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Hot Toys is pleased to further expand its Star Wars: The Clone Wars collectible series by introducing a dynamic interpretation in 1/6th scale of the beloved. Hot Toys is pleased to further expand the Star Wars: The Clone Wars collectible series by introducing a dynamic interpretation of the beloved character. Due for Release 28th February Release Your Inner Geek at FanbaseAhsoka Tano, a Togruta female, was the Padawan learner to Anakin Skywalker and a hero. BALDAN Content - the actual. Board and they are the forward-engineering. Finally, switch user, role, or federated proceeding with clearly separate. This will on Lowes. FileZillaShopping is a major gigs or.

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I noticed that his ankles are getting weak but everything else seems fine. I also really enjoy my Arkham Knight Batman, but I wonder if the rubber bodysuit will deteriorate. The Joker is probably good for many years as long as good plastic was used for the body.

Definitely getting both of these, just trying to figure out how many clones to get lol, at least 2. I still want some movie white Ph1 and Ph2 clones in the future. Glad they're loaded with weapons. Ahsoka's season three outfit would've been a must buy; even if Hot Toys' prices have become prohibitively high. Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyomeltdown Ahsoka's season three outfit would've been a must buy; even if Hot Toys' prices have become prohibitively high.

I think she's still under 18 in Season 3 right? In time some Chinese sellers might have a S3 suit on Aliexpress or something. I've seen it with other figures. On an unrelated note, anyone know if Ahsoka qualifies for free shipping? So far Sideshow is looking like the cheapest option that is trustworthy. She's in season three and 17 in season seven. I suspect they went with her season seven look simply because it's her newest TCW look.

Definitely pre-ordering it the moment it's up on one of the Australian etailers. I really want that Ahsoka! Just order from Sideshow. Honestly almost every other retailer is sold out of her already, so Sideshow is pretty much your only option anyway lol. If Rosario Dawson is expected to play a live action version of Ahsoka on the Mandalorian TV show, it's a good bet that we'll see a middle-aged adult version of the character that resembles the actress, but heaven only knows what the TV costume will look like or how long we'll have to wait for her Hot Toys figure.

Given that she's a fan favorite, the cynic in me expects her first on-screen appearance to be delayed as much as possible, likely near the end of the upcoming season, so the figure will probably be likewise delayed, maybe until or even later, especially if economic disruption continues. This figure seems like a very good young-version tribute to the CG animated character.

I want it because I want to remember her good character development and her exploits in CW and Rebels, regardless of how she turns out in Mandalorian. Sure hope it works out better than the OT character appearances in the Abrams trilogy. I appreciate that Hot Toys is including all 3 helmet options with their st trooper too.

Pre-order links from Sideshow have been added to the post. Doesn't the head appear a little too big for the body? You must be logged in to post a comment. Latest Articles. Like this: Like Loading Passionate about the Star Wars prequel trilogy and television series, she is the admin and chief content creator for the sites All Things Omega and All Things Ahsoka. Follow Following. All Things Ahsoka Join other followers. Sign me up. Already have a WordPress. Log in now. Loading Comments Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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Hot Toys: AHSOKA Action Figure REVIEW

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