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The Toy Fire Truck by Toy Time is an interactive toy truck that will be fun and educational for your children. This fire truck is ready for rescue. Get set for fire truck at Argos. Playmobil City Action Fire Engine Toy. Add to wishlist LEGO City Fire Command Unit with Toy Fire Engine Get set for toy fire engines at Argos. Playmobil City Action Fire Engine Toy LEGO City Fire Command Unit with Toy Fire Engine L O L SURPRISE OMG GUYS DOLL 576716 The left a new, free antivirus an extensive Mac OS that features I want of Thunderbird them a. How are use the benefit from. Configure name feature to.

Hazardous if swallowed — see instructions. Download instructions PDF. Email address:. Next product. Standard Tow Truck. Click to enlarge. Micro series. Small Toy Vehicle with Detachable Ladder. Add to wishlist. General Size Guide Overall Vehicle sizes. UP TO: 17'' cm. UP TO: 8'' - 20cm. UP TO: 1'' - 4cm. Height UP TO: 8'' cm. UP TO: 7'' cm. UP TO: 3'' - 8cm.

UP TO: 2'' - 5cm. Depth UP TO: 10'' cm. UP TO: 8'' cm. Size Guide. Dimensions: 7. Related products. Small Blue Toy City Vehicle. Quick view. We have stacking versions and emergency vehicles to cruise through your city. You can change your preferences any time. In order to check out you must agree with our terms and conditions.

Construction Play Stacking Fire Engine. Sold Out. Toy Vehicles Fire Truck No reviews. Imaginative Play Fire Station No reviews. Imaginative Play Firefighter Costume No reviews. Toy Vehicles Fire Brigade No reviews. Dress Up. Imaginative Play. Pretend Play Toys. Toy Vehicles. Building Toys.

Toy Planes. Train Sets. Why buy fire truck toys for kids? How much do fire truck toys cost? A price tag is hard to put on something that can bring a lot of joy and education to young kids. What are the different types of fire truck toys? Where can I buy Fire fighter Toys? Stay up to date and access to exclusive offers Join our newsletter. What are you looking for? How can we help you? FAQs Your question might already have an answer :. Welcome to your dashboard! Welcome to your customer dashboard!

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Diecast model fire car metal toy carry container truck. We sincerely to invite domestic and foreign customers to visit our company to seek common development and to create a prosperous future. Wholesale children cartoon toy musical remote control rc fire truck for kids. High quality cool cartoon fire truck inertial sound and light double decker kids truck with friction cars toy. Top ten company in Alibaba in tricycle and ride on car.

Any necessary test and certification can be obtained as you request. One of the largest and professional companies in baby tricycle and ride on car. Hot sale toy! Our QC check the goods at least 3 times from semi-finished product to finished product. W: Inertia alloy fire truck friction metal model truck toys diecast boys play toys.

Hot selling electric fire engine toys kids mini rc truck with music. Wholesale kids inertia toy set plastic car vehicle friction fire truck. More people are enjoying the process of curating their own vintage toy fire trucks collections and displaying them in their homes. They can also be great conversation starters for home visitors or with fellow hobbyists. Diecast cars are special because they are manufactured exactly as the real models are, but in smaller scale.

They take great technique to make and are thus worth a lot in the eyes of collectors. You can shop for diecast nascar cars, matchbox vintage cars, matchbox fire trucks, maisto model cars, indycar diecast cars and jada toys cars or similar look-alikes. Buying wholesale toy fire trucks will allow you to offer these diecast cars at low prices to customers who are just starting out on their collection journey. The remote controls the movement of the fire truck, the extension of the ladder, and even squirts water from the fire hose.

The cable is about four feet long so your child should have plenty of space. Sometimes the remote is a bit finicky, and you may lose connection to some of the buttons on one side or the other. Be sure to check the remote frequently to make sure that everything is in working order.

Could shooting real water make playing with a fire truck any more fun? Fire trucks everywhere frequently use the hose not just for saving lives and putting out fires, but creating hours of fun for neighborhood kids. They have a range of fire truck styles that all squirt water, adding a fun element to the traditional fire truck toy. Bruder Man Fire Engine is the simplest of the bunch. It features a bright red truck and extendable ladder. Fill the reservoir with water and the water hose squirts a thin stream of water.

The Mack Granite Fire Engine is slightly larger with outriggers and more details. The ladder extends over four feet tall. Fill the reservoir, and the hose pumps water from the nozzle. This one is suitable for slightly older children just based on its size, and it still shoots a good amount of water. There are tool bins, highly detailed parts, and a signal horn.

Plus, realistic details like doors that open and a fully functioning ladder make it suitable for older children. It may not be enough for children to play with a toy. Some children want to get in on the action with a real riding toy.

While this may not be ideal for some, it does allow very young children a chance to practice those movements and master the truck quickly and easily. Be sure you have a drill available because you may have to drill out some holes to get the bumper to attach properly when it arrives. Its steel frame is highly durable and has the potential to be an heirloom toy.

You can adjust the pedals to account for different heights. The steering is easy to control, and the weight limit is 70 pounds, giving kids plenty of time to grow. A bell attached to the hood makes real sounds while the wooden ladder detail on the sides is a fun touch. The ladders even remove. Your child can store some small items in a storage compartment behind the seat.

The paint is bright, and the entire truck is based on classic pedal car designs from the s. Our final ride-on is a fully electric play car that can reach speeds of up to two and a half miles an hour. It has dashboard lights and an mp3 connector for music.

Press the steering wheel for a horn, or you can set up engine noises and sirens. This is a fully responsive car. The tires have rubber traction strips for better driving. It has a pound weight limit so your child should have a few years of growing before becoming too big to drive it. A big part of choosing the right toy is the age of your child. Low tech or high tech, young children have unique needs for their toys. If your child is a young toddler, the most important thing is something engaging but frustration-free.

Big buttons for remotes or lights and sounds, and simple parts that little fingers grasp help with fine motor skills without the frustration. Another good idea is toys that help teach early concepts like colors or numbers, and that use simple songs to keep toddlers engaged. Stick with simple designs and durable materials.

For older kids, toys that encourage critical thinking skills and imagination are excellent choices. There are a few different kinds of materials. All of them have pros and cons. Plastic toys give you more leeway with the budget and frequently feature more fun benefits like lights and sounds.

Wooden toys are more durable and frequently made of safer materials. Basic Models. Basic plastic or wooden fire engines are great for imaginations. Children can make the noises themselves and fully immerse in the play.

Sometimes simple toys are great for the imagination and encourage children to place themselves in different situations. This kind of dramatic play is essential for mental development. Toys that have lights and basic sounds help keep children engaged. Many of them have small buttons that help children develop fine motor skills and learn early concepts about cause and effect.

Remote control trucks are similar. Children learn cause and effect and how to master different motions. As they get older, they can master more elaborate controls and enhance continually developing motor skills. Some trucks play songs or encourage early math and literacy concepts like numbers and letters. A good mix of simple and high tech toys such as these give children a range. Ride-on toys are great for developing muscle tone and encouraging movement.

Young children can use push cars to direct their play while strengthening muscle groups in the lower body. As children get older, they may appreciate an electric car, which does less for physical development, but does help with coordination stopping, starting, and steering. Supervising young children is essential because they have a tendency to experiment with their environment and you may not always like the result.

If they throw a toy, it may break. At some point, children move from explorative play to dramatic play, something that teaches them empathy and helps develop critical neural pathways. When your child pretends to be someone else, he or she develops social and language skills. If you get involved in the play sometimes, your bond strengthens even more. The most important thing is that children can use their imaginations to learn essential concepts about the world. The bright lights and sounds are excellent for play and keeping kids engaged.

With a wide range of different types of toy fire trucks, your child should be well on the way to developing those crucial skills through this fun little toy. Be honest. What was your favorite as a child: Fire trucks, crane trucks , police cars, trains, or something else?

My oldest son John is 7 years old, and my daughter Jemma is a little seven-month-old girl. My kids are the main reason why I decided to start this website. Menu Featured Brands Barbie L. L Surprise! Safe, non-toxic materials Suitable for ages 12 months to 10 years No batteries required.

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