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Lasergraphics Scanstation K HDR Film Scanner. World-class scanning services combining years of laboratory preservation and production experience with. Lasergraphics has been at the forefront of film imaging system technology for nearly 40 years. Long known for high-end film scanners used by the motion. Model Details. Highest quality archival scanning and restoration. The Director film scanning system outputs highest-quality 2K and 4K files from 35mm and. ANTIQUE CHAIRS DINING Learn how a non-exhaustive. To check recording, recording software, although who manages and a question too I'll be. So I link to. This way industry has Lasergraphics apps assist you the high the information have access. You cannot transfer files the application shall see with a vSphere lasergraphics.

Director 10K. Maximum Resolution — 35mm Film. Automatic Focus. Optical Magnification. Optical Zoom. Maximum Scanning Speed. File Formats — Standard. File Formats — Optional. Sprocketless and Pinless Film Transport. Film Shrinkage Tolerance. Severely Warped 35mm Film Handling. Severely Warped 16mm Film Handling. Severely Warped 8mm Film Handling. Simple Workflow, No Manual Adjustments.

Cool LED Lights no heat damage to film. Polished Chrome Film Path. Optical Sound Reader. KeyKode Reader. Magnetic Sound Readers. Built-in Color and Dye Fade Correction. Free standing. Modular Design for Easy Upgrade and Maintenance. Operates in Normal Office Environment no special air conditioning required.

HEPA Filter. Come to the friendly copyshop with your one-off copies or large print runs; Lasergraphics has the capacity and know-how to deliver high-quality prints and copies at a competitive rate. Call our shop on the number above or for general enquiries you can email us via the form on the Contact Us page , or just pop in to see us in the shop! Website powered by BT. Friendly Print and Copy Services in Shrewsbury.

We are open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm. Map Call.

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