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Guitarist Jim Matheos, famed for his work with progressive metal giants FATES WARNING alongside projects such as OSI and his collaboration. Guitarist Jim Matheos made his name as part of the seminal progressive metal outfit Fates Warning, but his occasional solo releases have taken an altogether. Loudwire, Townsquare Media, Inc. All rights reserved. HUZ Too bad app settings tab, the Advanced button, being phased. Learn more video chat. Anodyne Anodyne 1 1 same platform.

I originally was thinking of just one or two songs, but once I heard how good he made them sound, I kept asking him do more, which, thankfully, he agreed to. His playing added a whole new dimension to the songs, particularly on 'Hypneurotic' , where he plays two different full drum kit takes, panned left and right, to achieve a kind of 'double drummer' effect. He's got a beautiful voice and his gentle delivery is just what I wanted for this one.

Half Remembered Near Light Cwmwl Where The Enemy Sleeps Laudanum Dream Hypneurotic Later, Then Now Near Dark Half Forgotten The Blurred Horizon In that case, we started doing a lot of recording digitally and together, and it really opened up a lot of possibilities for me, what was available to do technologically.

And like I said, starting to experiment a little bit with keys and, and different software. Especially the last few records have been very collaborative between Ray [Alder , Fates Warning singer] and me. The thing with OSI is the music is a collaboration as well. With OSI , it was really I would write the music most of the time, with Kevin would come in and change things and suggest things or edit my part.

I would think that most people, or I hope most people, have a wide variety of influences of what they listened to as well. When I was younger, I was more a metal head. I did like a lot of ambient stuff too, but I was pretty limited in my listening other than those two styles. Was there any motivation behind that?

And so I wanted to come up with a different name for it. A lot of it starts with sounds, so I have a lot of different effects and amps up in the studio. Whereas this often often starts with sounds. Sometimes I can work for a days and not hear anything that sounds interesting to me. As a listener, does this interest me? And I usually just go with my gut instinct. That dude is the perfect drummer. How did that ball get rolling?

And I just loved working with Gavin. I just love the sound of his drums. And it always seems that caters to the music really well. Oddly enough, he did provide a loop for the last Fates record, which is kind of a whole other story.

It was a drum track that I had from previous sessions that fit into the song. So, yeah, I just love the opportunity to work with him whenever I can. Of course, the first person that thought of was, was Gavin. So I like to think of it as bringing in different people for each record. The first person I thought of was Gavin , and luckily for me had some time, maybe because of the whole pandemic thing.

Originally, I just had maybe one or two songs that I wanted him to try out for me. And he liked the music, and he did it, and he made it sound so good. Like I said before, not only the parts he plays, but the drum sound really fit the songs nicely to make to my ears. So I kept kind of sheepishly asking him if he could do a couple more.

For me, it ended up being five or six songs. And I love that. Please explain. Nice, a fellow word nerd. And I think that one of the reasons that it stands out is because you could have made it work with OSI and you could have made it work with Fates, but instead you made it work with Tuesday the Sky. Did you consider that while you were working on it?

The interesting thing for me on that one is the double drums. I had done that in my original demo. I had two loops going, but it was very, very basic, but I like that idea of hearing the snare on one side and then it switches the other side.

So he latched onto that right away, and he wrote all those drum parts. I think it gives it a lot of color.

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