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True or false? Mark of for true and K for false. H Tovta 9tAEt tva Greenburger. H Tovta OE 9a 1t1Et ti1tota. Use transhteration or Greek script. Tt El1tll'tE; iv [thelete salata]? These endings imply something 'smaller' or 'younger' especially in names.

They might also be used as a term of endearment, such as Avvoula or Noula [nUla] for an older Anne. Mini test 1 Can you remember the Greek for the following ten important words from this unit? Try to write your answers in transliteration or Greek script. Use transliteration or Greek script. Check your progress so far. Once you have completed the following exercises, compare your answers with the correct ones at the back of the book.

Identify any areas that still need some work and go over them again before you start the next unit. Give your opinion by saying: 'It's excellent! Ask for the 'menu' or the 'bill'. Ask for a medium, sweet or black Greek coffee. Ask for a 'tea with milk' or 'tea with lemon'.

What will you do? Where does he or she want you to go? You would like a light breakfast. Ask for some toast with butter and marmalade. You look tired. Say to a friend that you are tired because you didn't sleep at all. What does he or she want to know? How will you answer? How many more can you recognize before looking at the answers? Can you make out its message? Here is an advertisement for language-learning courses.

Tick all the languages you recognize. The numbers represent millions of inhabitants. Can you make out the names of the cities and the countries? If you don't have the recording try to fill in the gaps from the words provided below. The original line connects Piraeus harbour with the northern suburbs of the city. One of the two new extensions will eventually reach the newly-built airport 'Eleftherios Venizelos', north east of Athens. Piraeus harbour serves all the Greek islands.

All buses in larger cities now have a ticket-validating machine on board. On train platforms there are also ticket-validating machines - IJl1xavl1lJa. Neither taxi nor bus journeys are expensive, compared with elsewhere in Europe and you are guaranteed a memorable experience that you might, or might not, want to repeat! Mark ,f for true or K for false. Greeks use maps less and ask questions more often than other people do.

Much privatization has recently taken place and its future is not clear. Many other private carriers connect Athens with other destinations around Greece. III At the traffic light. Can you change them into informal Greek? EMtE EOc6! I:t Aiyo Ninety euros sounds expensive so they look into taking the train. Tim and Mary are still checking their options so they go to the K TEA: travelling by bus is still the most inexpensive way around and the Bus Port Authority is full of people, noises and hubbub.

Tim EuxaplOTW. I:t Aivo Most languages have words with more than one meaning. Compare the word match in the following contexts: He went to a football match. He met his match in his wife. This blouse is a good match for your skirt! You will find more examples in later units, so make a note of the exact meaning in context. I leave in half an hour seat f how long does it take?

You have already learned the words and phrases to thank or apologize to someone see page Here's a reminder in case you've forgotten some. You're welcome! Not at all! Don't mention it! Language notes Below are the different classes available when travelling by boat or aeroplane. Have a look back at Unit 4 to revise the numbers. When it is on the dot of the hour, you use aKptlJroe; exactly.

These are another form of personal pronouns. I can help you. He can help us. We can help them. Llev 1. You cannot help me. These are subject personal pronouns - look back at Unit 2 to remind yourself. I help you. I and nobody else! They help us a lot. They and nobody else help us a lot. Do you have the time? Can you tell me the time? Don't worry about this; native speakers also have trouble with spelling sometimes. Say the following times in Greek. If you have the recording, listen to them a couple of times, and repeat.

LE AIYo Mark a b c d e "I for true and K for false. It's half past one. It's quarter to two. Many thanks! Tl av ExeTe. To 6oollo. EAaTe va oae; Tlo. Vel Kpo. Tim and Mary have made a reservation with a hotel in the centre of Thessaloniki. They have just arrived at the hotel. TlO Ile TJoux[a. TI eo cpal. I don't have it with me. It's on the fourth floor. I'll ask the sales person. Mia Kpa'! If you don't have the recording, try to fill the gaps using the words in the box on the next page.

Kal KAelOTolpoj3la! A, elvQl wpalo aMo. Elleva 1l0U apeoouv Ta j nouKo. Ill0a aMo. Tl k lpOpo. Eva wpalo. I want them to go. He wants me to go. How could you say: 'My regards to your wife. Use the phrase 'Don't forget that! Introduce Mr Smith to your friend. Write out both phrases. Eivm Mo napa 'tE'tap'tO. Na Il'l k! Greek banks Read the following text about Greek banks carefully, then try questions 10 and 11 on pages and The next 15 places go to other banks, investment companies, and dairy, cigarette and canning companies.

Mary didn't go to her office yesterday and one of her colleagues is quizzing her. KaAlllJtpa Maipll. Ie xaoalJe XSee;! L OA, OX! LI 9d3rtod. KOI ell.. Tl aAAo 9a Ylvel; noM l.. Iaupa TO I3Mnele;. Itpa l.. Iayelpeua 0lTJ Mary Yla va l.. IT' I.. Inopel va oe aKouel Kavevae;! Language notes In case of emergency In a serious medical emergency people always use their mother tongue, wherever they are. Nevertheless, it is important for you to develop a working vocabulary for feelings, talking to doctors, asking for remedies and understanding basic medical jargon.

I don't feel well. Bon appetit! Have a good digestion! Have a nice stay! In the next few units we are going to look at the past tense. Here are two important verbs tlput 1am txco 1have in the past tense. Study them and become familiar with them; Greeks use them frequently in daily exchanges. Have a good week! Have a nice, productive week! Have a nice, productive, healthy month! Have a nice, productive, and healthy year! Below is a long list of all verbs you have already met in the past tense - all from Unit 12, except the ftrst three.

IOI Xovw l.. Notice the changes that take place in the present, future and past tenses of this verb. The vocabulary on the next page might help you! I stay, you stay, etc. I will stay, you will stay, etc. Match the pictures to the phrases.

Can you change them into the past tense? Tim and Mary have just come back from a long weekend in Lamia. The weather messed up their plans so now they are complaining about it to a couple of friends. Mary f. Greek expression wheel m chance t next year! Who was to blame? The weather, the season, Lamia itself or London? Listen to and read the last part of their conversation. There's hail. It's snowing constantly. Whats the weather like in Athens? Whats the weather like in London? Eival acrxru!

Pixvel KaTaLyil a. It's windy today. There is sunshine today. Is it drizzling in Athens? No it's raining, There's a thunderstorm. These are 'demonstrative' pronouns rather than personal, or possessive, pronouns, which were explained in previous units. The most important demonstrative pronouns are: Try to learn the different forms of these pronouns in the box below. You can refer back to this page whenever you need to. Singular Nom. Plural Nom. Unit 13 That three-day weekend! Unit 13 Such words!

Unit 13 Can you remember how to make negative sentences in Greek? If you are still not sure, this section will review the most important uses in daily speech. EKdvo 'to 'tptrjJ. TS'tota Myta! The fIrst always come before nouns and the latter before verbs. Some examples:. He has two houses. She is a nurse. It is expensive. IiEV Eillal -. IiEV IlnopW -. Don't eat!

Don't go! MTJ J. MTJv 'tou J. MTI pw-rae;! Nat npOXese;. Mo KoM OK, but idiom! Kl qro. IIapo noAO. Tl" AEcpwvouaa Tpwyan If they ask you the same question about the weather back home, how would you say: 'It's often cloudy. What did he say? Everybody would be fair very unsettled. You was telling me that the weather and wonderful. The weather Look at the following weather information, and answer the true or false questions. Tim OX!

To IOK6. This is an expression used on occasions such as name days, birthdays, religious holidays. Happy Easter! This is a wish used usually before Easter Sunday particularly when people are leaving for the break and they probably won't see each other again until after Easter.

Christ has risen! This is used on Easter Sunday and the few days following. Truly he was resurrected or AA. Truly it was the Lord! H MeyuA. Translating 'again' Sava and 1taA. E1tro 1taA. We hadn't heard about it before. TllV o. You know, don't you? Isn't that right? Idiomatic uses of the verb 'to say' The verb J. Tell me something. Say something. How do you say that in Greek? He doesn't know what he is talking about. Let them talk! Never mind what they say!

What do you make the time? Come, say around five. I am at a loss for words. I say my say! Is it likely to rain? Is that so? Youdon hay so! Come out with it! What did you say? I beg your pardon? What about a pizza? Tt ffipa 'J.. Tt El1ta'tE; Tl 'J.. The price of fruit went down. The temperature is dropping. I was completely taken aback! I was completely surprised. I go to bed!

The list below has the main and the past form of the most important ones. More idiomatic expressions In Unit 13 we met some Greek idiomatic expressions. Here you go! Here's the proof! Here you are! If you don't have the recording try to fill in the gaps using the words in the box. It has a very cosmopolitan summer lIfe and many things to offer young people.

Listen to and read the dialogue below. AAAa eival wpaia. KaAi TUXll! That 'musicality' has somehow been lost. Some of the most popular are: KoA0I. Recently a form of 'table dancing' has developed - it is a unique experience for both tourists and locals. I for true and K for false. Try to write your answers in Greek script.

Where did you go for Easter last year? She showed early signs of her attacking quality too as she came within inches of finding the net in a promising performance. Scotland international Lee Morton was also selected for the tour of Oceania and featured in the emphatic win over the Black Sticks, having made his Great Britain debut against Belgium in June Holly Hunt 21 and Holly Munro 20 are also both in line to make their senior debuts against either Australia this Saturday or China on the 23 February.

Both have been vital members of the EDP side in recent times and have also spent plenty of time training with the seniors and are fully deserving of their place in the squad. Great Britain face Australia in their next double header on Saturday 16 February. Both games will be shown live on BT Sport, with the men getting underway at GMT with the women following on straight afterwards. Great Britain Hockey media release. The tournament will be held at the Hong Kong Football Club facilities and will feature teams from all over the world.

According to national indoor program manager and coach, Louis Mendonca, said the teams have some incredible experienced athletes that area looking to stay active in the hockey community and keep competing. Mendonca, who was inducted into the Field Hockey Canada Hall of Fame in said that he hopes this experience ignites a push for growth in the Canadian hockey community.

Congrats to all athletes selected. Please stay tuned to the Field Hockey Canada website and social media next month for official schedule and results from Hong Kong! She said indoor hockey offers a different type of challenge that she really likes. Dozens of teams competed in age ranges from O35 — O With over games in the span of a few weeks on the Spanish coast, it was one of the biggest hockey events ever put on.

Leading up to the world cup next month, the team has already engaged in a competition and training schedule to prepare them. Several of the team members met up in Calgary last month, there was a tournament in Victoria and an upcoming final test in Duncan, BC this coming weekend.

Newly appointed National Indoor Head Coaches Mark Sandhu women and Steve Willer men oversaw the selection process used to name the training camp squads. Prior to the Festival, interested and available players were required to nominate for selection at the Festival.

This is the first selection conducted as part of the new team development cycle towards the next Indoor World Cup. The Under teams will also attend the camp in Wollongong prior to travelling to Prague during November to compete. Ards in uncharted territory ahead of Euro indoors in France Naomi Grundie leads a team talk for Ards. Player-coach Naomi Grundie says her players are looking forward to the trip to Lille and they are aiming to do Railway a favour by earning them promotion to the second-tier.

Ards are up against Lisbon Casuals, Turkish side Bolu and Slovakians Raca in their group before going into the play-offs. Railway were more clinical on the day and we can accept that. As a team, we absolutely love going to this competition, this will be our seventh Europeans. Leo Harms comes back into their line-up for the event.

They do feature numerous hall experts like Robert Tigges, the captain of the World Cup winning Elftal in in Leipzig. Wettingen recently successfully defended their Swiss title. That's why I do not see our group as the stronger one," said Schmidt-Busse. Euro Hockey League media release. Grunwald battled through their group with a draw against Slavia Prague, a win over Complutense and a success against hosts HK Zelina to top the pool.

The Spaniards went through by winning their other two games, defeating Zelina and Slavia It left the Poles needing a win against East Grinstead to guarantee they would get promotion with a game to spare and they duly won a titanic battle. Mateusz Poltaszewksi ensured the two sides went in at half-time level at before they cut loose in the second half with goals from the experienced Artur Mikula, Tomasz Dutkiewicz and Mateusz Hulboj. Ashley Jackson and Ross Stott got EG back in the contest at with eight minutes to go but Dutkiewicz scored a crucial fifth to ensure they stayed clear, winning in the end.

Gaziantep bounced back by beating Grunwald Poznan on Sunday afternoon which meant that the winner of Complutense and EG could go on to win gold. The Spaniards dominated the scoring with Ignacio Cobos and David Alvarez-Villabol making it at half-time before Cobos and Inigo Corral stretched the advantage to Ashley Jackson pulled one back but Corral and Jose Villegas put Complutense in line for a win, top spot and promotion. Three Rock earn back-to-back Euro indoor promotion Three Rock Rovers will become the first Irish club to contest the EuroHockey Indoor Club Trophy — the second tier of continental competition — since following their second place finish in Oslo last weekend.

That left Three Rock - Ireland's representative at the EHL KO16 - needing a draw or better against the Scots but they looked destined for defeat for long periods, going behind three times. Indeed, had Jamie Carr not saved a penalty stroke with four minutes to go, they would have been toasted but they summoned one last corner which Canning nailed for the promotion spot. Having won the National Indoor Trophy a fortnight ago, Rovers will take up the place in the European club competition, becoming the first Irish side to play at that level since Avoca 23 years ago.

Scottish Hockey is grateful to both the Edinburgh Academy and sportscotland Institute of Sport for their support in allowing Chris and Vikki to commit to their new roles. Beeston secured a narrow one-nil victory when the two sides met back in November, but Holcombe are looking to gain revenge for that loss and have strengthened their team in the winter break. South African Ross Hetem and Kalyan Jeram from New Zealand have signed up for the Kent outfit, while Matt Symonds returned from injury in time to help the new trio gel during three outdoor friendly fixtures over the last few weeks.

A successful indoor campaign which saw Holcombe just miss out on a place in the semi finals at the Copper Box has left them match fit for the resumption of the outdoor season, although Harry Trusler suffered a broken thumb and will miss the next few games. I am sure it will be another close encounter! Should they slip up, Havant could go top if they can beat Fareham on Sunday. Currently eighth in the table, the University of Birmingham are due to play both the teams below them over the next two weeks with all three teams desperate for points to avoid the drop.

And Surbiton — who lost their third game in four matches last weekend and dropped to second in the table — are at home against third-placed East Grinstead in another mouth-watering clash. And both Clifton Robinsons and Buckingham could move into the play-off spots with a win as they play each other on Saturday. Leaders Wimbledon are at home against St Albans and will want to hang on to top spot, while Sevenoaks go to bottom of the table Ipswich.

Loughborough Students maintained their unbeaten run in the Investec Conference North with a win at the University of Durham last weekend, and they will be looking to secure another win this Saturday when they head to Leeds. Below them, second-placed Leicester host third-placed Brooklands-Poynton in an important match for both sides, while the University of Durham are at home against strugglers Sutton Coldfield. And in the Investec Conference West leaders Stourport will be aiming to make it 11 league wins in a row as they go to bottom of the table Exe, who are still looking for their first victory.

Elsewhere in the Conference West second-placed Gloucester City go to Oxford Hawks, another team without a league win so far. In fact, the condition of the turf at the Tengku Abdullah Stadium in Bangi which is uneven makes the clash all the more interesting because both teams are exposed in making unnecessary errors. This season, PKS Uniten are considered as one of the most dangerous teams when it comes to penalty corners as 19 out of the 38 goals they have scored have come from penalty corners.

The other semi-final is seen as more evenly balanced as the Police Blue Warriors narrowly lost to China side Liaoning Infinite Space yesterday. The winners of the semi-finals will move on to the final that is scheduled to be played at the Tun Razak Stadium this Saturday. New Straits Times. Majiwa said that the hockey leagues season gets underway on March 2 with all the matches being played at City Park Stadium. The restructuring of the league started last season when teams were chopped from 15 to Vikings was chopped from the top tier as Kenyatta University and Lakers from Kisumu were promoted.

The first leg that will end on August 11 will be interrupted on March , April and May for the National Teams training and June for Mombasa Hockey tournament. The first leg will also take a break on June for Olympic Day celebrations, June for the National teams training and July for Nakuru Hockey tournament.

Majiwa explained that this year, they will focus more on restructuring the Super League for both men and women as they witness the rapid growth of the sport across the country. Daily Nation. Sailors won to qualify for the Men's Premier Hockey League. Sailors won the Super League to earn promotion to the top flight hockey but their team leader Jayala Asimba warned his charges to prepare for a tough running.

Kisumu's Lakers beef up squad as team manager says they signed up 10 players ahead of the season By Washington Onyango Lakers Hockey team after playing against UoN. Team Manager John Paul Otieno said they signed four defenders, three strikers and midfielders with most of them being students from top performing schools in the region.

We are giving the young players an opportunity to grow. Enroute to the finals, the lakeside team defeated Kaimosi and Kampala with last year top scorer Aurelia Atieno netting five goals of the eight they scored in the tournament. We are going for them. Lakers was formed in and made debut in the second division last year. They will be banking on the super league top scorer Aurelia Atieno to replicate his form to the premier league after netting seven goals last season.

She will however have support of the three new strikers. Lakers will begin their premier league trophy hunt against Sliders in April. The Standard Digital. It's what athletes dream of accomplishing after years of pouring blood, sweat and tears into a craft. Winning three national championships is nearly unheard of. Add the Pan American Games and Olympic Games and an athlete's measure of success is nearly off the charts.

Claire Laubach, former U. Women's National team athlete, accomplished all of this, plus much more. However, her success on the field was not without obstacles. The group will be honored during a dinner on Friday, February 15 at Bridger Field House and will be inducted into the Hall of Fame during halftime ceremonies of Wake Forest's men's basketball game with North Carolina on February Laubach didn't pick up a field hockey stick until she was 16, but behind great teammates and coaching from Wake Forest legend Jen Averill, Laubach's athletic accomplishments piled up quickly.

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