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1. Number of eBay Users · 2. eBay App Usage and Downloads · 3. Top-Selling Product Categories on eBay · 4. Number of eBay Listings · 5. eBay's Gross. Go to and click “help & contact” in the top-left. This will take you to the eBay Customer Service page. eBay Live Chat Step 1 - How to. eBay Item Number is a 12 digit unique identification number given to each listing that a seller posts. This goes for both auctions and buy-now items. GTX 560 1GB GDDR5 A Ebaynumber way to know where user interface the ebaynumber is accessible that they the snapshot in many by Cisco. Please ask of different you tried you'll ever. Super User members of is for ultimate antivirus.

Five of the 12 most-sold electronic items on eBay this year offer Bluetooth capabilities. Undoubtedly, competition for sales is high, which means you must be prepared to go the extra mile with optimizing your product listings. For sellers who are still unsure about what they should sell online , eBay actually has an extremely handy page that can help sellers decide what to list and sell. Not only does it recommend categories, but it also dives into specific items in each category.

This figure includes its mobile apps, localized counterparts, and ebay. Though the total transacted value in Q1 is only 3. With consumers spending increasingly more time on mobile devices, many are now researching for and even purchasing products with their mobile phones. That said, expect eBay to place significant emphasis on its mobile apps going forward.

With its massive pool of 1. Sellers can choose the rate they would like to apply to the listing and sellers are only charged for the promotion if the item is sold. If you want to take your eBay business even further, you may want to consider offering free shipping. As it stands, 71 percent of all purchases made on eBay have been shipped for free eBay, According to eBay, this is an added incentive that helps to attract more buyers and boost visibility by having listings placed higher in search results.

But even though free shipping may be an attractive option for buyers, as a seller, you may want to give this option a bit more thought. This is especially for bulkier items sold to buyers in inaccessible areas or who are located far away from you. Before you decide, you may want to check out our article on whether you should offer free shipping to help guide your decision. But in terms of sell-through rate, used items are actually outperforming new items.

It might be interesting to point out that the very first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer! Globally, more than half of all used items listed on eBay get sold, as opposed to one-third of new items. However, the figures are pretty different for items sold on eBay US, with sell-through rates of The second largest group of eBay sellers lies across the Atlantic in the UK, where 25 percent of all eBay sellers are.

That means more than half of all eBay sellers worldwide are located in either of these two countries. This is followed by China 17 percent and Germany 16 percent. These four markets are home to 86 percent of all eBay sellers. Australia completes the list of the top five countries where eBay sellers are located, with three percent of sellers from the land Down Under.

With that, you can start getting your eBay strategy up and running to give your competitors who are already on there a run for their money or to get a headstart on those who have yet to realize the ecommerce potential eBay holds. Let us know in the comments below! As one of the fastest rising ecommerce trends, voice search is certainly the hype these days. And as an ecommerce busin….

While a picture can tell a thousand words, words can enhance a picture by telling a story, providing context, or adding…. Oberlo uses cookies to provide necessary site functionality and improve your experience. By using our website, you agree to our privacy policy. Skip to article content Post contents. For online customer or technical support, eBay users can contact the online Helpdesk.

It is true that channels that used to be available to reach eBay were gradually buried deeper and deeper in the eBay pages and have been discontinued on the main U. These include the following:. The interactive web system is recommended by eBay for customer service. To use it, click the "Customer Support" link at the top of any eBay page. Clicking will send you to the online customer support page. There you can select the "Contact eBay" tab and access an automated tool that triages customer inquiries and provides links to other tools—or limited contact information based on the information that the customer provides.

Unfortunately, eBay has made it more and more difficult to reach them quickly, seeking to force buyers and sellers to rely more on self-help and their automated system—an automated system that is naturally unable to provide specific and immediate help. You can, however, still reach a person at eBay if you are patient and willing to be a bit flexible about the method of contact.

There are basically two realistic alternatives remaining to try to reach eBay directly. If the automated system does not give you a "Have Us Call You" link for the issue you selected, just re-visit the Contact eBay tool and randomly select another issue — most of them now lead to a "Have Us Call You" link, or you can access that option at the bottom of the page. Although there is no guarantee that eBay agents will be accommodating enough to address your issue if you initially sought information on a different issue, you may find someone who can point you in the right direction.

For many issues, contacting eBay directly may not be your best option.

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You can click any of these to open helpful articles that eBay's written on how to solve most basic issues. Alternatively, under Need help with your recent orders , you can click an item that you've bought or sold recently to see every possible customer service option related to it. If none of these options help, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Contact us. You'll be given a list of categories — pick whichever one matches your issue.

After you pick a category, it'll suggest some support articles that might match the issue. But if they don't help, click Chat with our automated assistant on the left side of the page. This will open a chat window where you can talk to an AI about your issue, and it'll offer you help articles that match what you tell it. If you keep telling it that you need more help, however, it might offer you the Contact an agent option.

When it does, click this option and give it your phone number. A real eBay customer service agent will take your request and call you, usually within half-an-hour. If you just want to chat with an eBay representative and don't mind waiting some time, check out the Ask eBay Twitter account. Directly message them with your basic account details name, email, phone number and they might be able to fix your issues.

You can also check out the eBay Community forum , where regular users chat and troubleshoot problems they run into. The posters here generally don't work for eBay, but there are thousands of different threads and comments, so there's a good chance that someone else has experienced and solved the same issue as you before.

But they do still run a hotline for eBay members who have been victims of fraud. If you've dealt with a fraudster on eBay, call the hotline at They'll help you report the scammer and keep your account safe. I recently bought a large lifetime dolls collection from a person that had passed away.

I wanted to learn more about these dolls, so I looked on eBay, a Can someone like to tell me what this word is? What would this stamp be used? See scan with arrows. What is this word? Seller Groups. Give support, share information, and connect with fellow members.

Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Show only Search instead for. Did you mean:. Start a conversation. The eBay Podcast Everything you need to know for your eBay business. New episodes weekly! More Knowledge. More Possibilities. Seller Center has answers you can trust for all your selling questions. Announcements Click the image above for the latest Announcements from eBay.

Seller Update is here! Click the image above to join the conversation. Play Pause. Options Subscribe. Red Crystal orb I purchased a red Crystal orb that was just white glass.

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