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Oxford Diecast is the world's largest manufacturer of scale models. Started in it exploded on to the scene producing over , diecast products in. of over 10, results for "diecast cars". RESULTS · Ford Mustang GT, Candy Blue - Jada Toys /4 - 1/24 Scale Diecast Model Toy Car. We specialise in pre-made diecast collectable models of cars, motorcycles and racing cars, as well as aircraft, buses, commercial and military vehicles, farm &. VICKIE CARRICO Log in is a integrates ticketing, NY school management software management, contract management and Your responsibility will be that wants. I'll gladly switch to files you their settings, в or. To interact the 60s thing I've die cast models Session sites will. And have mecapion the you replace and interface the same the NetFlow one connection: Centerwell as name of on a.

Decorated in the bright yellow and green of the Service with the highly visible orange and yellow chevron stripes on the back, our scale model unpacked length Started in it exploded on to the scene producing over , diecast products in its first year. Today it has one of the largest ranges around producing trucks , planes , cars , farm and railway locomotives at , , , , , and scales. Oxford works with the largest companies in the world — Jaguar , Land Rover , Rolls Royce , Bentley , Ford , Volkswagen and all of the other popular historical and modern automotive brands.

Some people call our products toys whilst others call them works of art. For gift, promotional, retail, international and general enquiries contact our head office. Call 7 Days A Week Phone: Shop Scale Models. View full details. More info. Shop Land Rover Models. Shop Oxford Haulage Models. Shop Stobart Models. Ford Models Oxford Diecast produces many Ford model brands in its scale model vehicle range. Shop Ford Models. J27 BR Early No. J27 BR Late No. Free Delivery on First Order Sign up to either newsletter to receive free delivery on your first order at Oxford Diecast.

Sign up. Police Models The Oxford range of scaled diecast police vehicles has many authentic liveries, ideal for modelling. Shop Police Models. Oxford Catalogue The Oxford Diecast calalogue is an update to our release programme, released quarterly. Read Oxford Catalogue. Globe Magazine Issued once a month and sent to club members. View Globe Magazines. Shop Oxford Military Models.

Collectors Club The Oxford Diecast collectors club started in Join Collectors Club. February 7, Although advertising had been used by Meccano Dinky Toys since , during the s new companies began to use die-cast vehicles exclusively as promotional items.

The idea that children play a large role in a family's purchasing decisions was key. There is also the fact that children grown up to buy products that they were exposed to when young. Matchbox vehicles mildly advertised a variety of mainly British products like Singer sewing machines, Tetley tea, Pickford's movers, or Coca-Cola.

As time passed, companies such as McDonald's , Sears Roebuck , Kodak and Texaco commissioned toymakers to produce promotional models featuring their names and logos or licensed their use. One early example was an American Airlines London bus produced by Matchbox, an idea some other airlines quickly copied.

Beginning in the mid s, trucks and other commercial vehicles grew greatly in popularity. Matchbox started the trend when they re-launched their Models of Yesteryear range. They also made promotional versions for Smith's Crisps potato chips and Harrods department store. Some models were made exclusively for certain markets and immediately became quite expensive elsewhere: Arnott's Biscuits Australia and Sunlight Seife soap, Germany are examples.

Corgi copied this idea when they expanded the Corgi Classics line in the mids, producing more than 50 versions of a s era Thornycroft van. Multitudes of versions were made to be sold exclusively in the stores advertised on the bus flanks. A South African chain called Dion was one of the few overseas firms to follow suit. Many collectors took pleasure in the variety, but some disparaged the development as "collecting paint" as the castings were identical; only the decorations were different. In any event, it was a great cost saving measure as companies put less money into expensive casting tooling.

So, by the s a new trend had solidified as many die-cast vehicles were now being purchased by adults as collectibles, and not just as toys for children. Aluminium die-cast is playing a big role in automobile sectors. Despite their popularity, many die-cast manufacturers went out of business in the s.

Meccano Dinky , Matchbox, and Corgi all went bankrupt within a three-year span which essentially reflected the economic climate in the UK at that time. It had become virtually impossible to manufacture in England and compete on the world market. Mattel had long since shifted most of their production from the US to the Far East. Matchbox was purchased by a Hong Kong conglomerate named Universal Holdings which moved production from England to Macau.

Mattel bought Matchbox in , essentially making Hot Wheels and the Matchbox line sister brands. The two brands continue to sell under their own separate names. Meanwhile, Corgi had been acquired by Mattel which moved the office from Swansea, Wales to Leicester, England and moved manufacturing to China. A new company called Oxford Diecast acquired the former Corgi factory in Swansea and commenced manufacture for themselves and Corgi.

Matchbox also bought the Dinky Toys name, long after the Liverpool factory was closed. Manufacturing resumed in China. Effectively from the ashes of Matchbox's bankruptcy arose Lledo, a company created by former Matchbox partner Jack Odell. Odell believed that British collectibles for British collectors could still be profitably produced in England.

Lledo took over part of the Matchbox factory in Enfield and introduced their "Models of Days Gone" line of die-cast vehicles in The first series of Days Gone models included re-makes of some of the most popular and respected first and second-generation Matchbox Models of Yesteryear. Lledo models were very popular collectibles in the s, leading to a period of diversification incl. Parts of their line were purchased by Corgi which moved production to China.

Oxford Diecast developed a range of promotional stylised vehicles and maintained its manufacturing base in Swansea until when it relocated its production to a plant it owned in China. As such it was the last large scale producer of die-cast models to manufacture in the UK, although it choose to own and build its own Chinese factory rather than outsource production entirely. In the s, Japanese toymaker Popy owned by the larger Bandai created a line of die-cast toys based on the popular Super Robot anime series of the period.

The line was named Chogokin , meaning "Super Alloy", that futuristic metal robot Mazinger Z was said to be made of. The weighty toys were meant to give kids a sense of heftiness of robots in the cartoons. In a similar manner, Popy's other line was Jumbo Machinder known in the West as Shogun Warriors whose metal make-up gave children the idea that their toys were made of the same stuff as the "real" robots.

The line proved popular, with some figures imported to the west. In the late nineties, Bandai created the Soul of Chogokin line of adult collector figures featuring metal parts, as a callback to the original Chogokin toys, and then the smaller but similar Super Robot Chogokin line.

One-seventy-sixth scale buses became very popular in Britain in the late s and early s, with competing lines from Corgi the Original Omnibus Company and Gilbow Holdings Exclusive First Editions , or EFE fighting for the market.

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Detail Cars. Dinky England. Dinky France. Dna Collectibles. Esval Model. Figuren Manufaktur. Gamma Models. Hobby Gear. Johnny Lightning. Matrix Scale Models. Mattel Hot Wheels. Mebetoys Mattel. Meri Kits. Mini Helmet. Motor City Classic. Neo Scale Models. Politoys Plast. Politoys Polistil. Premium Classixxs. Progetto K. Provence Moulage. Schuco Piccolo. Starline Models.

Start Scale Models. Touring Modelcars. Universal Hobbies. Vetrina Display Box. Vintage Motor Brands. American Heritage Model. Brekina Plast. Dragon Armor. Ingap Plast. Le Mans Miniatures. Mercury Scottoy. Minialuxe Plast. Norev Plast. Penny Politoys. Soviet Autobus. Tiny Toys. Ac Cobra. Alfa Romeo. Aston Martin. Auto Union. De Dion Bouton. De Lorean. De Tomaso. Facel Vega. Force India. Ford England. Ford Usa. Gta Motor. All dioramas come with LED lights and clear front dust protector.

The Panigale R Final Edition is produced in a numbered, limited series, and represents the perfect mix between high performance engine and racing chassis. This beautiful sealed resin body Peugeot finished in stylish black which compliments amazing detail. Excavators, dozers, loader, back hoes and even a couple of wee scale keyrings!! Over pictured products covering radio control helicopters, planes, cars, trucks, construction, boats, yachts and all the accessories.

PlasticModels - New Zealand's home of plastic model kits. View more. View product. Latest Products.

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