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A superpowerful chip. A superstar camera. A leap in battery life. A fast 5G connection. A pocket-size ” design. All for $ The iPhone SE is an outstanding phone for under $, delivering fast performance and very good cameras in a compact design. At $ (£, AU$), the iPhone SE remains the most budget-friendly entry into the world of iPhones and iOS. But the iPhone 11 has. DIAMOND WEDDING EARRINGS These access resolves and will force our users threats that. Moreover it the application way to some other to servewhich to help. If you Open-Access: This open source an open-access device by Gateway server receives all at once.

Put another in your backpack. Shop all iPhone accessories. Place your old iPhone next to your new one and you can transfer your data automatically. If you need it, you can even get temporary iCloud storage for free to hold everything during the transfer. With Apple Trade In, you can get credit toward a new iPhone when you trade in an eligible smartphone.

Learn more about Apple trade in. Learn more about iphone upgrade program. We know about carriers, payment options, and more. And we make it easy to understand. Learn more about buying iPhone. Buy iPhone SE. Love the power. Love the price. A chip that really zips. A leap in battery life. A fast 5G connection. A superstar camera. A button you call Home. A15 Bionic. Fast runs in the family. Pause Play Replay. You get incredibly smooth graphics performance for gaming. Faster downloads.

Faster streaming. Faster gaming. Less lag. More fun. Cool with stumbles. Cool with spills. Thanks to incredible water resistance. Smart stuff happens between snap and shot. Set your look once. Get it every time. Low-light scenes. Just-right videos.

Touch ID. The Home button you know and love. Environment Lighter on the planet. Learn more about Apple and the environment. Colors What a finish. Compare the new iPhone SE to your iPhone. The A15 Bionic chip for up to 1. A battery that delivers up to 2 more hours video playback. Photographic Styles to lock in the Tone and Warmth settings you love. The toughest glass in a smartphone — front and back.

The A15 Bionic chip for up to 5x faster graphics than the A9 chip. A battery that delivers up to 4 more hours video playback. Portrait mode, so subjects stand out against a blurred background. The A15 Bionic chip for up to 3. The A15 Bionic chip for up to 2. World of iPhone Dial up the fun. Almost 1. And counting. Music, made magic. In addition to overseeing the direction of Tom's Guide, Mark specializes in covering all things mobile, having reviewed dozens of smartphones and other gadgets.

He has spoken at key industry events and appears regularly on TV to discuss the latest trends. Follow him on Twitter at mspoonauer. Tom's Guide Tom's Guide. Home Reviews Smartphones. Editor's Choice. Tom's Guide Verdict. Mark Spoonauer. See all comments 9. Big bezelsIs a "pro". Spoonauer, I appreciate tom's guide and phone reviews eg standardized battery testing. However, I cannot believe that you gave this phone such a high score when the battery life is so bad!

BTW I'm not an Apple hater. I give credit where it's due. You even wrote an article about how this phone's battery life is poor but gave the phone 4. Also, no OLED screen is surprising. Don't get me wrong; I am glad that there are more phones at lower price points actually there should be a lot more!

I'm a big believer in more affordable phones, but when review sites give devices inflated scores, I question credibility and motives. Do review sites ultimately want customers to buy products which support even if indirectly the review sites? I am not trying to hurt your feelings; nor am I trying to single you out. Good luck, stay, safe, and thank you.

Shimada, I agree with you in many respects, but I respectfully disagree with some of your main premises. Small phone need not mean inadequate battery life. There are plenty of large phones with larger batteries that have bad battery life. Power hungry screen, power hungry processor, inefficient OS, bloatware, etc. BTW I am not a fan of large phones even though I have large hands and slender fingers. Even with my large hands, I struggle to use phones with one hand.

There's no way most people can use their phones with one hand so I do not know why large phones became so popular, but I digress. Your comments regarding OLED are interesting. If you have sources, please feel free to share. I agree with you that it is probably best to use multiple different types of screens, but I vaguely recall articles stating that OLED is better for eyestrain.

There is not enough discussion about eyestrain! Back to this iPhone SE, Apple put too much emphasis on the processor, which really does not matter much for non-gamers like you and me. That must be a reason why its battery life is so bad. This iPhone is a bad triple whammy: worse key specs; one year later; and costs the same or more! I hoped this phone would be much better, but I'm disappointed. If Apple charged significantly less for this phone, it might deserve a decent score.

IDK if the new Moto G Power is considered a small or large phone, but it apparently has the best battery life. It will be interesting to see how the Pixel 4a turns out. There really ought to be a lot more good budget and midrange phones in the US. Being brand new to "smart phones" in general and the SE in particular, I can say I'm impressed with the technology embedded in so small a unit, but I'm not equipped to do any comparisons in operating systems nor hardware.

Having come over from a small flip phone, I took to the ads for the SE partly because of size and partly because of price. I was astounded at the price folks are willing to pay for a phone, regardless of it's capabilities. But what astounded me even more was the really terrible support for 'newbies' on the Apple site. If you're here, you probably take for granted the motions of swiping, sliding, tapping, pressing, etc.

Apple shouldn't. After 2 calls to tech support to get the simplest of things straightened out, they finally referred me to UTube to get basic skill sets and instructions. That's correct - the corporation that now exceeds the net worth of all major oil companies sells a Strikes me as asinine.

Is the site slick? It's a marketers dream, but try to wade through all the Madison Ave crap when you need an answer when you're new to the subject. I was within a hairs breath of sending it back for lack of simple, basic written directions on its use. The buttons to the top left seem to be precisely where one wants to hold the phone. I've already had half a dozen mishaps just holding the phone while trying to operate it.

That's not impressive and makes me wonder what I really need to do to take the phone camping, or to rely on it when wandering about the woods and using the compass or GPS functions. If I'm actually using the phone's apps, how much more would it be eating up and how quickly?

From a Newbie's perspective, these issues are far more pressing, but Apple seems to be preaching to the converted only, and aren't particularly concerned about folks new to the game. Just moved from the perfectly sized original SE to this one, it's too big and is uncomfortable to use one handed for me. I kind of hate it. On the other hand you always have the option to go to the Android camp to see if you have a different experience; or to stay with your flip-phone or for that matter downgrade to a non smartphone.

All things are fine, but at some points, I do not agree with you. Yeah, I agree that it's camera quality, the design is splendid in a word but can't cover it's big lacking, which is its low durability in battery life. Nowadays, we can't spend a day without using a phone; it's needed in almost every single work of ours; in that case, if the phone's battery durability remains so low, then nobody uses that for a longer time.

While buying a phone, battery life duration is a must for everyone at present, then comes the other components camera, design, etc. But only on depending camera, the method we can't give the phone rating so good whereas it's battery durability which is the central part of a phone is so low.

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The overall impression of the use is mixed. On the one hand, we have a small screen in front of us, from which many have already weaned. On the other hand, a smartphone is powerful and easy to use with one hand. It is the hardware platform that is the strongest point here, and for a relatively small price tag, a device with the most powerful chip on the market is offered. By and large, it was for the sake of the "heart" that everything was started. Perhaps, if the company had offered a good camera in the iPhone SE 2, it would have been able to create a preponderance of forces in favor of the novelty.

But, alas, they preferred to install a sample sensor here, which they tried to ennoble with software chips. In general, in terms of shooting quality, the iPhone SE behaves exactly as it was allowed to. Autonomy is another frankly weak point of the iPhone SE Doubts about its survivability appear already when you get acquainted with the battery capacity.

In practice, skepticism is only confirmed. But the kit comes with a regular 5-watt charger, so for the luxury of quickly charging you will have to fork out and buy a unit with support for 18 watts. In fact, the company showed us the iPhone 8, but based on a fresh and powerful chip.

If you are among them and you do not need a bunch of current technologies in your smartphone, then we give you a chance to get this smartphone absolutely free. What should be done? Very little. To participate in the contest, you must like the video review on the YouTube channel and write a comment under it, remembering to leave your contact information.

Comments Total comments: See our ethics statement. What do you look for in a new iPhone? The top of the list likely includes battery life and camera quality. You could cross-shop with Android phones, but the switching cost is getting higher every year. It has a 4. Keeping that design is likely a big reason for the low cost. I get all of that, but I also get that this design looks tired in There are many comparably priced Android phones that have managed to reduce their bezels.

Smaller bezels mean you can fit a bigger screen in a smaller phone body. The bezels are a bother, but the build quality is not. The 4. For those of you hanging on to the original iPhone SE in the hopes that Apple would make another small phone: I acknowledge you and your sadness.

This is simply the way phones are these days. Both are relative rarities at this price point. Apple includes Lightning EarPods in the box but not an adapter. Inside that familiar shell, there are two major upgrades to the iPhone SE: the processor and the camera. There is no faster processor in a smartphone for any price. The processor is important because it ensures that the iPhone SE will get OS updates for many years to come.

Four years later, and that iPhone has the most up-to-date software. Most Android phones — from the cheapest to the most expensive — top out at two years of updates. No other phone at this price will last as long as the iPhone SE will in terms of software support. Speaking of longevity, battery life on the iPhone SE is all right but not stellar. I was hoping the A13 Bionic processor would unlock the longer battery life we got with the iPhone 11, but it seems that was mostly about battery size, and the SE has the same size battery as the iPhone 8.

The iPhone SE has just one megapixel camera on the back and a 7-megapixel selfie camera on the front. There are two ways of looking at these cameras, both valid. In any sort of bright lighting conditions, the iPhone SE takes absolutely lovely photos. Dynamic range is also quite good.

Apple says that this iPhone SE is able to do more than it otherwise would because of that A13 Bionic processor. It allows for portrait mode or, more specifically, more kinds of portrait modes on both cameras, for example. I think that the iPhone 11 Pro manages portraits slightly better than the SE. But I also think that, by and large, portrait modes on phones all break down when you look closely.

I particularly noticed both when taking photos with a bright sky in the background — a photo that would have tripped up any iPhone before the XR and maybe would have done a number on the XR, too. This is all great, but the disappointment comes with low-light photography.

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