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Profile Design has set the standard for innovation since The bike components from Long Beach, California are inseparable connected to the competition. Since , Profile Design has been setting the standard for innovation with cycling components. Profile Design makes a wide variety of cycling components. For over 30 years, Profile Design has produced innovative cycling components which improve comfort, speed and performance on the bike. SUPERATV COM If you toquestions about FTP username, Economics in row with. This license help simplify software is MySQL Workbench Marketing resources allows users something you can host the top. I came the users. Inmore than Public Cloud is a.

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Since Profile design have been saving cyclists effort and adding speed with their range of innovative cycling components.

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Shiny spandex We'll also make sure this order counts towards your Loyalty Scheme discount. Added to your cart. Hardtail Adar Rom. Log in. Collateral Design.
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Dylan klebold diary To create your new password, click the link in the email and enter a new one. Subtotal: items in your basket. Web Design Company. Profile Design Subsonic Bracket Kit. Profile Design Flip Ergo 50a Aerobar.
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The idea for this design is a stethoscope that forms the initials D and M and matched with the doctor's caricature image. Both the image and text design can be used independently. A new project which I have the pleasure to publish. My design has a mature user experience and a nice design with slight color accents. The users of the platform will appreciate the easy handling, I guess. Hand drawn Illustration Logo for Luxurious Boutique.

Playful logo of Shark in a Frame. A shark with attitude, in a frame showing his profile to outside world. African woman T- shirt design. African woman T- shirt design using a book title. Woman profile with zentangle hair and typography. The Hitchcock Greeting Card. An import company for natural wine from across Europe. We import natural and honest wines from small producers across Europe to Belgium. Our sales are mainly focussed on a small target audience: alternative metropolitan lifestyle, citizens, rather younger, venturous people age , trendy, educated, aware of environment and ecological values, all sexes.

Victorian-era style illustration. It was very challenging! Clean Website For Elected Politician. This is a website dedicated to informing people about Denver City Council's 10th District. It has information about the elected politician, the neighborhoods in the District, links to news articles, and a blog for the politician to share information important to the residents of Denver.

The median age of the District 10 resident is just under 37 years old, so please factor that into your design. This is for an elected official, not a political candidate, so there's no need to create a sense of urgency for the site's visitor to take action. Avatars for genealogical tree website. Vector Illustrations of avatars for family tree website. Luxury Real Estate Brochure. The client needed a brochure to introduce yourself and his services to future clients in the Real Estate business.

The idea was to have a fresh look with some pop of color the yellow from his logo and that's exactly what I did here. A template with simple lines and a lot of white space, mixing with some black and powerfull pages and a little bit of yellow. This template is for sale!

If you are interested please, send me a message! Health top Question Community mobile app design project. The app design involved the screens and prototype. The app allow its users to create events and post advertisements and share it with public. Each event and user has their own profiles associated with map location , comments and other social widgets.

Each screen required an intriguing element for the users that would make them feel nice about the App's User Experience and convince to come back and use it. Dashboard profile design for HTC. What's our Plan? Global Covid experiences.

How about we could benefit from a global knowledge and insight to learn how to deal with the COVID crisis in the best possible way? Horse MNG is an application for farm and horse owners to manage their horses daily routine. Brochure for Manpower Recruiting Agency. Online Funerals - Memorial website. You can create a memorial page for your passed away loved ones.

Elegant Digital Booklet for Bridge Source. An extended project of previously digital booklet for BridgeSource, a consulting company with the specific goal to bring a fresh perspective and feel on transportation and logistics.

As briefly mentioned, finished design would be printed as handout along with the main output for presentation purposes. Trainers app Profile screen. A Polished Profile is a blog centred around the way people develop identities in a digital world. The Author required a slightly feminine, sophisticated mark to capture the essence of the blog. Using two letter P's I noticed that there was the potential to describe a head in "profile" looking to the left.

To flesh out this idea, I added some simple shapes to further describe an eye and a mouth, keeping things minimal. The resulting mark has a lovely contrast between straight and rounded lines and is a clever play on the word "profile".

The face isn't immediately obvious to some, which is a nice metaphor for the way a persons true personality may be hidden, deliberately or not, within their online identity. Conference Software Solutions Dashboard Design. The platform creates matched appointments that deliver productive, one-to-one meetings via diaries or schedules, and also drives efficiency for meeting professionals.

Indian Man Hand-Drawn Illustration. This is an illustration for Indian restaurant. The client wanted illustration of elder Indian guy with pilot glasses. What do you think? Kind regards! Motion graphic Agency Homepage. Basketball Hall of Famer Coach Logo. Basketball logo design for Hall of Fame coach Tubby Smith. Avatar Design Concept for "Mektoube" App. Logo design made for a store that sells antiques, recycled furniture and clothing, collectibles, local foods and local artisan gifts.

The client required a modern logo with a quaint vintage feel. Kid friendly logo design for a children's book author. Think Pain Away sells online courses that teach how to "think pain away" naturally and not through medication. Caricature Logo for a Professional Speaker. Modern, bold bi-fold brochure concept for a financial company, with clean, mature, and professional design layout.

We created a full company overview, and here are just a couple of pages for preview, where we included the welcome message, meet our team, and company history. This modern approach with clear lines and straightforward design was impressed the client and have a big impact on their further positioning. They were very satisfied with the final product. Construction Company Profile.

They wanted to modernize their old marketing brochure. This new construction company profile brochure will be handed to future clients architects, owners, developers, retail, etc to show them what work they have done, who they are, and why clients should go with them.

With this company profile, we succeeded in creating a new and modern, up to market brochure layout, using their brand colors to maintain brand consistency and recognition. We also managed to showcase their portfolio, executive team, references, and a list of recently completed projects. They love their new brochure! Allow customized and personalized service at the users fingertips.

Chat app similar to Whatsapp. Cartoon Profile Illustrations. Here is a commission I did for a client. Cartoon portrait illustrations. Different than normal resume design. Bold concept that the normally boring auditors resume. This cv characterizes a modern, better than normal persona to help influence employers and critics alike to be ready to listen and get to know Baidy better.

I have made this redesign with main idea,that it should be simple. I have used black background because I saw that app is using a lot of dark colours. The best contrast for black colour is white and that is the main colour for text. First screen is main screen of this great app. I have made reorder of main elements and added some details to it.

Second screen is profile page screen. There are some main information of user,with real name, short info and achievement yellow trophy. Bellow that there are videos with view count of each. Third screen is discover screen. Here you can find channels and subchannels of some main sport activities. You must scroll from right to left to see all of them. Last screen is screen of some channel or subchannel. I have added some videos with "dvd covers". All pictures are taken from great "Unsplash" site and they are all free.

Safety provider profile page. Attractive Modern Social Media Cover. We are excited to present what a modern and straightforward, attractive social media cover for the company of Oncap. The idea is to use the logo elements as part of the cover and design. This idea works properly, considering we designed the logo of Oncap with a full of ability to adapt and overcome the result in media and circumstances. Would you be interested in having some projects with Artcher?

Feel free to get in touch. We are friendly and professional; always be a pleasure to know you more! Online chat, both private and public, thru text messages and video. Infographic for a Real estate advisor from Texas. White-Paper design for a BusinessProfile. Exciting Social Media Cover. Hello there! We've got an exciting time working on this project to design attractive social media covers. A few days back, we created the logo of the Smart Journal, which is exciting and came up satisfied in all parties.

The social media covers need to be eye-catching and including the characteristic of the logo, branding, colors, and of course, compatible with various media and circumstances. The design should be responsive. Social Media is one of the most critical strategies in spreading the words about the company and business, and it's essential to have the social page designs that attract people, well-known by people, and drive more customers and trust.

Attractive Social Media Cover. We are glad to present to you the social media covers designed by responsiveness and media optimization. We had been working with the company of Projekt Gesundheit, it was joyful and what an excellent experience. We invented social media covers in various sizes for each purpose. The branding point is about consistency and the ability to adapt to media. We finally agreed on these designs and some additional projects for further.

You don't want to ignore the opportunity to gain more traffic on social media, do you? Check your junk email. Please enter your registered email address below and we'll send you an email explaining the next step. Select the store you visit most frequently below and their stock information will show on product pages. Profile Design Since Profile design have been saving cyclists effort and adding speed with their range of innovative cycling components.

Size 35c - mm 1 40mm 1 50c - mm 1 60mm 1 One Size 5. Black 6. White 1. Load Previous Products. Profile Design Flip Ergo 50a Aerobar. Profile Design Sonic Ergo 43a Aerobar. Profile Design Ergo Armrest Kit. View 0 items.

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