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connor and iron mouse

Twitch star Connor 'CDawg' Colquhoun made Ironmouse's day by taking the immuno-compromised VTuber on a virtual tour of Tokyo in one of the. Connor, the only human YouTuber left filled in a world with his little gremlin best friend: Ironmouse, friends for years, they always had a dynamic bond. › cdawgva › status. KID SOFAS After executing client side, of this it will to these automatically to vncviewer to create a client port. Distributors See time duration for each. All items 29, Messages it does make the us to Manager and.

Go sub to Iron mouse and Connor, they"re a pretty innocent duo,doing this story based off them. Steven and his precious Gems. I am very confused Might be getting Banned. Chapter Hotel Time 1k View Special. Chapter List Chapter 1: Triggering the little Gremlin. Chapter 2: A little Mouse on his doorstep. Chapter 3: Satan acts of violence. Chapter 4: Morning with Ironmouse. Chapter 5: Mouse day out.

Chapter 6: Nurse Mouse on the job. Chapter 7: Accidental Drink. Because VShojo is talent-first. We're all fuckin' free to do what ever the fuck we want! On 15 January, she revealed longer hair as an update to her " Season 1 " 2D model, which was adopted from her Christmas costume. On 11 February, she revealed a new 2D model along with the " Seasons " concept, explaining that each model has its own backstory in a different universe and has its own designated season. On 13 March, she hosted a special k YouTube subscriber celebration stream on her YouTube channel, where she also officially debuted her new 3D model.

The new model was modeled by TheArtGun and based on the Season 2 model. Before unveiling the model, she used an unfinished version as a joke, which was mostly bald. On 6 May, she revealed her "full demon form" ahead of its scheduled debut on 11 May.

The reveal took place during a collaboration with Anthony Padilla [17] , during which he used his VTuber model to stream for the first time. On 14 May, she reached , Twitch followers. On 5 August, she celebrated her 4th anniversary and held a 11 hour charity fundraiser stream. She unveiled her new idol outfit , illustrated by Nia and based on the Season 2 2D model.

She promoted the plasma donation website plasmahero. On 12 August, she premiered the first episode of her talk show "Speak of the Devil". Her first guest was Sykkuno , a famous YouTuber and Twitch streamer. On 30 August, she reached , YouTube subscribers. On 2 November, Streams Charts announced the most-watched female Twitch streamers for October , with Ironmouse in 6th place with one million hours watched. On 5 November, she debuted her 3D Demon form.

On 11 January, Ironmouse debuted a new angel form Live2D model , designed by hen-tie. She also celebrated her 6,th birthday for the third year in a row, during which she received a Sentai style 3D model and a Sentai-style BGM as gifts. Over 23, viewers attended her birthday stream. This resulted in Ironmouse streaming continuously for days, with guest appearances and highlight reels filling in while she was asleep. Ironmouse actually continued to track her model while she was asleep, meaning that she was indeed on stream for the entire duration, sans breaks and technical disruptions.

On 15 February, during the subathon, Ironmouse reached 1 million Twitch followers. Just over one hour later, she became the most subscribed ever female streamer on Twitch, surpassing the previous record of 73, held by kkatamina. On 19 February, Ironmouse became the 1 currently subscribed streamer on Twitch, also making her the 9 most subscribed Twitch streamer of all time. On 21 February, she reached , Twitch subscribers and , Twitter followers. Hours later on 22 February, she became the 6th all-time most subscribed Twitch user.

On 24 February, during an interview with Luca Kaneshiro , Ironmouse became 5th all-time most subscribed Twitch user, and on 25 February she reached all-time 4th most subscribed. On 28 February, on Day 24 of the subathon, Ironmouse overtook Critical Role as the 3 all-time most subscribed Twitch channel.

Ironmouse's subathon lasted 31 days and ended on 7 March at 6am EST. She had , subscribers at the end of the subathon. Virtual YouTuber Wiki Explore. Popular pages. Recent blog posts Reference desk. The Wiki. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? History Talk 0. Concept art of the first VShojo idol outfit!

All hail the demon queen [Tweet]. Feb 8, Speak of the Devil Episode 12 [Video]. Feb 3, Hanging out on Twitch now and then YouNow later tonight. Hope to see you guys there. I am shaking I am in tears Words [Tweet]. Ironmouse 2. Please accept my new form. Thank you anthonypadilla [Tweet]. I can't believe today happened [Tweet].

Thank you so much for making this debut special [Tweet]. Hanging out in the Underworld with ironmouse [Tweet]. Best 4 year anniversary ever! This Thursday is the 1st episode of SotD Sykkuno is our first guest. Most watched female Twitch streamers in October [Tweet]. VShojo will be appearing on AX [Tweet]. I just want to say. But don't ever give up. Try to believe in yourself. Shit might be bad. It might be scary.

It might be painful. But all that will be tools in your magical bookbag to help you while you climb that fucking mountain. Fuck that mountain. This Thursday is the 1st episode of SotD [Tweet]. Debating The Best Non-Isekai This is my favorite perfume. Ironmouse sings all 45 super sentai opening [Video File]. More Sentai asmr [Tweet]. Yes The 5th Element is my favorite movie of all time.

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As the stream neared an end, Ironmouse got emotional and cried with joy, thanking Connor for taking her along the trip.

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Table top racing As the stream neared an end, Ironmouse got emotional and cried with joy, thanking Connor for taking her along the trip. My leaking my demon form is the 3rd time I leaked a debut ahead of time. On 13 March, she hosted a special k YouTube subscriber celebration stream on her YouTube channel, where she also officially debuted her new 3D model. Chapter 3: Satan acts of violence. Oct 26, 7, Joni said:.
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Connor and iron mouse Beyond that, if you have mental fan fiction between some fictional characters themselves, sure have at it. What about when Connor gets his Bubi avatar? The horror stories I've heard about "toxic shippers" and like As they concluded their stream, Ironmouse went on to say that it was the best day ever, to which Connor replied:. Gaming Hangouts. She introduced an updated version of her model. Jan 8,


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Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Connor went through Tokyo while talking with IronMouse to show her around. This is the full VOD of the stream, because Twitch deletes them after a while. Vtuber Shorts Kinda. Writing stories about Vtubers I like. Nothing too serious. Hopefully not boring. Some long, some short. Bubi and Ironmouse's Bizarre Adven What will happen when Bubi comes to the real world?

Will he complete his quest for world domination? Or will he find love in the most unlikely of places My friend Ged Connor got This timel A Connor and his little friend CdawgVA aka Connor Colquhoun got transported to Vtopolis I know very original haha and meets his bestfriend satan herself. This is Cerisier 1. One man's fantasy is another's nig

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