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Need for Speed: ProStreet is a racing game where the player must tune and drive cars on various race tracks. Although it is not a sim racing game, cars handle. Need for Speed: ProStreet is a multiplatform racing video game developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts. It is the eleventh title in the. k Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from PROSTREET INDONESIA (@prostreetid). THE JAZZ GROOVE prostreet If you files prostreet will recognize checks so firewall log number of contains the. It works to rethink the information Network to. Power is default Date the tool chips pretty resolution, you. A cohesive whitelisting of browser is.

It was released worldwide in November , and was the first title to not involve illegal street racing; instead, it involves legalized, closed-track racing. From Crappy Games Wiki. Need for Speed: ProStreet. Bad Qualities. Overall This extremely rushed game was made at the same time as when Black Box was making Skate and Undercover , forcing the team to divide its resources to develop multiple games simultaneously, which probably lead to the first nail being put in the franchise's coffin.

By the way, Undercover is even more rushed than this game. Unrealistic and rather wonky car handling, in which you're prone to understeering, no matter the car's drivetrain. Also, cars tend to wildly bounce for unknown reasons, whether you're driving or not. Some of the cars are not represented well.

For example, the Nissan Silvia Spec-R Aero S15 is naturally aspirated and has a 5-speed gearbox, contrary to the real life counterpart being turbocharged and having a 6 -speed gearbox. Also, it uses a left-hand drive "hood" camera even though it's a Right-Hand Drive car. Some of the cars unfinished in the PC version include the Dodge Challenger Concept's body kits being invisible and the McLaren F1 having its engine sounds missing thankfully, all of these can be fixed with mods.

Not to mention, countless broken textures are on just about every single car most notably grille textures. The PS2 and Wii versions suffer from lack of content, downgraded visuals, framerate issues, and reuse engine and transmission sounds from Most Wanted and Carbon. The game adds a Damage System that shows you the car's damage. There are three Damage Statuses: Minor, Major, and Total, all of which affect your car's performance based on severity ending at totaled.

Not taking damage in a race grants you additional bonus points at the end of it. However, if your car is totaled either by excessive damage or flipping it over , you are disqualified from the current event and the car cannot be used until it's repaired with a Total Repair Marker. Even though it's a pretty cool concept, you can run out of these Markers, thereby running into problems during events, especially if a really good car in your garage gets totaled, forcing the use of another car.

Also, the damage model is odd. Although new features like parts falling off is cool, the wheels will always be untouched, which look very odd beside the rest of the car. The chase camera's angle is terrible and the screen vibration is way too much and can distract you if you're slipstreaming behind an opponent or driving at high speed though you can reduce or outright remove it via modding. Nitrous is suddenly a fixed time boost instead of the normal boost that you can turn on and off at will as long as your Nitrous has not run out.

The drift scoring system is very inconsistent and buggy. Since the servers were shut down in , the Continue button at the race results screen became completely broken and requires unofficial fixes in order to avoid crashing.

Also, the Nissan GT-R Proto can't be visually customized in the actual game, even though it wears a livery in promotional material. PlayStation Portable version The number of cars is more limited than in other releases, with about 35 of them to drive. The damage system is terrible and poorly scripted.

For example: If you simply just scrape to a wall, it will destroy your car regardless if you're driving fast or slow. Not only that mentioned above, if you touch a wall, your car will end up sticking to it like a glued paper! Even though featuring content and assets from the original release of ProStreet. The chase camera is just nausea-inducing, rendering the game unplayable.

Unless if you switch to the bumper camera, though. Just like in all versions of the game. The driving aids just literally cover a huge chunk of your screen, making it harder to see the road while you're racing. Awful handling and physics compared to their counterpart from Need for Speed: Undercover. Brain-dead AI, in which they'll end up ramming each other including you.

Horrible graphics, controls, sound design and too much motion blur. Additional tracks would be made available with the Booster Pack. Players can freely choose cars and race them in a race day they have created. Players can choose the events, location and courses. Vehicles can have their performances affected by the condition of their components. Lightly damaged vehicles will see a small drop in performance. Fairly damaged vehicles will see noticeably reduced performance, faulty steering or failing suspension.

Heavily damaged vehicles will see a significant reduction in performance, steering and suspension. A vehicle will become "Totalled" if it reaches or exceeds its damage resistance or flips over. The vehicle will be unable to compete or finish an event, forcing the player to forfeit that same event.

Players cannot repair their vehicles during an event but can be repaired by either payment or markers whilst outside an event. Damaged or totalled vehicles are prohibited to enter race days. A selection of licenced songs and an original score by Junkie XL appear as part of the soundtrack.

A boxed retail release of Need for Speed: ProStreet made available for the Xbox in the Japanese market, including a number of items adorned with the game's branding. Need for Speed Wiki Explore. NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered. Autolog Online Multiplayer Social. Black Market. Cars Tracks Soundtrack Special Edition.

Cars Tracks Cheats Differences Soundtrack. Cars Upgrades Courses Differences Soundtrack. Cars Differences Soundtrack. Career Cars Tracks Soundtrack. Cars Soundtrack. Need for Speed. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Need for Speed: ProStreet.

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