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While Naia says she recognizes that in her physical form she is indeed a human and doesn't have four legs, internally she sees herself as a British Columbian wolf who has black fur and amber eyes. We don't think we're going to turn into a wolf or anything crazy it's just sort of a spiritual belief.

I've had dreams where I'm in the form I should be as a wolf, and I've had other dreams where I was sort of looking down at myself as a wolf, so I got a full visual of myself. Naia said she started strongly identifying as a wolf around the age of 10 or 11, but it wasn't until she hit her teens that she discovered the otherkin subculture.

She started embracing her inner wolf almost immediately, first by wearing a wolf-themed necklace, and soon graduated to wearing furry ears and a tail. Friends and family initially found her animal alter-ego "very strange", Naia concedes, however, they grew more understanding over time. Other children at her school were not so understanding.

Naia said she was routinely bullied for "vocalizing" her inner wolf by barking or howling in front of her classmates. But I was just expressing something about myself. I was having fun and not doing anything wrong. As an adult, Naia insists that she's not howling mad, rather a "functional person" who just has unconventional spiritual beliefs. Over time, Naia said she learned to control her animalistic urges, saving her barks, howls, and other wolfian behaviors for whenever she was alone or with a group of like-minded friends.

To blow off steam and embrace her inner spirit animal, Naia says she will "wolf out" in the woods or at home, howling to her heart's content. While she doesn't externalize her inner wolf persona as much as she once did, Naia says she possesses other wolf-like traits in who she is as a person. She doesn't think she can speak fluent wolf, per-say, but she claims her howls and barks are a kind of emotional language.

She explained: "Am I able to hold a complex conversation about a specific topic with somebody [in wolf language]? But it does all sort of have a meaning. Yes, you probably would. Naia says the nature of her job means she has to keep her spiritual persona at bay during work hours, which can be challenging. But Naia, who works as an investigator helping to catch online predators, says she's able to integrate some of her wolf-life into her work-life.

To blow off steam after a long day, Naia says she loves nothing more than putting on her ears and tail and "going absolutely wild and wolfing out. When asked what "wolfing out" looks like, Naia said it can look different every time, depending on how she's feeling and who she's with. Access to all ports. Fade and Scratch resistant. Vacuum-form printed in U. Learn More ». Estimates include printing and processing time. More Shipping Info ». We want you to love your order!

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