Our usual calibration especially improves the RGB balance and brings the color temperatures closer to the desired K, but also the DeltaE deviation decreases even further. However, the representation of a few yellow and orange colors remains problematic. Because of the limited color coverage In outdoor use , the bright, anti-glare display performs quite well and you can read from the screen easily in most scenarios.

Thanks to the IPS technology, the image also remains contrast-rich and unchanged from flat angles. This gets particularly handy when several users look at the screen simultaneously and you do not want to change the opening angle after each head movement. Color inversions and other image errors get immediately visible on many cheaper TN panels upon vertical movements. At the time of writing, the Intel Core iU introduced in early January is the fastest Watt processor.

Thanks to its advanced 14 nm lithography, the dual-core CPU reaches an impressive base clock of 2. With Turbo Boost, the clock rate can even increase to 3. Intel neither changed the cache levels nor most of the features, which include the Hyper-Threading technology among others.

Thus, the manufacturer calls it a "Tick," i. So, an especially big performance gain compared to the HD Graphics of the predecessor 20 EUs, to MHz is not to be expected. Lenovo's datasheets also mention an optional dedicated GeForce M. As the latter has not been officially introduced by Nvidia yet, we will have to wait for such configurations. This solution has two disadvantages: First of all, you cannot upgrade beyond the already available 12 GB RAM, and the memory controller only partly works in dual-channel mode, because of differing capacities.

However, you should hardly notice a performance loss due to this in practice. The Turbo clock rates of the Core iU mentioned by Intel are only maximum values. Other parameters like power consumption and core temperature determine whether and how long the CPU can actually clock that high in real applications.

Broadwell chips profit from their advanced 14 nm lithography in this aspect, which allows higher frequency at the same power consumption than the previous 22 nm process. At least during multi-threading, the iU cannot constantly clock at its 3.

The clock rate falls to 2. This is not necessary during single-core load, since the power consumption remains significantly below the permitted 15 Watts, even when the core clocks at 3. We did not find any differences between mains operation and battery mode. The performance gain is usually lower in short single-thread benchmarks and higher with continuing full load on both cores. However, we would recommend the likewise new Core iU with same performance level as the old Core i7 to price-conscious customers.

You'll hardly notice the difference in practice, anyway. Just like the smaller ThinkPad X , the Ts also houses a 2. Several competitors from Samsung write small files partly five or six times faster than the Intel model, which only achieved The SSD Pro 's strengths can be found elsewhere: A 5-year warranty at a write level of 20 GB per day promises a high level of reliability. As expected, the ThinkPad proves to be a very powerful work device in everyday life.

Even with excessive multi-tasking, simple office applications are hardly challenging for the system. The big RAM capacity and especially the powerful processor, which almost delivers the same performance with 15 Watts as the Watt Core iM Ivy Bridge in the pre-predecessor Ts , pay off here. While this efficiency gain might appear impressive, it also means that the Ts series got hardly faster, but only more frugal and mobile in the past years.

Although the SSD was not unconditionally convincing in the synthetic benchmarks, it does not show noticeable weaknesses in practice and ensures quiet installations and loading. A cold start of Windows 7 Professional takes less than 25 seconds. The system wakes up from stand-by in about 2 seconds. If you prefer the modern Windows 8.

Because of many requests, we also ran a short functionality test under Linux, in more detail under the current Ubuntu-Version It was pretty easy to put the live system into operation: download the image and copy it on a USB stick, restart the notebook and select the correct boot medium with Enter and F Everything else works almost automatically, even most of the special keys volume control, display brightness and WLAN worked "out-of-the-box.

Anyhow, we do not want to make the HD sound worse than it really is: Contrary to previous years, Intel's graphics solution can cope with usual desktop programs and can also run several 3D applications with satisfying speed. In addition to the hardware, the drivers apparently improved greatly, too.

The multimedia capabilities of the GPU are not limited to smooth playback of high-res 4K trailers. With Quick Sync, the chip can also greatly accelerate encoding and transcoding of videos. This reduces CPU load and helps decrease power consumption.

Unfortunately, Broadwell can only handle H. A more efficient fixed function decoder will presumable first be available in Skylake. A ThinkPad is primarily used as a work tool. Therefore, we will only briefly cover games in this review. The HD Graphics is not suitable for modern, graphically demanding titles like Far Cry 4 , anyway. But, it can at least run simple casual games like Dota 2 or Tomb Raider smoothly in low to medium settings. This limit is usually neither exceeded during office tasks nor during light web surfing.

During longer periods with full load yellow curve , the system noise increased to just above 34 dB A , which is still quite quiet. However, this option does not bring more performance or significantly lower hardware temperatures, but it only makes the system much louder with just above 40 dB A. Note: The noise levels in the adjacent frequency diagram cannot be compared with the values of our system noise measurements due to a different measurement setup. In view of the low system noise, this hints on a highly efficient cooling system.

A benchmark ran immediately afterwards did not show any performance loss. It is better not to expect too much from the stereo speakers of the Ts. They neither shine with high volume max 77 dB A at 15 cm distance nor with balanced sound. The pink-noise frequency characteristics recorded by us light blue: medium volume, dark blue: maximum volume show that already the volume of frequencies below 1 kHz is much lower.

Frequencies lower than about MHz are virtually non-existing. But the speakers also perform poorly in the high frequency range and remain far off the desired linear curve. Subjectively, we would call the sound flat and weak. The sound quality is sufficient for accompanying videos, but you would not like to listen to music with them.

For comparison, we added a cheap 2. Compared to the predecessor, the power consumption fell by about 0. However, it is difficult to tell whether this is only caused by the new CPU platform or also by other differing features. Overall, the Ts is slightly more frugal than the Latitude 14 E 4.

With synthetic tools the maximum power consumption can rise to just under 49 Watt. But once the TDP limit of the processor is reached after about half a minute, this value falls to about 30 Watt , which is typical for ULV hardware. Thanks to the generously sized Watt power adapter, the battery set even charges quickly under full load.

Like the recently reviewed ThinkPad X , Lenovo's T series uses the so-called "Power Bridge" system , which consists of two separate batteries. One of them is inside the case and always has a capacity of 24 Wh, another 24 Wh battery optionally 48 or 72 Wh is connected to the rear of the case and can be replaced while the device is on.

In the Battery Eater Reader's test energy-saving mode, minimum brightness, radio modules off , the ThinkPad can hide this disadvantage quite well and achieves a similar battery life as its competitors with just under 13 hours. With slightly above 5 hours , the Ts only performs mediocre here. This is especially true in comparison with the E, which is also based on Broadwell.

Probably, the Latitude profits from a more efficient power management of its modern Windows 8. In the full-load scenario, simulated by the Battery Eater Classic test maximum performance profile, maximum brightness, radio modules on , the Ts runs out of steam after about h. It takes about three hours until the batteries are fully charged again. With the ThinkPad Ts, Lenovo launched a worthy successor of the successful Ts , which hardly offers real innovations , however.

Whether case, keyboard, or connectivity - it apparently inherited many parts unchanged from its predecessor. Even if this initially sounds like criticism, this is not necessarily what it is: Neither the stable and lightweight chassis nor the excellent ThinkPad keyboard required a revision. Just like we are used to, the Ts also performs flawlessly in other aspects, including many security features, the contrast-rich display, and the impressively low noise and temperature emissions.

Nevertheless, the incher does not lack performance and is even capable of demanding applications or multitasking. The modified UltraNav unit consisting of a TrackPoint and a touchpad might still be controversial, but it is better than the previous solution. We still wish that the coming Ts will have only dedicated mouse buttons. In addition, Lenovo should incorporate two fully fledged RAM slots in a high-end product.

A maximum of 12 GB could put many enthusiasts off. Despite the mentioned points of critique, the Ts is a more than convincing bundle, which is finally rewarded with a "very good" total rating. Unfortunately, the steep price dampens the euphoria a little bit.

Thus, not only the competition but also the soon-to-be-discontinued predecessor might be worthwhile considerations for bargain hunters. If we had to pick a detail which best emphasizes the uniqueness of the ThinkPad, we would select the keyboard. Even if competitors also deliver good keyboards, hardly any other series brings such a crisp, mechanical feedback. More performance and an optimized ClickPad — there are not really many advantages of a new notebook generation.

Therefore, it does not make sense to directly migrate from the predecessor. Those who own an older model or even do not own a ThinkPad at all will happily accept these small improvements. The cooling of the Ts almost effortlessly handles the waste heat of the powerful hardware. The device not only remains very cool, its system noise also stays discreet. Dell Latitude E HP EliteBook G1. Toshiba Tecra Z What can be improved in an almost perfect notebook?

Lenovo might have thought that it is better not to change too much and launched an only slightly revised edition of the Ts with the ThinkPad Ts. At least, the manufacturer partly answered the complaints about the predecessor's unusual five-button ClickPad. Robust build from light metals, carbon fibers and plastic. Front side: no ports. Left side: power-in, USB 3. Rear side: no ports. WLAN performance Security If a company's laptop is stolen, it is not the loss of the device itself, but the sensitive data that causes the biggest damage.

Accessories If you buy a ThinkPad model without operating system, the manufacturer does not include any driver CDs. Many maintenance options. Warranty Typical for a business device, the Ts includes a three-year manufacturer's warranty , which even includes on-site service in Germany and Austria.

Input Devices. Keyboard The evaluation of the keyboard quality will never be absolutely objective. Touchpad and TrackPoint. Uniform brightness distribution, no PWM flickering. Ts vs. AdobeRGB t. Color fidelity before calibration. Color saturation before calibration. Gray levels before calibration. Color fidelity after calibration. Color saturation after calibration. Gray levels after calibration. Viewing angles: Lenovo ThinkPad Ts. Maximum Turbo clock: 3.

Single-threading start. Single-threading end. Multi-threading start. Multi-threading end. Cinebench R Storage Devices. AS SSD benchmark. HD Tune. Transfer Rate Minimum: Transfer Rate Maximum: Transfer Rate Average: Access Time: 0. Burst Rate: CrystalDiskMark 3. Sequential Read: With the Ts' rectangular shape and raven-black lid, sides and bottom, the device has the quiet but classy ThinkPad aesthetic that's equally at home in the boardroom or the coffee shop.

The red TrackPoint pointing stick and its red-striped buttons add small splashes of color. ThinkPad logos with glowing red lights for the dot in the "i" sit on the lid and the deck, blinking to show you when your system is asleep. Even if you don't like the ThinkPad Ts' conservative looks, you have to love its durability. With a carbon-fiber lid, magnesium body and interior roll cage, the notebook is designed to take some abuse, passing MIL-SPEC tests for extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration, sand, shocks and fungus.

The company also tests the Ts by opening the device's stainless steel hinges 30, times and dropping metal balls on the machine from over a meter in the air. The keyboard also has a drain to help it survive spills. If typing comfort and speed are important to you, there is no better choice than the ThinkPad Ts.

If you get a regular display rather than the touch screen our review model came with, your ThinkPad Ts will be just 3. This makes it the same weight as the inch MacBook Pro Lenovo's own ThinkPad X1 Carbon has a inch screen and is significantly thinner and lighter 13 x 8.

Using the extended battery rather than the default adds 0. If typing comfort and speed are important to you, there is no better choice than the ThinkPad Ts, which has the best laptop keyboard money can buy. It's even better than many other ThinkPads. With 1. Almost as good is the subtle indentation in the keys themselves, which makes it easy to feel your way around and avoid adjacent-key errors. Because of the fantastic key feel, I achieved a rate of 96 words per minute on the Ten Thumbs Typing Test, matching the highest score I've ever gotten and well above the 80 to 86 wpm I usually score on other laptops.

The keyboard comes standard with a two-mode backlight, which was more than bright enough on its lower setting and even more powerful on the higher one. Like other ThinkPads, the Ts comes with two different pointing devices: a touchpad and a TrackPoint pointing stick. I prefer the TrackPoint, because it offers much more precise navigation, allowing me to highlight text, click small icons and zoom from one side of the screen to the other, without having to lift my hands off of the home row.

This is a huge improvement over the ThinkPads, which built all three buttons into the top of the clickpad, forcing stick users to move their fingers down further and push with much greater force. Lenovo got some well-deserved criticism for taking dedicated buttons away on the Ts, so the company deserves some credit for listening to its customers and bringing those buttons back on the current model. If you prefer a more traditional touchpad, the ThinkPad Ts' 3. It offered smooth navigation around the desktop in my tests while accurately registering multi-touch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom, two-finger rotate and four-finger swipe for showing the task manager.

Many gestures, including Windows 8's swipe to change apps, were disabled by default, but after visiting the Advanced Settings in Control Panel, I was able to turn them all on. I also found that it was easier to move my pointer across the screen in one motion after turning the speed of the touchpad up a couple of notches.

The 1, x 1, touch screen provided sharp, colorful images in our tests. When I watched a p trailer for the Avengers: Age of Ultron, the red in Black Widow's hair and the green in the Hulk's skin appeared deep and rich, while the battle scarring on Captain America's shield really stood out.

The Ts' display managed to produce Its colors are reasonably accurate, as it returned a Delta e error rate of 3. At nits on our light meter, the Ts' screen is not as bright as the nit category average, and far below the MacBook Pro's blinding nits. Viewing angles were solid up to about 60 degrees to the left or right, with some loss of dark shades at more extreme positions. However, the glossy touch screen shows fingerprints quite prominently in black areas.

The screen responded quickly and accurately to all of my touches, whether I was tapping on a tiny window widget or swiping in from the left to switch apps. The digitizer supports 10 points of touch, as I was able to draw with all of my fingers at the same time in Windows Paint and perform multi-touch gestures, such as pinch-to-zoom with ease. While not quite high fidelity, the ThinkPad Ts's speakers provide sound that is loud enough to fill a large room and highly accurate.

Whether I was playing Mark Ronson's drum-centric "Uptown Funk" or Chic's bass-heavy "Good Times," the audio was good enough to dance to and did not suffer any tinniness or distortion. Dolby Digital Plus audio software enhances the sound quality a bit and allows you to customize the equalizer or choose from profiles, including those for movies, music and gaming. When I toggled the Dolby software to off, the music sounded a bit flat.

The ThinkPad Ts stayed pleasantly cool throughout our tests. After 15 minutes of streaming video at full screen, the touchpad measured just 82 degrees, the keyboard clocked in at a mere 85 degrees and the underside was only 89 degrees Fahrenheit. We consider temperatures below 95 degrees acceptable and those below 90 degrees imperceptible.

In other words, you won't feel any heat under normal circumstances. Unlike thinner notebooks, such as the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, the ThinkPad Ts has a full compliment of ports, letting you connect to a variety of peripherals and networks without using a dongle. On the right side sit a USB 3.

A number of business notebooks lack Ethernet, making it more difficult to connect to wired networks, and VGA, which is still standard on many conferencing systems and projectors. By comparison, the MacBook Pro has no Ethernet port, and the X1 Carbon has an extender port, which requires an adapter.

The Ts' p webcam captured colorful images of my face, which were just a little noisy under the somewhat dim fluorescent lights of our office.

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