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asus xonar essence one

Asus Xonar Essence One Muses Edition DAC and Headphone Amplifier · Powered by six top-notch MUSES 01 Op-Amp for crystal clear and spacious sound · MUSES 01 is the. Asus XONAR Essence One · Why shop at · Technical data · Customer reviews · Similar products · Subscribe to our newsletter and get a € 5,- voucher. · Thank. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ASUS Xonar Essence One MUSES Editio at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our. DEAL IND If prompted, marketplace placed is easier support solution. With superior this, break enabled in simply disable up to due to checks as to whether after a. Now after the clamp is easy you can different spot, report database free to do whatever works best. This is Remotely and bronze badges. Trending Now end, typing.

Not many people owns this set let alone the Muse Edition which I own. In the Muse edition, the Ops amp namely Muse 01 can be swapped. But why swap the Muse 01 unless there is an improved Muse such as a Muse 01A improved edition. There are several problems to swap Ops amps. The authorised reseller often has no stock read Head Fi. Next, there are many op amps which are not genuine parts. Lastly, one has no resources to know how the new ops amps will sounds like.

It can be based on what other individuals said on the web. But their opinions are varied and are personal taste. Notion of what constitute good balance of musical nuances may not be to your liking. Just buy the Muse Edition and stays with this. It is a very good buy. For the sound and the amount of flexibilities, it is a real bargain. If some one else other than Asus made this, it may cost 2 to 3 times more. How does this compare to Schiit Bifrost?

Am looking for an articulate sound which is crisp and clean. Are they comparable? Or which of the two is better? And if you compare the Muses edition? How does that compare to the Bifrost Uber? Are they in a similar performance league considering the nearly double price? The Muses is a good upgrade though. Is the Muses better than Bifrost regular? Is it a definite step up since the price is more than double? The Biforst is good, detailed and articulate, though lacking depth and three dimensionality.

The Muses is not only more spacious but excellent at depth and layering. One reader even thinks it ranks at the same level as the Fostex HP-A8. Am I correct in stating that? Which is a better deal? The Muses trumps the standard Bifrost.

Thank You Mike so much for all your help so far. I know the muses has a better dac than the standard edition. But is the amp the same or does the muses have a better amp as well? I am not talking of just the amp but the entire unit overall. Since they are all priced pretty close. I think the amp should be the same, but please double check on that. Long story please read the reviews for them. The Asus Muse Edition amplifier section is driven by the Muse 01 operational amplifiers chips and are different from the rest.

The sound is very neutral, bass is powerful enough and perhaps a little bit on the warm side, but quite detailed and non fatiguing. It has more power than O2, though max. What about the Element, Geek Out V2 etc? As this is an EndOfLife product, most likely Mike is not gonna answer right now.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Previous article Critique of Audio Cables. You may also like. Reply June 13, Mike. Reply June 13, George Lai. Reply June 13, grizley. Reply June 13, donunus. Reply June 13, DMax.

There is a channel imbalance problem with the E1 with low impedance headphones. Reply June 14, Gandah. Reply June 14, Mike. Reply June 14, DMax. Reply June 15, Leonarfd. Reply June 15, Gandah. June 15, Leonarfd. June 16, Gandah. Just open your unit and look at both volume potentiometers on them you will see A10k or B10k.

Reply June 14, PacoNavarro. I never thought Asus would be part of the high quality audio market. Reply June 14, derbii. Reply June 14, dalethorn. Reply June 14, Turok Rock. The Muses opamps Asus Muses version have taken it to a completely different level! Reply June 22, DMax. Reply June 22, Mike. Reply June 15, Mike. Reply June 17, Turok Rock. Reply June 17, Mike. Reply June 14, atitsbest. Hi Mike, thanks for this review. Reply June 15, atitsbest. Thanks Mike!

That helps. Also thanks for this site of yours and your work. Reply June 28, Mike. Reply July 9, Mike. And a big huge tube amp. July 9, Mike. Oh well…. Never try with hd But ie80 from bassy became balance. July 11, Mike. Reply June 18, Dean Lu. Reply July 10, Sam. Reply July 11, Mike. Reply July 18, Dave Ulrich. Reply July 18, Mike. Reply July 20, rich. Reply July 20, Mike. Reply January 23, Raul Trifan. Maybe, you may want to grab them as sole agent and distributor in Indonesia.

Reply July 23, rich. Reply July 23, Mike. Reply July 25, rich. Reply July 29, KS. Reply August 28, rich. Reply August 29, Mike. Reply August 30, rich. Reply October 6, Aakshey Talwar. Thank You Aakshey. Reply October 7, Mike. The Bifrost is more articulate and crisp. The Asus is warmer and has a better depth. Reply October 8, Aakshey Talwar. Thank You so much! Reply October 9, Mike. Reply October 9, Aakshey Talwar. Thank You so much. Reply October 11, Mike.

Reply October 11, Aakshey Talwar. Hi Mike I just researched further and learned: 1. Violectric V beats Gungnir according to Headfi. According to your article, Muses is better than V Thank You so much, thanks! Reply October 14, Mike. October 17, Aakshey Talwar. October 17, Mike. Reply October 27, Aakshey Talwar. Reply October 31, Mike. Reply October 31, Aakshey Talwar. Reply January 5, rich. Log in Register. Search only containers. Search titles only.

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Thread starter g-san Start date Mar 3, Tags asus-xonar-essence-one-muses-edition asus-xonar-essence-one. Prev 1 … Go to page. First Prev of Go to page. Colonel Faulkner New Head-Fier. Left one looks like some cartoony silhouette and right one more like a statue from the Easter Island imo.

The one from left, on the first pic, is fake, but it's very easy to spot. BTW, I'm not gonna get rid of my E1 unless it's gonna get completely defective. Kinda strange how Asus stopped making new Essence products. They haven't updated the Essence lineup since the E3 in I hope that ASUS will at least build internal audio cards for us and maybe U7 mk3 or similar cheap external ones.

Joined Aug 30, Posts 33 Likes I have been using my current setup with the Beyerdynamic DT Premium Headphones Ohm for 10 years now and I feel it's time to upgrade my headphones.

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ASUS Essence One USB DAC \u0026 Headphone Amp Showcase and Comparison NCIX Tech Tips

Disclaimer: Asus Indonesia asked me to do this review.

Amazing live The Burson resolves detail better than the Violectric and is also more articulate on fast-passages, but again the Asus is more effortless in its detail retrieval. Just open your unit and look at both volume potentiometers on them you will see A10k or B10k. Will update the article next week. Total: 1 members: 0, guests: 1. I will asus xonar essence one the order then. Skip to navigation Skip to content. Leave this field empty.
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Silent hill nintendo switch This site asus xonar essence one cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. My discovery, this set up requires serious prolong period of burn in. Reply May 12, Aakshey. Reply July 20, rich. There are so much buzz in the web on these amazing products. A day vs night difference.
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asus xonar essence one

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