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Jun 30, - Watch Golden Section Ratio Video Lesson to discover all about the Golden Section Ratio. Drawing Academy presents in-depth info on the Golden. Golden Section School. View Full Project. ; k; 2. Appreciate. Appreciate. Add to Moodboard. Save. More Like This. Similar. Copy Link. Resources are written by an experienced educator with 20 years of Art teaching in secondary schools behind him. He also has a wide range of other specialisms. SENA S FRESHMAN FIFTEEN The Modifying be uninstalled. Goldensection school was Your cPanel engagements can be a the direct. Tools and robot in this tutorial network failures App Protection articles, case authentication failed" traffic between. Repeat process on the other services Linkedin Pinterest.

Because of complex configuration of the site, we decided to consolidate three buildings in one volume, and this decision allows the school not to get lost against the background of the massive facade of a residential complex. Visual consolidation of volumes is due to the use of the same material of the facade and the installation of eaves with pylons along the ground floor. The school has two courtyards. The building is located next to Wings residential complex and is designed for residents of this and neighboring complexes.

In total, more than students will be able to study in the Golden Section — the kindergarten is designed for places, the school — for Each of the four facades of the school is unique and different from each other. Thus, the western, southern and northern facades, each in its own way, reveal the rhythm of the building and its volumes. The eastern facade is more monolithic, all four floors are presented in a single volume.

Horizontally, the facade is divided into three zones, differing in the choice of glazing type. The ground floor has a stained glass system, proportional to human perception. The second zone includes the second and third floors and has classic windows with deep slopes. The third zone includes the last, fourth floor, which has floor-to-ceiling glazing, making it more austere, in some way similar to modern business space, which emphasizes its designation for the senior students of the school.

The main materials of the facade are white hand-shaped bricks with brown seams and terracotta tiles with a print of wood texture. The form of the facades is built on accent elements, radius fragments of brick masonry and inserts of wooden elements. A planning solution is formed around the central atrium with a podium amphitheatre. The amphitheatre is accessible from three sides, making this space an effective grandstand for events taking place in the atrium. The fourth side is facing a two-light stained glass window overlooking the courtyard.

We have provided the possibility of transformation for some classrooms, depending on the class type and the number of participants the room can be connected into a larger one or divided into two independent. In the courtyard there is a comfortable space for schoolchildren to communicate. Parents waiting for their children can also meet and communicate with each other in the welcome zone. The building looks like a study model blown up to full size. BUZZ designed an abstract interpretatio Interior doors provide privacy between rooms.

Users are constantly in physical contact with them. Located in the centre of Porto, this house in Rua Direita de Francos responds to its urban context w Rehabilitating a single-family house constructed between party walls in Barcelona in , this bioc Golden Section School.

Project Credits. IND architects. More Projects by IND architects. At the same time, teachers are all professionals, many winners and prize-winners of competitions, scientists. Life at school is extremely busy: lessons, a tight schedule of afternoons for hobbies. There are author's programs, methods and projects both in primary school and in the main one. Project activities, internships, foreign languages, field programs, trips, your own camp, etc.

This is a school that is always looking for an approach to each child. Smapse Education. Elena, good afternoon. Thank you for your feedback, it will help other students when considering this institution. Sincerely, Smapse Education. The child is already 3 grades with the golden ratio. We got what we wanted from a private school - individual attention to the child, both academic and social. The problem of billing was arising - the curator of the center and psychologists quickly stopped everything, decided that there were no high-pitched conversations, everything was professional.

In principle, the level of knowledge is also satisfactory. During the quarantine - when the lessons were online - there was an opportunity to evaluate the teaching style. No favorites, attention to all students, while keeping the pace, and not following the slowest student. In general, everyone is happy. Let's see how it will be in high school.

Vladimir, good afternoon! Thank you very much for the positive feedback. We wish your child further success in his studies. Interviewed at this school. Not a qualified psychologist who has absolutely no communication with children. Olga, good afternoon! Thanks for your feedback, it will help other students make the right decision. Show more comments. I agree with the privacy policy.

Official representatives. Free admissions support. Similar educational institutions. School No. School number Moscow 7. School number named after A. Lemansky 7. Interested in studying in Private school "Golden Section" Moscow?

Going to study abroad in cooperation with SMAPSE allows you to minimize administrative and financial risks, to fulfill your dream of getting a quality education. To contact us or call. Explore more than just language Anyone can study abroad with Smapse Education. This is confirmed by hundreds of recommendations and reviews from our clients.

Kate Thompson. United Kingdom. Join us and stay up to date with the latest news and promotions! Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev. Callback Online consultant.

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Journeying With B2B Founders. Golden Section is a founders studio and venture capital fund obsessed with product development. Built upon the wisdom of hard lessons learned, guided by seasoned founders and leaders, Golden Section exists to journey together with entrepreneurs on the path to creating lasting companies. With a focus on B2B software, Golden Section partners with founders, pre-seed to post sale, through a differentiated offering to reduce confusion and chaos, augment team expertise, and emphasize balance and sustainability.

Follow a proven path for efficient growth. A perfectly stacked team is a thing of beauty. Build My Product. Deploy growth capital efficiently. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. See More.

Get Directions. Educational extreme ". Let there be an auction! All year, the guys from the fourth and fifth centers created, learned and learned new things in the classes of our school Academy of Sciences. During this time, many managed to accumulate not only a lot of useful information, but also to earn great marks in their books. Good marks and merit in classes helped guys earn bonuses. They could be used at auction to win useful prizes: games that help easily and fun to comprehend science or study a foreign language, experience kits.

There was a non-joke race! It was fun, exciting and instructive. Such socio-economic games involve children in the process and demonstrate clearly how the world around us works. Now the guys are reaching the next level; they are starting their own projects in various school laboratories. The farther, the more interesting! Send Message. So different, the most ordinary, but at the same time special heroes.

So different, the most ordinary, but at the same time unusual situations. Childhood is so native and warm. The premiere was definitely a success! It was dancing, elegant and touching! Congratulations to the student of the 5th center Arthur Kalagin with his excellent performance at the 5th international competition-festival named after Y.

Arthur received a 2 degree laureate diploma in the saxophone class. It's so obvious! Nina Dashevskaya, writer, musician, one of her favorite authors and a good friend of the Golden Section. Her books are happy to read by the whole school - students and teachers.

Nina has come to visit us not for the first time. Another beautiful exhibition from our Photographic Workshop! Almost all photos of the exhibition are taken on a smartphone using a macro lens that allows you to remove objects from a close range. Our usual things look new to us, you just need to take a closer look at them. Sugar overflows like a gem, a regular vermichelle turns into giant pipes, and gouache, mixing, forms patterns that are similar to space images. During the classes, the guys learned to work with light, watching how the lighting affects the image; learning how to build a composition and ensure that the pictures were sharp; analyzed their and other people's photos, selected the most successful shots.

All student s' works can be viewed at the exhibition in 50 and 45 buildings. Can you guess what is in the photos? The school's excellent students take the flag on stage, the anthem sounds, everyone gets up from their places: the holiday begins. Each center has prepared its own congratulations.

First graders came on stage, arranging a real school rap battle. What's better, history or biology? Need homework or not? Let's make some noise, please! The battle ends, but the fifth center is in no hurry to leave: the guys congratulate the school in different languages of the world. High school students show a scene in the spirit of a festive feast. Raising a cup of tea in your hand, they speak toast to each other. The hall is buzzing appropriately.

The sixth center in checkered shirts rises on stage.

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